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VA Nursing Homes


VA Nursing Homes, also known as Community Living Centers (CLCs), are long-term care facilities that provide medical services to eligible veterans. They offer skilled nursing, rehabilitation, and various levels of personal and medical care for veterans with chronic stable conditions, as well as those requiring short-term transitional care. Admission to these nursing homes is based on eligibility criteria, including service-connected disabilities and veterans’ needs for care.

Key Takeaways

  1. VA Nursing Homes, also known as Community Living Centers, provide long-term care and rehabilitation services to eligible Veterans, prioritizing those with service-connected disabilities and chronic conditions.
  2. These facilities offer a range of care levels, including short-term rehabilitative stays, long-term residential care, and specialized services for individuals with dementia, mental health disorders, or other complex needs.
  3. Eligibility for VA Nursing Home care is determined by factors such as service-connected disability status, income, and available resources, with priority given to Veterans with service-connected disabilities rated 70% or higher.


The term VA Nursing Homes is important because it refers to a critical benefit offered by the Department of Veterans Affairs to eligible veterans who require long-term care.

These nursing homes provide medical, rehabilitative, and social care services to cater to the aging and disabled veteran population, ensuring they receive the needed support regarding their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

VA Nursing Homes aim to improve the quality of life for veterans by providing a comfortable living environment combined with tailored medical care, promoting independence, dignity, and respect.

As a vital component of the VA benefit system, these nursing homes play a significant role in addressing the needs of those who served the nation and now require assistance in their senior years.


The purpose of VA Nursing Homes, also known as Community Living Centers (CLCs), is to provide essential care services and comfortable living conditions to eligible veterans who require short-term or long-term care. These facilities play a crucial role in supporting veterans with various healthcare needs, ranging from rehabilitation services after a surgery to assistance with daily activities for those with chronic illnesses or disabilities.

By utilizing a person-centered care approach, VA Nursing Homes strive to meet the unique needs of veterans, focusing on enhancing their quality of life, and preserving their dignity and independence as much as possible. VA Nursing Homes are designed to cater to a wide range of healthcare services and outcomes for veterans.

This makes it a vital component in the continuum of care provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Services offered in these facilities include skilled nursing, mental health care, advanced care planning, specialized care for patients with dementia, as well as recreational, palliative, and hospice services.

CLCs also aim to support veterans in their recovery journey and facilitate their return to the community, thanks to their dedicated team of healthcare professionals who work diligently to address medical, emotional, and social needs.

Examples of VA Nursing Homes

VA Community Living Centers (Previously called VA Nursing Homes) – These are long-term care facilities designed to provide medical, rehabilitative, and nursing care to eligible Veterans. One example of a VA Community Living Center is the Chillicothe VA Medical Center located in Ohio. This facility provides various services, including skilled nursing care, rehabilitation, and hospice care for Veterans in a safe and supportive environment.

State Veterans Homes – These are state-run nursing homes that provide long-term care services to eligible Veterans. State Veterans Homes receive some funding from the federal VA, but they are owned, operated, and managed by individual state governments. One example of a State Veterans Home is the California Veterans Home located in Yountville, California. This facility provides a range of services, such as skilled nursing care, assisted living, and rehabilitation services, to its residents.

VA Community Nursing Home Care Program – This is a program that offers eligible Veterans the opportunity to receive long-term care services in local community nursing homes that have partnered with the VA. These nursing homes are not owned or operated by the VA, but they have a contract with the VA to provide services to eligible Veterans. For instance, the VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System has partnered with several community nursing homes, such as the Long Beach Healthcare Center, to provide long-term care and skilled nursing services for Veterans.

FAQ: VA Nursing Homes

1. What are VA Nursing Homes?

VA Nursing Homes, also known as Community Living Centers (CLCs), are long-term care facilities that provide a wide range of care services to eligible veterans. These homes offer a comfortable and supportive environment for veterans to receive skilled nursing care, rehabilitation services, and assistance with daily living activities.

2. Who is eligible for VA Nursing Homes?

Veterans with a service-connected disability, former prisoners of war, and veterans needing care for a service-related condition are eligible for VA Nursing Homes. Other eligible veterans include those with a high disability rating, limited income, or other specific criteria as outlined by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

3. What services do VA Nursing Homes provide?

VA Nursing Homes offer a variety of services, including 24-hour nursing care, rehabilitation therapies, assistance with daily living activities, recreational activities, social services, and respite care for eligible veterans.

4. How can a veteran apply for VA Nursing Home care?

Veterans interested in applying for VA Nursing Home care should contact their local VA facility or a VA social worker. They will assist with the application process and provide information about eligibility, the required forms, and documentation needed to complete the application.

5. Are there costs associated with VA Nursing Homes?

The costs for VA Nursing Homes vary depending on the veteran’s eligibility and financial situation. Some veterans may qualify for free care, while others may be required to pay a copayment or a portion of the cost. The VA will determine the cost-sharing requirements during the application process.

6. Can family members visit veterans at VA Nursing Homes?

Yes, family members and friends are encouraged to visit veterans at VA Nursing Homes. Each facility has its own visitation policy, so it is advised to contact the specific nursing home for more information about their visiting hours and guidelines.

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