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Local Veterans Employment Representative (LVER)


The Local Veterans Employment Representative (LVER) is a professionally trained specialist appointed by state employment agencies to support and assist veterans in finding suitable employment opportunities. They work closely with employers, veterans, and various community service organizations, promoting the hiring of veterans by developing job opportunities and providing employment services. LVERs also ensure that veterans receive priority in job referrals and employment counseling within their local areas.

Key Takeaways

  1. Local Veterans Employment Representatives (LVERs) are trained professionals tasked with promoting the employment of veterans, particularly those with barriers to employment, by developing relationships with local businesses and industries.
  2. LVERs facilitate veterans’ access to various employment and training opportunities by collaborating with employers, labor unions, community-based organizations, and government agencies to provide job placement services, job training, and vocational counseling.
  3. LVERs play a vital role in connecting veterans with suitable job opportunities and ensuring they receive the necessary support, tools, and resources to successfully transition into the civilian workforce.


The term Local Veterans Employment Representative (LVER) is important because it refers to a dedicated professional who plays a crucial role in assisting veterans in their transition from military to civilian life by securing gainful employment opportunities.

LVERs, who are housed within state workforce agencies, collaborate with employers, labor unions, and other community organizations to ensure awareness of the benefits and specific skills veterans bring to the workforce.

Their services contribute significantly to the well-being and economic stability of veterans, helping them reintegrate into society and utilize their unique skill sets effectively for the betterment of their lives and the broader community.


The primary purpose of the Local Veterans Employment Representative (LVER) is to promote the employment of veterans in their local communities, aiming to support their seamless transition into the civilian workforce. LVERs serve as a direct connection between veterans and employers, ensuring that the unique skills and talents of former military service members are recognized and utilized within the job market.

Their work contributes to fulfilling the goal of the VA benefits program, which is to provide generous support and assistance to veterans as they navigate through their career choices post-service. LVERs are instrumental in connecting veterans with suitable job opportunities and resources by developing relationships with local employers and industry organizations.

They actively engage in community outreach, raising awareness of veterans’ potential and advocating for their inclusion in company workforce development plans. Additionally, LVERs facilitate access to various training, credentialing, and licensing programs tailored to veterans’ unique needs, making certain they receive comprehensive guidance and support.

By bridging the gap between veterans and the job market, Local Veterans Employment Representatives play a crucial role in maximizing the prospects of veterans and empowering them to lead meaningful and successful civilian lives.

Examples of Local Veterans Employment Representative (LVER)

New York State Department of Labor LVER Program: In New York, the Department of Labor offers an LVER program that helps veterans find and secure suitable employment placements through individualized services. These representatives provide career guidance, job referrals, and coordination with other supportive services at the local Career Centers to help veterans find appropriate and sustainable employment.

California Employment Development Department (EDD) LVER Program: In California, the Employment Development Department (EDD) offers Local Veterans Employment Representatives to assist veterans in finding gainful employment within the state. The LVERs conduct presentations and conduct outreach to businesses and community organizations to promote the hiring of veterans. They also provide assistance to veterans in developing job search strategies, creating resumes, and conducting mock interviews.

Texas Workforce Commission & LVERs: The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) works with Local Veterans Employment Representatives to provide employment services to veterans in the state. LVERs in Texas assist veterans by connecting them with job openings, offering job search workshops, coordinating with employers to create veteran-specific job fairs, and collaborating with other workforce partners to offer tailored support services to veterans seeking work.

FAQ: Local Veterans Employment Representative (LVER)

What does a Local Veterans Employment Representative do?

A Local Veterans Employment Representative (LVER) assists veterans in finding and securing suitable employment. They work closely with employers to understand their workforce needs and connect them with qualified veterans worth hiring.

How can I find a Local Veterans Employment Representative in my area?

You can find a Local Veterans Employment Representative by contacting your local American Job Center or accessing your state’s Department of Labor website to search for available resources.

Are there any fees associated with consulting a Local Veterans Employment Representative?

There are no fees associated with working with a Local Veterans Employment Representative (LVER). They provide services to veterans and employers as part of their mission to facilitate successful employment outcomes for veterans.

How does a Local Veterans Employment Representative assist employers?

LVERs assist employers by helping them understand the benefits of hiring veterans, identify qualified veteran applicants, and provide support throughout the hiring process. They may also provide resources and training for managers and supervisors to better manage and integrate veterans into the workforce.

What kinds of job placements can Local Veterans Employment Representatives help with?

Local Veterans Employment Representatives (LVERs) can assist with various job placement opportunities, from entry-level positions to high-skilled employment in various industries. They will work closely with both veterans and employers to ensure a strong match based on the veteran’s skills, preferences, and the employer’s needs.

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