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Troops to Teachers


Troops to Teachers is a U.S. Department of Defense program aimed at helping eligible military personnel transition to careers in teaching. The program provides guidance, financial assistance, and job placement support to participants. Its main goal is to address teacher shortages, particularly in low-income schools, while offering veterans an opportunity to serve their communities through education.

Key Takeaways

  1. Troops to Teachers is a program designed to assist eligible military personnel in transitioning to careers as public school teachers, leveraging their leadership and instructional experience in the classroom.
  2. Eligible participants can receive financial and counseling assistance, as well as help in obtaining teacher certification, state licensure, and job placement referrals.
  3. These benefits aim to support veterans, improve public school education and reduce the national teacher shortage, leading to a positive impact on both the veterans and their students.


The term “Troops to Teachers” is important because it refers to a valuable U.S.

Department of Defense program specifically designed to assist transitioning service members and veterans in beginning new careers as K-12 school teachers.

This program not only provides necessary resources, such as counseling and referrals, to these individuals but also offers financial assistance as they pursue requisite teacher certification.

By doing so, Troops to Teachers serves the dual purpose of supporting veterans’ career transitions and addressing the shortage of qualified teachers in the nation.

Moreover, the program recognizes and capitalizes on the exemplary skills, leadership, and experience that veterans can bring to the teaching profession, thereby enriching the educational landscape and positively impacting the lives of students.


The Troops to Teachers (TTT) program was established to serve a dual purpose – supporting the professional development of transitioning military members while simultaneously addressing the shortage of qualified teachers in American schools. The program aims to facilitate the transition of veterans from military service to careers in education, capitalizing on their technical expertise, leadership abilities, and extensive real-world experiences that enhance the learning process in the classrooms.

By targeting areas with a high demand for educators, Troops to Teachers contributes to the improvement of education in underprivileged and underserved communities, leading to more equitable learning opportunities for all students. The TTT program offers its participants various resources and financial aid options to support their new journey into the teaching profession.

Veterans receive guidance and counseling on certification requirements, job application processes, and professional development opportunities. Financial aid is provided for expenses incurred while pursuing teaching certifications, and the program also offers stipends or bonuses to participants who commit to teaching in schools with a high concentration of low-income students.

Ultimately, Troops to Teachers benefits both the veterans and the communities they serve by promoting the exchange of invaluable knowledge, experience, and skills between two seemingly disparate sectors – the military and education.

Examples of Troops to Teachers

Troops to Teachers (TTT) is a U.S. Department of Defense program designed to help eligible military personnel transition to a new career as public school teachers. Here are three real-world examples of individuals who have benefited from the program:

Michael Alestock:Michael Alestock served in the U.S. Navy for 20 years before retiring in

Through the Troops to Teachers program, Michael earned his teaching certification and began teaching high school math in North Carolina. He has been a successful teacher, even winning a teacher excellence award and mentoring fellow TTT participants in their transition to teaching.

Monica Washington:Monica Washington is a U.S. Army veteran who served for six years before deciding to transition to a career in education. With the help of Troops to Teachers, Monica was able to earn her Master’s degree in education and her teaching certification. She now teaches English at a middle school in Texas and has received numerous awards for her contributions to education, including the 2014 Texas Teacher of the Year.

Donald Schenk:After serving in the U.S. Air Force for over 24 years, Donald Schenk decided to pursue a career in teaching. Through Troops to Teachers, he received assistance in obtaining his state certification and finding a teaching position. Donald currently teaches Junior ROTC at a high school in Florida, where he’s been able to enrich the lives of his students through leadership training and character development programs.These examples demonstrate the success of the Troops to Teachers program in assisting eligible military personnel with the transition to careers in education, providing valuable educators for our nation’s schools.

Troops to Teachers FAQ

What is the Troops to Teachers program?

Troops to Teachers is a U.S. Department of Defense program that aims to help eligible military personnel begin new careers as teachers in public schools, including those that serve low-income students.

Who is eligible for the Troops to Teachers program?

Active duty, retired, and honorably discharged members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard, including Reserve and National Guard members, may be eligible for the program. Each individual’s eligibility depends on factors such as their length of service and the type of discharge from the military.

What kind of support does Troops to Teachers offer?

The Troops to Teachers program offers various types of support to eligible participants, including counseling and guidance on teacher certification requirements, assistance with job search and placement, and information about financial assistance opportunities, such as grants and stipends.

How do I apply for the Troops to Teachers program?

To apply for the Troops to Teachers program, you should visit the official program website, where you’ll find information on the application process, eligibility criteria, and state-specific resources. The website also provides contact information for state program offices, which can offer further guidance and assistance.

Is financial assistance available through the Troops to Teachers program?

Yes, financial assistance may be available through the Troops to Teachers program in the form of grants or stipends. These financial resources are intended to help cover the costs associated with earning a teaching certification, such as tuition, fees, and books.

Can I participate in Troops to Teachers if I’m still on active duty?

Yes, active duty military personnel can participate in the Troops to Teachers program. In fact, the program offers various resources and support services specifically designed to help active duty service members transition to a civilian teaching career.

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