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Survivor’s Outreach Services


Survivor’s Outreach Services (SOS) is a support program within the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, aimed at assisting the families and loved ones of deceased service members. The program provides a comprehensive range of resources and services, including emotional support, grief counseling, and benefits information. SOS connects survivors with dedicated coordinators, who guide them throughout the process and help them access appropriate resources based on their individual needs.

Key Takeaways

  1. Survivor’s Outreach Services (SOS) is a support program dedicated to assisting families who have lost a military service member, ensuring they receive all available benefits and assistance.
  2. SOS provides services such as counseling, support groups, financial guidance, and helps survivors navigate the complex process of accessing various VA benefits to which they are entitled.
  3. Through a network of support coordinators, SOS ensures that the bereaved families of fallen service members receive ongoing emotional, informational, and referral support, addressing their concerns and meeting their diverse needs.


Survivor’s Outreach Services (SOS) is an essential element within the VA benefits system, as it primarily focuses on providing support, guidance, and resources for the family members and loved ones of deceased service members.

The significance of SOS cannot be overstated, as it directly addresses the various challenges faced by survivors in the wake of their loss.

By offering a comprehensive range of services, such as financial counseling, benefits coordination, and grief support programs, SOS ensures that the families of fallen military personnel receive the care and assistance they need, which ultimately helps them to cope with their loss, navigate the complexities of survivor benefits, and successfully rebuild or maintain a solid foundation for a stable and secure future.


Survivor’s Outreach Services (SOS) is a vital support program provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs, designed to assist and empower the families of service members who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. The purpose of this initiative is to offer long-term care, individualized assistance, and nurturing guidance to the surviving family members, ensuring they receive all the necessary resources and benefits to which they are entitled.

By providing tailored attention to these families, the program aims to alleviate their hardships and foster a sense of stability during a challenging and sensitive period of their lives. The program is specifically tailored to cater to the diverse needs of surviving families, encompassing financial management, medical care, and social and emotional support.

SOS coordinators work closely with survivors to help them navigate the complexities of accessing crucial benefits and entitlements, including healthcare, education, employment, and counseling services. They also provide crucial emotional support by connecting families with various social networks and support groups, facilitating an environment of understanding and shared experiences.

Ultimately, the mission of Survivor’s Outreach Services is to honor and respect the sacrifices of service members while significantly alleviating the burden experienced by their loved ones, helping them forge a path towards a secure and hopeful future.

Examples of Survivor’s Outreach Services

Grief Counseling and Support: A widow of a retired U.S. Army veteran passes away. The survivor, the spouse, reaches out to the Survivor’s Outreach Services program to seek support in dealing with the loss of her loved one. Through the program, she receives grief counseling, information on support groups, and guidance on how to navigate the benefits she is entitled to as a survivor.

Education Benefits Assistance: A couple has a child together while the husband is serving in the U.S. Marine Corps. Tragically, the husband passes away in the line of duty. With the help of the Survivor’s Outreach Services, the wife learns about the educational assistance benefits available to her and her child. They help her apply for the Fry Scholarship, which allows her child to receive financial assistance for college or any vocational school.

Survivor Benefits Plan Processing: A retired U.S. Navy sailor dies of natural causes, having enrolled in the Survivor Benefits Plan (SBP) during his service. The deceased sailor’s spouse contacts the Survivor’s Outreach Services for assistance in receiving the SBP benefits. The program helps her process the necessary documents, navigate the intricacies of the benefits, and ensure that she receives the monthly annuity payments as a beneficiary of the SBP.

FAQ: Survivor’s Outreach Services

What is Survivor’s Outreach Services (SOS)?

Survivor’s Outreach Services (SOS) is a program designed to provide support to surviving family members of fallen military service members. The program assists with benefits, entitlements, and support services coordination. SOS aims to deliver a unified and consistent support system to help survivors in their time of need.

Who is eligible for Survivor’s Outreach Services?

Surviving family members of fallen military service members, including spouses, children, parents, and siblings, are eligible for Survivor’s Outreach Services. The program provides support regardless of the service member’s affiliation (Active Duty, National Guard, or Reserve) or cause of death (combat, accident, illness, or suicide).

What type of support does SOS offer?

Survivor’s Outreach Services offers a wide range of support, including financial counseling, benefits and entitlements coordination, community and national resources access, emotional support, and referral to specialized support services for individual family members’ needs.

How can I get in touch with my local SOS Coordinator?

To locate your nearest Survivor’s Outreach Services Coordinator, you can visit the official website and search for your local Army installation or community-based office. Alternatively, you can call the program’s national hotline or send them an email to request contact information for your local SOS Coordinator.

How long can survivors receive support from SOS?

Survivor’s Outreach Services provides support to survivors for as long as they need it. There is no time limit on the assistance that SOS offers, and surviving family members are encouraged to reach out for support whenever they need it.

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