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Nebraska Disability Benefits

Nebraska provides aid to individuals living with a disability with help from the Social Security Administration (SSA) in the form of SSDI and SSI benefits.

Nebraska provides aid to individuals living with a disability with help from the Social Security Administration (SSA) in the form of SSDI and SSI benefits.

Nebraska also has a state program called SDP, which offers extra assistance to disabled residents who do not qualify for SSI or Medicaid.

Facts About Nebraska

Nicknamed the Cornhusker State, Nebraska is the 37th state to become a part of the United States. With a population of 1.9 million as of 2019, Nebraska has one of the lowest populations in the country. Still, approximately 22.2% of adults in the state have some type of disability, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Nebraska disability determination comes from the Nebraska Department of Education. The Disability Determination Service (DDS) works to process each disability claim for Social Security disability benefits, including Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

Nebraska residents with a mobility, cognitive, hearing, vision, physical, or developmental disability may qualify for either Social Security disability benefit, depending on their current situation.

How To Qualify for SSDI in Nebraska

Nebraska SSDI claims go through a determination process to consider whether the applicant meets eligibility requirements. To qualify for SSDI in Nebraska, you must have lived in the state for at least a year, worked jobs covered by Social Security, and meet Social Security guidelines for a defined disability.

Nebraskans must have worked long enough and earned enough work credits to get Social Security disability benefits. For most people, 40 work credits are the minimum you need to qualify, and 20 of those credits need to be earned within 10 years before you became disabled.

How To Apply for SSDI in Nebraska

To apply for disability benefits in Nebraska, you can choose the method that works best for you. The Social Security Administration allows applicants to apply online at SSA.gov, by phone using SSA’s customer hotline at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778), or through your nearest Social Security field office. In Nebraska, there are six Social Security field offices where a claimant can apply in person or send an application by mail.

The application for disability benefits may require you to show documents that prove your birthdate and place, your income or current work status, and your U.S. citizenship. You will also need to indicate whether you were in the military service, have a spouse or dependents, and have or had employment that meets SSDI requirements for work credits.

If you have trouble applying for SSDI on your own, you may allow someone else to fill out your information. A friend or family member may help you, or you can contact the Social Security Administration to speak with someone over the phone who can help you apply. You might also seek guidance from Disability Rights Nebraska, an advocacy organization for Nebraskans with disabilities.

How To Appeal a Denial in Nebraska

As a rule of thumb, most applicants get denied for SSDI when they first apply. However, there is a set appeals process in place that can help you get the disability benefits you’re entitled to receive.

Nebraskans may request an appeal online or request the appeals form from their nearest Social Security field office. This starts the reconsideration process, allowing a new review of your claim by someone who wasn’t initially involved in your determination.

The next step in appeals is a disability hearing with an administrative law judge, followed by a review of the Appeals Council. You may continue to appeal with a final Federal Court review.

A lawyer experienced in disability appeals can help you through the process, but hiring an attorney or law firm isn’t required to appeal.

More Nebraska Benefits

For children, adults, seniors, students, and military service members, Nebraska citizens may receive financial assistance from the state in the form of disability, healthcare, or unemployment benefits.


Nebraska SSI benefits are reserved for eligible low-income individuals with a disability or are over age 65. Although SSI and SSDI are different programs, the SSA will automatically check to see if you qualify for SSDI when you apply with an initial application for SSI and vice versa.

To qualify for SSI in Nebraska, an applicant must have income that falls within SSA guidelines and have a disability that affects the individual’s ability to work or independent living status. Both adults and children may qualify for this benefit. You can apply for SSI online, by phone, or by visiting the same SSA field office you’d use to apply for SSDI benefits.


Nebraska’s State Disability Program provides medical and financial assistance to those who are blind or disabled. This program is for recipients who have been denied Medicaid and SSI because the disability is not expected to last 12 months.

Services are administered by the Aid To The Aged, Blind, Or Disabled (AABD) program, which provides financial assistance to individuals so they can remain in the most appropriate living arrangement for their needs. In some cases, the AABD program can also provide essential items such as home repairs, appliances, and furniture.

Nebraska Medicaid

Nebraska Medicaid assists needy families with accessing affordable healthcare. Both the state and federal government fund Nebraska’s Medicaid program to offer dental services, prenatal care, laboratory and radiology services, home health services, and other medically necessary procedures and services to families who otherwise cannot afford them.

Currently, a family of three can earn no more than $29,207 per year to qualify for Medicaid, and they may be required to pay co-pays for some visits and services.

Nebraska Medicaid also includes the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), which expands assistance to children who may not qualify for Medicaid but still need access to medical insurance. Both programs are administered through Nebraska’s Department of Health and Human Services.

Nebraska Unemployment

Nebraska unemployment benefits provide citizens with financial assistance when laid off or experience a job loss for no at-fault circumstances. The Nebraska Department of Labor furnishes these benefits and others to get workers back into the workforce, like the Approved Training Program and Short-Time Compensation Program.

Nebraska residents can qualify for unemployment benefits by being available for work, being physically and mentally capable of working, and meeting minimum wage or income requirements during your base period at your previous job. Nebraska sets a base period as four out of the last five quarters.

Nebraska Social Security Offices

SSA Field Office Locations in Nebraska
Omaha SSA Office604 N 109th Ct
Old Mill Centre
Omaha, NE 68154
(866) 716-8299
Lincoln SSA Office100 Centennial Mall N Room 240
Lincoln, NE 68508
(866) 593-2880
North Platte SSA Office300 E. 3rd St Rm 204
North Platte, NE 69101
(833) 329-5527
Grand Island SSA Office115 N Webb Rd Ste 1
Grand Island, NE 68803
(877) 407-3441
Scottsbluff SSA Office415 Valley View Dr
Scottsbluff, NE 69361
(800) 297-4291
Norfolk SSA Office605 Iron Horse Dr Suite 1
Norfolk, NE 68701
(855) 207-7082

Nebraska Hearing and Appeal Offices

Nebraska is in Region 7 (Kansas City), which services Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, and Missouri.

The Omaha Hearing Office services the cities of Lincoln NE, Omaha NE, Norfolk NE, Council Bluffs IA, Sioux City IA, Creston IA, and Carroll IA.

Region 7 – SSA Office of Hearing Operations in Nebraska
SSA Hearing Office – Omaha1000 N 90th Street
Exec Center, Suite 500
Omaha, NE 68114
(888) 881-4633

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