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Many retirees in the United States rely on Social Security retirement benefits to provide a substantial source of their income. Even though individuals may have other sources of retirement income, their Social Security benefit is a reliable source of support during retirement years. If you’re approaching retirement age, it’s important to learn how to apply for Social Security retirement benefits.

How to Apply for Social Security Retirement Benefits Online

  1. Visit the US Social Security Administration website (SSA.gov)
  2. Gather the Information You Need to Complete Your Social Security Benefits Application
  3. Create a my Social Security Account
  4. Select “Apply for Retirement Benefits”
  5. Complete the Application for Social Security Retirement Benefits
  6. Sign Your Application Electronically by Clicking “Submit Now”

You may also apply for your monthly benefit in person by visiting your local Social Security office. If you have questions about spousal benefits, survivor benefits, early retirement, eligibility requirements, or minimum retirement age, you can also contact your local SSA office.

You may also apply for your SSA retirement income by calling the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213.

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