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Urgent Care


Urgent Care, in the context of VA benefits, refers to non-emergency medical services provided to eligible veterans for minor illnesses or injuries that require prompt attention but do not pose an immediate threat to life or health. These services are typically provided in walk-in clinics or urgent care facilities, outside of the Emergency Department of a hospital. The Veterans Affairs (VA) offers eligible veterans access to urgent care services through a network of approved community providers participating in the VA Community Care Network.

Key Takeaways

  1. Urgent Care is a VA benefit that allows eligible Veterans to access non-emergency care for minor injuries and illnesses at participating community care providers.
  2. Eligibility for Urgent Care requires the Veteran to be enrolled in VA health care and have received care from a VA or community provider within the past 24 months.
  3. Depending on the Veteran’s priority group, they may be responsible for a copayment for using Urgent Care services, but do not need to get prior approval from the VA.


The VA benefits term “Urgent Care” is important because it refers to a crucial aspect of healthcare services provided to veterans by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). This benefit allows eligible veterans to seek immediate medical attention for non-life-threatening illnesses or injuries that require prompt care but do not warrant an emergency room visit.

Offering convenient and timely access to healthcare, the Urgent Care service ensures that veterans receive the necessary treatment for their health problems while reducing pressure on emergency rooms.

The inclusion of Urgent Care in the VA benefits system highlights the commitment to addressing the diverse healthcare needs of veterans and ensuring their well-being, ultimately contributing to an improved quality of life for those who served their country.


Urgent Care serves as an essential aspect of the VA benefits system, aiming to provide eligible veterans with prompt medical attention without the need for an appointment, primarily for non-life-threatening ailments and minor injuries. This service aims at bridging the gap between primary care and emergency care, ensuring that veterans receive access to quality healthcare without overwhelming the emergency departments.

Through Urgent Care, veterans can benefit from services such as treatment for flu, throat infections, minor burns, or sprains, that require immediate attention rather than waiting for a scheduled appointment. By addressing healthcare concerns in a timely manner, Urgent Care supports veterans’ overall well-being and reduces the likelihood of complications that could arise from delayed treatment.

Moreover, the purpose of Urgent Care extends beyond providing immediate medical attention, as its incorporation within the VA benefits system demonstrates the commitment to prioritizing veterans’ needs and ensuring their access to the appropriate level of healthcare services. Acknowledging that primary care facilities might sometimes be overwhelmed, Urgent Care facilities ensure veterans don’t have to wait for long durations to receive essential care.

This also allows primary care doctors to focus on managing chronic conditions and more complex cases, while Urgent Care centers efficiently address day-to-day health concerns. In conclusion, Urgent Care offers a crucial layer of support within the VA benefits system, enabling veterans to access timely healthcare services to optimize their health outcomes.

Examples of Urgent Care

The VA Benefits term “Urgent Care” refers to the ability of eligible veterans to access urgent care services through a network of community providers as part of their Veterans Affairs health care benefits. It is designed to provide immediate medical attention to veterans for non-life-threatening illnesses or injuries, without the need for an appointment or referral. Here are three real-world examples of situations where urgent care services might be utilized by veterans:

A veteran experiences a sudden onset of a minor illness, such as an ear infection or strep throat. Instead of waiting for an appointment with their primary care provider, the veteran can visit an urgent care facility, which can often provide same-day care and treatment to address the problem quickly.

A veteran sustains a minor injury, such as a sprained ankle or a minor burn, while doing a household chore or participating in a recreational activity. In this case, they can visit an urgent care facility for immediate evaluation and treatment, as well as guidance on managing the injury.

A veteran is on vacation or traveling away from their regular VA Health Care provider and experiences a sudden flare-up of a chronic condition, such as asthma or a migraine. The veteran can visit a local urgent care provider in the area they are visiting to receive timely care and any necessary medications.It is essential for veterans to understand that urgent care services are not meant to replace emergency care or care for life-threatening conditions. In emergency situations, such as severe chest pain, shortness of breath, or severe injuries, it’s crucial to call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

FAQ: VA Benefits – Urgent Care

What is VA Urgent Care and who is eligible?

VA Urgent Care is a benefit that allows eligible Veterans to receive non-emergency care for minor injuries and illnesses in the community. To be eligible for this service, Veterans must be enrolled in the VA healthcare system and have received care from the VA within the last 24 months.

How do I find an urgent care provider in the VA network?

In order to find an urgent care provider within the VA network, use the VA facility locator tool available at https://www.va.gov/find-locations/. This online tool will help you locate VA network urgent care providers near your location.

Do I need a referral for VA Urgent Care?

No, you do not need a referral for VA Urgent Care. As an eligible Veteran, you can visit any in-network urgent care provider without a referral or prior authorization from your VA primary care provider. However, for certain services like dental care, a referral may be required.

What services are covered under VA Urgent Care?

VA Urgent Care covers non-emergency medical care for minor injuries and illnesses such as colds, sore throats, minor skin infections, sprains, and strains. Routine lab work, immunizations, and X-rays may also be covered during urgent care visits. However, emergency care and preventive services are not covered under VA Urgent Care.

Will I be charged a copay for using VA Urgent Care services?

Depending on your VA priority group status, you may be charged a copay for using VA Urgent Care services. However, some Veterans may be exempt from copayments based on their priority group or if the urgent care visit is for flu-like symptoms and they receive a flu shot during the visit.

How do I notify the VA after receiving urgent care services?

After receiving urgent care services from an in-network provider, the urgent care provider will notify the VA about your visit. You do not need to personally inform the VA. However, it is recommended to keep a record of the visit and any out-of-pocket expenses for your own records and for any future inquiries.

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