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Receiving VA Benefits in a Foreign Country


Receiving VA Benefits in a Foreign Country refers to the process in which a U.S. military veteran, who lives or travels abroad, can still access and obtain their entitled Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits. This includes services such as health care, disability compensation, pension, and educational assistance. The VA coordinates with foreign governments, medical providers, and financial institutions to ensure eligible veterans can receive their benefits while residing outside the United States.

Key Takeaways

  1. Individuals who are eligible for VA benefits can still receive them even if they reside in a foreign country.
  2. VA benefits such as compensation, pension, and education benefits may be subject to adjustments or variations in rates depending on the country and circumstances of the beneficiary.
  3. It is essential for beneficiaries to communicate any changes in address, dependency, or other situations to the VA in a timely manner to ensure proper delivery and processing of their benefits.


Receiving VA Benefits in a Foreign Country is an important term because it highlights the provision and support the U.S.

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers to eligible veterans, service members, and their families who reside or travel outside the United States.

This term signifies that the VA is committed to ensuring that these beneficiaries continue to receive benefits, such as compensation, pension, education, healthcare, and other relevant services, regardless of geographical location.

By extending benefits to beneficiaries in foreign countries, the VA upholds and honors their service, ensuring they maintain their quality of life and financial support while living or traveling abroad.


Receiving VA Benefits in a Foreign Country refers to the availability and access to various benefits provided by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to eligible U.S. veterans who permanently reside or travel abroad.

The purpose of such an initiative is to ensure that veterans continue to receive the support and benefits they have earned through their military service, regardless of their geographical location. These benefits encompass various programs and services, including compensation, pension, survivor benefits, health care, education, home loans, vocational rehabilitation, and employment assistance.

The VA recognizes that veterans might seek to pursue their personal and professional ambitions in foreign countries and aims to provide them with all the necessary resources to lead a comfortable life overseas. By facilitating access to these benefits and services, veterans can remain engaged and integrated with the global community while maintaining vital connections with resources back in the United States.

Furthermore, receiving VA benefits in a foreign country highlights the U.S. government’s commitment to honoring and supporting its veterans, acknowledging the sacrifices they have made, and ensuring their well-being in the pursuit of their future endeavors, irrespective of geographical boundaries.

Examples of Receiving VA Benefits in a Foreign Country

Direct Deposit to Foreign Banks: A U.S. veteran living in a foreign country, such as Germany or the Philippines, can receive their VA disability compensation or pension benefits directly deposited into their foreign bank account. This ensures that the veteran can access their benefits without delays and conversion fees associated with receiving benefits through a U.S. bank account. The VA has agreements with multiple foreign banks to support this kind of direct deposit.

Medical Care through the Foreign Medical Program (FMP): Veterans who reside in a foreign country and are eligible for VA health care can enroll in the FMP. This program covers the cost of medically necessary services related to the veteran’s service-connected disability. For example, a veteran living in France, who has a service-connected disability requiring regular medical treatment, can have their medical expenses covered by the FMP through the VA.

VA Home Loan Guaranty in Foreign Countries: While VA home loan benefits, which help eligible veterans purchase a home with no down-payment, are generally limited to properties within the United States and its territories, there are some exceptions. In certain circumstances, VA may guarantee a home loan for the purchase of a property located in a foreign country, such as an approved condominium project in a country with a reciprocal agreement with the United States. This would enable eligible veterans residing abroad to take advantage of the VA home loan guaranty program for buying or refinancing a home in that country.

FAQ: Receiving VA Benefits in a Foreign Country

1. Can I receive my VA benefits if I move to a foreign country?

Yes, you can receive your VA benefits while living in a foreign country, provided that your benefits are not subject to restrictions. It is important to notify the VA of your change of address and maintain communication to ensure you receive your benefits without interruption.

2. Are there any restrictions on receiving VA benefits in a foreign country?

While most benefits are available to eligible veterans living in a foreign country, some restrictions may apply, such as access to medical care or certain educational benefits. It is recommended to contact the VA to confirm which benefits you can receive while living abroad.

3. How can I update my address with the VA when I move to a foreign country?

You can update your address with the VA by contacting the VA’s Foreign Medical Program (FMP) office, either by mail, fax, or through the VA website. Remember to include your full name, Social Security Number or VA file number, and your new mailing address in your correspondence.

4. How will I receive my VA benefits payments in a foreign country?

VA benefits payments can be directly deposited into a U.S. bank account or a foreign bank account that participates in the International Direct Deposit (IDD) program. Contact the VA for more information on setting up direct deposit for your benefits payments.

5. Can I access VA healthcare while living in a foreign country?

In general, the VA cannot provide healthcare services in foreign countries, except for treatment related to service-connected disabilities through the Foreign Medical Program (FMP). Veterans living abroad may be eligible for reimbursement for medical expenses related to service-connected disabilities under FMP. However, VA healthcare benefits and facilities are primarily available within the United States.

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