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SSDI Work After Disability Approval Forms

Quickly access work activity report forms for easy reporting of work after disability begins and for documenting special work accommodations or subsidized work.

All work after an approved disability date (or a claimed one in a new pending claim) has to be reported even if it is a small amount of work. Forms SSA 820-BK and SSA-821-BK make the reporting easy and clear.

If you have been receiving special considerations due to your physical or mental condition that other workers do not receive or if you are paid usual wages for lower production, having your employer complete an SSA-3033 could be helpful to your claim being approved or to its remaining open while you work.

Please click on the link below to open your desired form in a separate browser window. 

SSA-820-BK Work Activity Report

To be completed by a self-employed worker

SSA-821-BK Work Activity Report

To be completed by an employee

SSA-3033 Employee Work Activity Questionnaire

To be completed by employer regarding disabled employee’s work