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Purple Heart Benefits


The term “Purple Heart Benefits” refers to the special benefits and privileges granted to military service members who have been awarded the Purple Heart Medal. The Purple Heart Medal is given to individuals who were wounded or killed in combat while serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. These benefits may include financial compensation, medical care, priority enrollment for educational assistance, and more.

Key Takeaways

  1. Purple Heart Benefits are a specific set of privileges and financial support provided to U.S. military service members who have been awarded the Purple Heart Medal due to being wounded or killed while serving.
  2. These benefits include, but are not limited to, medical care, educational assistance, housing support, and employment opportunities, as well as priority access to various services from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).
  3. Eligible recipients must have been injured in a combat environment, with an award of the Purple Heart Medal required to access these enhanced VA benefits and support services.


The term “Purple Heart Benefits” is important because it refers to the specific assistance and support provided to service members who have been awarded the Purple Heart medal, which is given to those who were wounded or killed while serving in the United States military.

These benefits play a crucial role in acknowledging the sacrifices made by these individuals and ensuring that they receive the proper recognition and support they deserve.

In addition to healthcare, education, and retirement benefits that most veterans receive, the Purple Heart Benefits can include additional financial compensation, priority access to certain services, and special grants for housing and adaptive equipment.

By providing these exclusive benefits to Purple Heart recipients, the VA demonstrates its commitment to honoring the bravery and dedication of these service members and helping them transition back into civilian life.


The Purple Heart Benefits serve a significant purpose in honoring and supporting the brave men and women who have been wounded or killed while serving in the United States Armed Forces. These benefits are tailored to the specific needs of veterans who have demonstrated extraordinary sacrifice, perseverance, and dedication in protecting and defending their nation.

The Purple Heart Benefits not only provide recognition for their selfless valor but also grant critical financial and medical services, serving as an essential lifeline for eligible veterans and their families, helping them cover various costs and afford necessities that may be challenging due to the service-connected health impacts. Furthermore, the Purple Heart Benefits are used to offer a wide range of services and privileges that greatly enhance the quality of life for recipients.

Examples include preferential treatment in employment, access to educational assistance and scholarships, medical care, housing assistance, and expedited claims processing for disability compensation. By providing essential aid in various life aspects, the Purple Heart Benefits ensure that these honorable veterans receive the resources and support needed to overcome the challenges they face, allowing them to adapt and thrive in civilian life.

In essence, these benefits aim to serve as a token of gratitude for the sacrifices made by our wounded heroes while safeguarding their physical, emotional, and financial well-being.

Examples of Purple Heart Benefits

Veterans Affairs (VA) Health Care: Purple Heart recipients are eligible for priority access to VA healthcare services, and receive priority group 1 status. This means that they receive priority in scheduling appointments and finding care services. Additionally, they may be exempt from copayments, including copays for inpatient/outpatient care and medication.

Education Benefits: Purple Heart recipients can be eligible for additional education benefits under the GI Bill, including the Post-9/11 GI Bill. The Fry Scholarship is available to children and spouses of Purple Heart recipients who died in the line of duty. The benefits cover full tuition and fees at in-state public schools, or the national maximum for private and foreign schools, as well as a monthly housing allowance and an annual books and supplies stipend.

VA Home Loan Benefits: Purple Heart recipients are eligible for a waiver of the VA funding fee for VA home loans. This can save them a significant amount of money when purchasing or refinancing a home, since the VA funding fee typically varies from

4% to

6% of the loan amount. In addition, Purple Heart recipients may benefit from state-specific housing programs and assistance, like property tax exemptions or reduced interest rates on mortgages.

Purple Heart Benefits FAQs

What are the Purple Heart Benefits?

Purple Heart Benefits are a set of resources and support mechanisms available to military personnel who have been awarded the Purple Heart medal. The benefits can include healthcare, education, employment assistance, and financial compensation.

Who is eligible for Purple Heart Benefits?

Purple Heart Benefits are available to military personnel who have been wounded in action and have received the Purple Heart medal. The benefits are also often extended to family members, such as spouses and dependents, of those who have received the medal.

What healthcare benefits come with the Purple Heart?

Recipients of the Purple Heart are eligible for priority healthcare benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). This includes access to a variety of care, such as medical, dental, and mental health services, at little to no cost.

Are there educational benefits for Purple Heart recipients?

Yes, there are educational benefits associated with the Purple Heart. The VA offers various programs such as the Post-9/11 GI Bill, the Montgomery GI Bill, and the Veteran Readiness and Employment (VR&E) program to assist with tuition, fees, and other educational costs. Additionally, some states may waive tuition and fees for eligible Purple Heart recipients attending public colleges or universities.

What employment assistance is available for Purple Heart recipients?

The VA’s Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) program can assist Purple Heart recipients with job training, employment accommodations, resume development, and job-seeking skills coaching. Additionally, recipients may be eligible for hiring preference within federal and state government jobs.

Can Purple Heart recipients receive financial compensation?

Purple Heart recipients can be eligible for various financial compensation benefits, including monthly disability compensation, specialized compensation programs for severe injuries, and additional compensation for dependents. The amount of compensation depends on factors such as the severity of the injury and its impact on daily living activities.

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