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The Complete Guide to Unemployment Benefits in Georgia

The Georgia Department of Labor provides financial help to those who have lost their jobs. Learn about how to apply and the benefits you may receive.

The unemployment insurance benefits is a financial assistance program in Georgia administered by the Georgia Department of

Labor (GDOL). The program aims to provide financial help to qualified unemployed Georgia citizens and non-citizens who lost their jobs at no fault of their own and are ready to and actively looking for work.  

To receive unemployment benefits, you must file a claim with the GDOL and continue searching for a new job. 

This article will discuss the eligibility criteria and how to apply for unemployment benefits in Georgia.

Georgia Unemployment Services

Website dol.georgia.gov
Phone 404-232-3001
Email https://dol.georgia.gov/email-us
Apply Online File a Claim
Weekly Certification Claim Weekly UI Benefits
Appeal a Denial https://dol.georgia.gov/file-appeal
Find a Local Office https://dol.georgia.gov/locations
Report Frau Benefits Fraud
Coronavirus Updates COVID-19 Assistance

How do I apply for unemployment benefits in Georgia? 

Unemployed Georgia citizens can file an unemployment application online or in person. If you want to do so online, visit the Georgia unemployment website. To file for unemployment physically, head out to the unemployment office. 

To file for unemployment in Georgia, you must be: 

  • At least 18 years old

  • Have an active email 

  • Have earned wages within the last 24 months from an employer in Georgia. 

After applying, GDOL will send a confirmation email and number. If you want to apply physically, check out this list of unemployment office locations in Georgia according to the county. 

When you want to apply for Georgia unemployment in person or online, you'll need the following: 

  • A signed affidavit with proof of US citizenship, non-citizenship, or permanent residence. 

  • A driver's license, passport, or DHS Employment Authorization

  • Social security number

  • Personal contact information such as name, phone number, date of birth, and address 

  • Detailed information about work activities in the past two years, including your wages, past employers, and the reason for leaving your previous employer.

If you're a former government employee, be sure to provide the SF-8 or SF-50 form. 

In addition, former military members should provide a DD214 form.  

After submitting an initial claim, the Department of Labor will review it to confirm its authenticity. 

Once confirmed, the claimant must enroll in GDOL Employment services, one of Georgia's unemployment department's requirements to conduct an active job search. 

You'll be required to claim your unemployment insurance payments through a weekly recertification process. 

This includes providing job search information and certifying that you comply with other requirements. 

To file a weekly unemployment claim, your axial security and personal identification numbers must be available. 

Georgia Unemployment Benefits Contacts 

If you need additional information about Georgia Unemployment benefits, get in touch with the State's Department of Labor, either:

In-person: Look out for a Georgia DOL career center 

By phone: Put a call through to UI customer Service, call 1-877-709-8185. If you live in Atlanta, call 404-232-3001, available between 8-4:30 pm, Monday through Friday. 

Via Online: Dol.georgia.gov 

How Does Unemployment Works in Georgia

Once unemployed, apply with Georgia's Department of Labor. After getting approval from the unemployment department, enroll with the State's DOL employment services to claim your benefits. They'll assist with your job search. 

Depending on the previous case and work history, you'll start receiving Georgia unemployment weekly benefits, which go anywhere between $55 and $365. 

You must file unemployment every week to prove you're actively searching for jobs to receive benefits. This is an important part of the process and must be done weekly. 

The eligibility period for receiving weekly unemployment claims is between 14 to 20 weeks, depending on the current unemployment rate. The State may offer additional help during times of high employment. 

What are the requirements to qualify for Georgia unemployment benefits? 

When it comes to Georgia unemployment eligibility, an applicant must : 

  • Be separated from their job or experience a significant decline in total working hours. 

  • Be working part-time and earning less than the weekly benefit amount. 

  • Put in the effort to find suitable and meaningful full-time work. 

  •  Document search efforts when filing for unemployment insurance every week.

  •  Make a minimum of three contacts weekly. 

  • Have proof of US citizenship, permanent residency, or a lawful living non-citizen 

  •  Have earned wages in at least six months of their base period. The base year comprises the first four calendar quarters in 15 months, leading to an unemployment claim filing in Georgia. 

Their wages must have also been a minimum of $1,134 each quarter, with the total wages higher than 1.5 earned in their highest base period quarter. 

Applicants living in another state but looking to receive benefits in Georgia must register with their new home state's workforce agency and follow Georgia's requirements for job search conduct.   

Just like the temporary disability benefits, not doing this on time may delay or even stop the benefit. You'll need to serve an unpaid waiting period for one week. These are typically the first week to file a claim. 


How much will be my weekly unemployment check? 

The amount of benefits will be determined by your average salary.  

Georgia's current benefits are between $55 to $365 weekly. The wage amount in your base period will determine your benefit amount.  

How long it takes to collect unemployment insurance benefits depends on the ongoing unemployment rate in Georgia when the claim was filed. Applicants may draw benefits for 14-20 weeks. 

How will I get paid? 

Unemployment compensation payments are made through direct deposit to a bank or funds loaded into a debit card. 

Why your Georgia unemployment claim may be rejected 

You could be rejected if you were fired, or you purposely quit your job. To meet eligibility requirements for unemployment assistance, you must be out of work or laid off due to no fault of your own. It is important to continue your work search and certify your weekly claim on time, as well.  

Unemployed workers must be ready and able to search for and accept work when offered. To receive benefits, you must be willing to accept a work offer that matches your qualification. 

What should I do if my claim is denied? 

If a claimant is denied unemployment compensation, they can appeal the process. You can appeal the decision within 15 days of denial. The decision will become final unless you act within this period. The appeal can be filed via email or in person. 

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