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Online Academic Counseling


Online Academic Counseling, in the context of VA benefits, refers to the provision of virtual academic advising and support services provided to veterans and their eligible dependents. This service assists them in selecting appropriate educational or vocational training programs, understanding academic requirements, and addressing challenges they may face while pursuing their educational goals. Online Academic Counseling is designed to ensure that beneficiaries maximize their VA educational benefits and successfully transition to civilian life through educational or career advancement.

Key Takeaways

  1. Online Academic Counseling provides veterans with personalized guidance and support for their educational and career goals, helping them make informed decisions about selecting the right courses and programs.
  2. Through this service, VA benefit recipients have access to academic advisors who can assist with course planning, degree completion, and transferring credits from other institutions, ensuring veterans make the most of their educational benefits.
  3. Available to all veterans using VA educational benefits, Online Academic Counseling is an accessible, cost-effective, and convenient way for veterans to receive the academic support they need to successfully pursue their educational and career objectives.


Online Academic Counseling is an important term in the context of VA benefits, as it refers to the guidance and support provided to veterans and their dependents pursuing higher education.

Through this service, veterans can receive essential assistance in selecting the appropriate academic programs, understanding the process of transferring credits or obtaining financial aid, and ensuring academic progress towards desired educational goals.

The U.S.

Department of Veterans Affairs plays a significant role in facilitating this counseling, consequently helping veterans effectively transition into civilian life, achieve career advancement and personal development through education, as well as maximize the utilization of the educational benefits they have earned through their military service.


Online Academic Counseling serves as a valuable support system for veterans seeking to advance their education through the VA benefits program. Its primary purpose is to provide tailored academic guidance to veterans, ensuring they are adequately prepared to make informed decisions when choosing an educational or vocational path.

The service aims to facilitate seamless transitions from military to civilian life, as well as emboldening veterans to achieve their academic and professional goals. To accomplish this, Online Academic Counseling connects veterans with knowledgeable professionals experienced handling the unique challenges they may encounter during their academic journey.

These professionals offer assistance with various aspects, such as selecting appropriate courses, navigating the college admission process, and providing tailored advice on leveraging veterans’ skills and experiences to maximize educational opportunities. Veterans who take advantage of Online Academic Counseling are better equipped to make informed choices and navigate academic institutions effectively, leading to greater long-term success in their chosen fields.

Examples of Online Academic Counseling

Online Academic Counseling is a support service provided by educational institutions, including those for veterans receiving VA Benefits, to help veterans succeed academically. Here are three real-world examples of online academic counseling for veteran students:

American Military University (AMU): AMU offers a comprehensive range of online academic counseling services to its veteran students through its Veteran Resource Center. They provide support in course selection, degree planning, career counseling, and guidance on using VA Benefits effectively. Students can access AMU’s online academic counseling services through phone, email, and online chat.

Arizona State University (ASU): ASU’s Pat Tillman Veterans Center offers personalized online academic counseling services for veteran students, including guidance on course selection, academic planning, and VA Benefits. They also provide resources such as a specialized military advocate to help with any issues related to military service or utilizing VA Benefits effectively. ASU’s veteran students can access academic counseling services through phone, email, and live chat on their website.

University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC): Recognizing the unique needs of their military and veteran students, UMGC’s Veterans Resource Center offers online academic counseling services in the form of academic advisors who specialize in working with veteran students. These advisors help veterans plan their degree programs, navigate VA Benefits, and provide career guidance. They can be contacted through phone, email, and live chat.These three institutions offer a glimpse of how academic counseling can be made easily accessible online for veteran students who are enrolled under VA Benefits, ensuring they receive tailored guidance to succeed in their educational pursuits.

Online Academic Counseling FAQ

What is Online Academic Counseling?

Online Academic Counseling is a service provided by VA benefits to assist veterans and their eligible dependents with educational planning and academic guidance. It offers a platform where veterans can connect with a professional academic counselor to discuss their educational goals, program selection, course scheduling, and more through virtual channels.

Who can use Online Academic Counseling?

Online Academic Counseling is available for veterans, active-duty military, and eligible dependents who are utilizing VA educational benefits for pursuing their higher education.

How do I access Online Academic Counseling?

To access Online Academic Counseling, you’ll need to log in to your VA benefits account. Once logged in, navigate to the Online Academic Counseling section and follow the prompts to connect with an academic counselor. If you don’t have a VA benefits account, you can create one by visiting the official VA benefits website.

Are there any costs associated with using Online Academic Counseling?

Online Academic Counseling is available at no extra cost for those using VA educational benefits. It’s a part of the services provided by the Veterans Affairs department to support the educational goals of veterans and eligible dependents.

What can I expect during an Online Academic Counseling session?

During an Online Academic Counseling session, you’ll be connected with a professional academic counselor who will discuss your educational goals, help you explore potential programs, provide guidance on course selection and scheduling, and answer any questions you may have about the process. The counselor can also assist you with the completion of required forms or direct you to resources appropriate for your needs.

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