Use this as the cornerstone for all your sales and marketing efforts.


Google searches a year (in the U.S. alone).

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It’s much more than just a domain

It’s much more than just a domain.
It includes the registered mark
(USPTO registration #2299314),, and


estimated annual

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The most memorable and easiest domain name in the category

The most memorable and easiest domain
name in the category

What could be easier to remember than the powerful name? Use it in your sales and marketing campaigns, branding efforts and advertising. It’s the strongest name brand recognition you can own.

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Contact Us

For more information on purchasing or licensing the® brand assets, please contact:

Chris pioneered web-based benefits portals in 1994, and has been a thought leader in the human capital management and employee benefits industry since. He was a co-founder of United Benefits Advisors, the third largest employee benefits advisory organization in the United States, which he sold to its member firms in 2009. Chris is currently a partner with LGL Leadership and serves as President of the Boy Scouts of America Western Colorado Council.  Learn more at LinkedIn.

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We receive many phone calls from people who need help with their current employee benefits or wish to purchase benefits plans. Please note that neither or Chris John sells or services any type of employee benefits. If you need assistance with your employee benefits, please contact your human resources department directly.



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