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Women Veterans Program Managers (WVPMs)


Women Veterans Program Managers (WVPMs) are dedicated professionals appointed by the Department of Veterans Affairs in each VA healthcare facility. Their primary role is to advocate for and address the specific needs of women veterans. They coordinate women’s health services, ensure accessibility, and serve as a point of contact for female veterans within the VA healthcare system.

Key Takeaways

  1. Women Veterans Program Managers (WVPMs) are designated to advocate and coordinate healthcare services specifically for women veterans, addressing their unique needs and ensuring gender-specific health care provision.
  2. WVPMs act as a point of contact for women veterans, providing guidance and information related to VA benefits, services, and programs that cater to their mental, physical, and reproductive health needs.
  3. WVPMs collaborate with other VA service providers and stakeholders to promote gender sensitivity and cultural transformation within VA healthcare, thereby enhancing accessibility and quality of care for women veterans.


The Women Veterans Program Managers (WVPMs) term is important because it signifies a dedicated team of professionals within the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) who are specifically focused on addressing the unique needs, challenges, and concerns of women veterans.

By having a program tailored to this demographic, the VA demonstrates its commitment to ensuring equal access to healthcare, benefits, and services for all veterans, regardless of gender.

WVPMs play a critical role in advocating for women veterans and in promoting awareness of their distinct requirements and contributions.

This helps improve the overall quality of care and support that female veterans receive, fostering a more inclusive and empathetic environment within the VA system.


The Women Veterans Program Managers (WVPMs) plays a crucial role in ensuring that the unique needs of women veterans are addressed and efficiently met within the Department of Veterans Affairs. The primary purpose of the WVPMs is to advocate for the healthcare requirements of the ever-growing population of women veterans and facilitate their access to specialized services and programs.

In doing so, these program managers foster a culture that acknowledges and respects the diverse experiences, backgrounds, and contributions of women who have served in the military. WVPMs are entrusted with the responsibility of coordinating gender-specific healthcare services, including gynecological and reproductive healthcare, maternity care, mental health, and treatment for conditions related to military sexual trauma.

They work closely with the VA medical centers and other providers to make certain that these services adhere to the highest standards of care. Additionally, WVPMs are involved in the development of outreach and education strategies to raise awareness of the resources available to women veterans and ensure a smooth transition from active duty to civilian life.

By centering their attention on the specific concerns of women veterans, the Women Veterans Program Managers contribute significantly to the ongoing efforts to improve healthcare delivery and advocate for the necessary resources for this often-underrepresented group within the VA system.

Examples of Women Veterans Program Managers (WVPMs)

VA Connecticut Healthcare System: The West Haven VA Medical Center in Connecticut has a dedicated Women Veterans Program Manager (WVPM) responsible for addressing healthcare needs specific to women veterans. The WVPM works closely with primary care providers, mental health specialists, gynecologists, and other medical professionals to provide comprehensive, gender-specific care. Through the program, women veterans have access to services like mammograms, prenatal care, mental health treatment, substance abuse counseling, and support for military sexual trauma.

Portland VA Health Care System: Women Veterans Program Managers (WVPMs) play an essential role at the Portland, Oregon VA Health Care System in providing a broad range of services to women veterans. They work hard to ensure that comprehensive care is provided, including mental health services, well-woman exams, family planning, maternity counseling, and peer support programs. They also connect women veterans to specialized medical facilities for more specialized treatment when needed.

VA Eastern Colorado Health Care System: At the VA Eastern Colorado Health Care System in Aurora, Colorado, Women Veterans Program Managers (WVPMs) cater to the needs of women veterans in their community. The WVPMs work diligently to coordinate care, provide education, and work toward increasing awareness of the unique healthcare needs of women veterans. This includes access to comprehensive primary care, mental health services, or specialized treatments like maternity care, menopause management, and cancer screenings. The program also emphasizes educating women veterans on the numerous VA resources available specifically to them, ensuring they receive the care they deserve.

FAQ: Women Veterans Program Managers (WVPMs)

What are Women Veterans Program Managers (WVPMs)?

Women Veterans Program Managers (WVPMs) are professionals appointed at each VA healthcare facility to help address the specific needs of women veterans. They advocate for women veterans and ensure they receive equal access to high-quality care and services tailored to their unique needs.

What services do WVPMs provide to women veterans?

WVPMs provide a range of services, including assistance navigating the VA healthcare system, coordinating care, and ensuring proper referrals to appropriate specialty care for conditions such as maternity care, mental health, and gender-specific care. They also help women veterans understand their benefits and available resources, both within the VA and in the community.

How can I reach out to a Women Veterans Program Manager?

You can find a Women Veterans Program Manager by contacting your local VA healthcare facility and asking for the Women’s Health Clinic or Women Veterans Program Coordinator. You can also visit the VA’s Facility Locator website at www.va.gov/find-locations and search for healthcare facilities with a Women’s Health Clinic.

Are there any specific eligibility requirements to access services from a WVPM?

Access to services from a WVPM is available to women veterans who are enrolled in the VA healthcare system. General eligibility requirements include having served at least 24 continuous months on active duty or having a service-connected disability. Specific eligibility criteria might vary depending on the service or resource you need. It is best to discuss your situation with a WVPM to determine the services available to you.

What types of support can I expect from a Women Veterans Program Manager?

A Women Veterans Program Manager can provide support in areas like healthcare coordination, understanding your benefits and resources, and assistance with any concerns or issues related to your care. They are dedicated to advocating for women veterans and ensuring equitable access to high-quality, gender-specific care within the VA healthcare system.

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