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Change of Direct Deposit


Change of Direct Deposit, in the context of VA benefits, refers to the modification of bank account information where a veteran’s monthly benefits are electronically deposited. This alteration may occur for various reasons, such as switching banks or opening a new account. It’s essential for the veteran to promptly notify the VA of the change to ensure timely and accurate payments.

Key Takeaways

  1. Change of Direct Deposit refers to the process of updating or modifying the bank account information where a veteran’s VA benefits are deposited.
  2. This change can be made through various methods, such as: by contacting the VA directly, using the eBenefits portal, or submitting a Direct Deposit Enrollment form (VA Form 24-0296).
  3. It is essential to keep the direct deposit information up-to-date for timely and accurate payment of VA benefits, such as disability compensation, pension, or education assistance.


The term “Change of Direct Deposit” is important for VA benefits recipients because it refers to the process of updating or modifying the bank account information where their benefits are deposited.

This change may be necessary due to various reasons, such as switching banks, opening a new account, or protecting oneself from potential fraud.

Ensuring that the direct deposit information is accurate and up-to-date enables a seamless and timely distribution of VA benefits, such as compensation, pension, education, or survivor payments, thus providing financial stability and support for the veterans and their eligible dependents.


The purpose of the Change of Direct Deposit process within the context of VA benefits is to provide veterans and their beneficiaries with a secure, reliable, and efficient method to receive their compensation, pension, or other benefit payments. This system ensures that beneficiaries have timely access to funds by allowing them to switch the financial institution or account where their benefits are deposited.

This flexibility enables recipients to select the banking solution that best suits their needs, while also ensuring the safety and security of the benefits they have earned. Furthermore, direct deposit minimizes the risk of lost or stolen checks and ensures quicker access to funds in most cases.

The Change of Direct Deposit process is designed with the users’ convenience in mind, allowing beneficiaries to easily update their banking information and manage their payments. This can be done through various methods, including online through eBenefits or the VA website, by phone, or by submitting a completed form in-person or via mail.

Regularly updating banking information and utilizing the Change of Direct Deposit option is essential in maintaining access to benefits and avoiding any potential issues or disruptions in receiving payments. Overall, this process aims to facilitate better financial management and empower veterans, service members, and their families by providing control over the receipt of their hard-earned benefits.

Examples of Change of Direct Deposit

Example 1: A veteran, John, has been receiving his VA Benefits via direct deposit to his existing bank account. However, he recently decided to switch banks to take advantage of better interest rates and additional features offered by another institution. To ensure that he receives his benefits on time without any disruption, John contacts the VA and submits the necessary paperwork to change the direct deposit information to his new bank account.Example 2: Susan, a military spouse, has been receiving VA Benefits through direct deposit on behalf of her husband who is deployed overseas. When her husband returns, they decide that it’s time for him to have control over the account where the benefits are deposited. They contact the VA and provide the updated direct deposit information, ensuring that he will receive his benefits in his preferred bank account.Example 3: After retiring from the military, David initially set up his VA Benefits to be directly deposited into an account at his local credit union. But after moving to a different state for a new job opportunity, he found that his local credit union did not have any branches near his new residence. To make managing his finances easier, David decided to switch to a national bank with branches accessible in his new location. He reached out to the VA and successfully changed the direct deposit information to his new bank account, continuing to receive his benefits without any issues.

FAQ Section: Change of Direct Deposit

Q: How do I change the direct deposit information for my VA benefits?

A: You can change your direct deposit information for your VA benefits by visiting the eBenefits website, or by contacting the VA directly at 1-800-827-1000.

Q: Which VA benefits can I change the direct deposit information for?

A: You can update your direct deposit information for various VA benefits, including disability or pension benefits, as well as the GI Bill and veteran education benefits.

Q: What information do I need to provide in order to change my direct deposit information?

A: You will need to provide your bank’s routing number and your account number, as well as your personal information, including name, Social Security number, and contact information.

Q: How long does it take for the direct deposit change to take effect?

A: It typically takes 1-2 pay cycles for changes to your direct deposit information to take effect. Ensure that you keep your old account open until the new direct deposit has been confirmed, to avoid missing any benefit payments.

Q: Can I change my direct deposit information for a deceased veteran’s benefits?

A: If you are the surviving spouse or other beneficiary who received the deceased veteran’s benefits, you can change the direct deposit information by contacting the VA directly and providing the necessary documentation, such as a death certificate and your personal information.

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