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Women’s Health Strategic Health Care Group (WHSHG)


The Women’s Health Strategic Health Care Group (WHSHG) is a specialized department within the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) focused on addressing and improving healthcare services for female veterans. WHSHG works to develop and implement policies, programs, and services that cater specifically to the unique health needs of women veterans. This group also collaborates with other VA offices to ensure comprehensive and gender-specific care is available to female veterans across the nation.

Key Takeaways

  1. The Women’s Health Strategic Health Care Group (WHSHG) is a specialized VA group dedicated to addressing the unique healthcare needs of female veterans, including preventive care, reproductive health, and gender-specific conditions.
  2. WHSHG aims to expand access to, and improve the quality of, comprehensive women’s healthcare services across the VA system, through program initiatives, policy development, and research efforts.
  3. The group actively promotes a culturally-sensitive healthcare environment for female veterans by educating medical staff, raising awareness about gender-specific concerns, and ensuring that all VA facilities are well-equipped to provide effective care for women veterans.


The Women’s Health Strategic Health Care Group (WHSHG) is a significant term in the realm of VA benefits because it represents the department’s commitment to addressing the unique health care needs of female veterans.

As an increasing number of women serve in the military, the VA acknowledges the importance of comprehensive and focused health care services tailored to women.

The establishment of the WHSHG ensures that there is a dedicated team working to improve access and quality of care for female veterans.

This group is responsible for developing policies, creating programs, implementing new services, and enhancing collaboration among different departments within the VA to provide more effective and comprehensive health care for the growing population of women veterans.


The Women’s Health Strategic Health Care Group (WHSHG) plays a vital role in addressing the health care needs of female veterans by providing top-quality, gender-sensitive care designed to meet their unique health concerns. Established within the Veterans Administration (VA) system, this specialized team aims to enhance the availability and accessibility of care for women, ensuring they receive comprehensive health services tailored to their specific needs.

WHSHG strives to address the health disparities that female veterans may face, such as gender-specific care, reproductive services, and support for women in combat and those who have experienced sexual trauma. In order to fulfill its purpose effectively, the WHSHG consistently endeavors to improve and expand its services.

This includes promoting research on women’s health issues, integrating pertinent information into the education and training of VA health care providers, and ensuring the inclusion of female veterans in the VA’s broader health care programs. Furthermore, the WHSHG serves as an advocate for female veterans, raising awareness of their unique needs within the VA system and collaborating with various stakeholders to address the ongoing challenges these veterans face.

By fulfilling its purpose, the WHSHG contributes significantly to the VA’s overall mission of providing comprehensive and accessible health care for all veterans in need.

Examples of Women’s Health Strategic Health Care Group (WHSHG)

The Women’s Health Strategic Health Care Group (WHSHG) is a division within the Department of Veterans Affairs that focuses on the health care needs of female veterans. It works to ensure that its various programs and initiatives cater to the unique needs of women veterans by providing high-quality, gender-specific health care services. Here are three real-world examples of how the WHSHG impacts the healthcare of women veterans:

Comprehensive Women’s Health Centers: WHSHG has established Comprehensive Women’s Health Centers at various VA medical centers across the United States. These centers are staffed with providers who have specialized training and experience in women’s health care. They offer comprehensive services, such as mammography and gynecological consultations, as well as access to mental health support and counseling.

Women Veterans Call Center: Under the purview of WHSHG, the Women Veterans Call Center (WVCC) was created to provide a tailored support system for women veterans. The WVCC offers a hotline staffed by female representatives who address the specific concerns of women veterans, helping them understand and access the VA services available to them, including gender-specific health care benefits and services.

Training and Education for VA Health Care Providers: The WHSHG plays a pivotal role in providing training and education to VA health care providers, ensuring they understand the unique needs of female veterans. This involves specialized curricula, clinical case studies, and workshops that focus on topics like gynecology, reproductive health, menopause, and intimate partner violence, ensuring that VA providers are equipped to cater to the specific care requirements of women veterans.

VA Benefits: Women’s Health Strategic Health Care Group (WHSHG) FAQ

What is the Women’s Health Strategic Health Care Group (WHSHG)?

The Women’s Health Strategic Health Care Group (WHSHG) is a division of the Department of Veterans Affairs that focuses on the healthcare needs of women veterans. It aims to provide high quality and comprehensive care to the growing population of women veterans through planning, policy development, and management of VA healthcare services.

What services does WHSHG provide?

WHSHG provides a variety of services specifically for women veterans, including primary care, reproductive health care, mental health services, maternity care, and specialty care services such as cardiology, oncology, and orthopedics. These services are provided in VA healthcare facilities across the country, ensuring that women veterans have access to comprehensive healthcare no matter where they are.

How do I access the services offered by WHSHG?

To access the services provided by the Women’s Health Strategic Health Care Group, first, ensure that you are enrolled in the VA Healthcare system. Once enrolled, you can contact your local VA medical center to schedule an appointment or discuss available services. The VA appointment system also allows you to request medical services through My HealtheVet or the VA health app.

Are there specific women’s health clinics available within the VA system?

Yes, the VA has established Women Veterans Health Care Centers at select medical facilities to cater to the unique healthcare needs of female veterans. These centers provide comprehensive and coordinated care for women veterans, including primary care, mental health services, reproductive healthcare, and more. To find a Women Veterans Health Care Center near you, visit the VA website or contact your local VA medical facility.

What resources are available to me if I face challenges accessing WHSHG services?

If you face any challenges while trying to access WHSHG services, you can reach out to the Women Veterans Call Center (WVCC) at 855-829-6636. The WVCC provides assistance to women veterans, their families, and their caregivers by answering questions, providing guidance, and connecting them with appropriate VA services or resources. You can also reach the WHSHG directly by contacting your local VA medical facility or visiting the VA website for more information.

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