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VA Public Affairs


VA Public Affairs refers to the department within the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs that manages communications, public relations, and media relations. Their primary responsibilities include disseminating information to veterans, service members, and their families about VA benefits, policies, and programs. The VA Public Affairs team also coordinates with the media to ensure accurate and timely reporting on veteran-related issues.

Key Takeaways

  1. VA Public Affairs plays a crucial role in communicating information and updates related to the Department of Veterans Affairs, ensuring that veterans and their families remain informed about benefits, programs, and services provided by the VA.
  2. The VA Public Affairs division engages with various platforms such as traditional media outlets, social media, and community events to disseminate accurate, timely, and relevant information to veterans and stakeholders.
  3. VA Public Affairs is not only responsible for maintaining a strong relationship with the public and media, but it also focuses on addressing the concerns and feedback from veterans, thereby ensuring transparency and accountability within the Department of Veterans Affairs.


The term “VA Public Affairs” is important because it refers to the communication department within the Department of Veterans Affairs, responsible for managing and disseminating vital information among veterans, their families, media, stakeholders, and the general public.

With a focus on increasing transparency and strengthening relationships, the VA Public Affairs department ensures that the veterans community remains informed about the benefits, services, policies, and programs available within the VA.

This enables veterans to better understand and access the assistance and resources they need, ultimately improving their overall well-being and the quality of life post-service.


The purpose of VA Public Affairs is to engage and communicate effectively with various stakeholders such as Veterans, their families, employees, the media, and the general public, regarding the Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) initiatives, policies, and services. As a crucial link between the VA and these entities, VA Public Affairs is committed to providing accurate, transparent, and timely information on the many programs and services that aim to support and enhance the lives of Veterans, as well as their families and caregivers.

These efforts serve to maintain a positive public image for the VA, building trust and ensuring transparency while also fostering a connection with the intended audience. In fulfilling its responsibilities, VA Public Affairs employs various means of communication such as press releases, media advisories, social media platforms, community outreach, and digital initiatives.

By proactively responding to inquiries and addressing concerns, the organization plays a pivotal role in building awareness and confidence in the VA’s mission to serve those who have given so much to their country. This commitment to effective communication ensures that Veterans are well-informed and can readily access the resources and support they need and deserve.

Overall, VA Public Affairs serves to reinforce the VA’s commitment to providing exceptional care and support that our nation’s Veterans have earned.

Examples of VA Public Affairs

National Veterans Outreach Office (NVOO): The NVOO is a division of VA Public Affairs that aims to improve communication and outreach to veterans, their families, and other stakeholders. This office coordinates and delivers information about VA programs, services, and benefits to help veterans make informed decisions. The NVOO works closely with the media, VSOs, community partners, and Veteran advocates to ensure information is accurate and accessible for those who need it.

Annual Veterans Day National Committee (VDNC) observance: The VDNC is a group appointed by the VA Secretary to organize the annual Veterans Day observations across the United States. Through VA Public Affairs, the committee assists and provides guidance to local communities, encouraging nationwide participation in observing Veterans Day. The committee also coordinates ceremonies and activities at the Arlington National Cemetery, where a wreath-laying ceremony is held annually at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on November

#BeThere Campaign: The VA’s #BeThere campaign, launched by VA Public Affairs, aims to raise awareness of the mental health issues faced by veterans and to prevent suicide. By providing resources and support, the campaign encourages veterans, families, and communities to address mental health needs and take action to help those at risk. The #BeThere campaign uses a variety of communication channels, including social media, events, and public service announcements to reach both active-duty service members and veterans, spreading awareness and education about the significance of mental health in the veteran community.

VA Public Affairs FAQ

What is the VA Public Affairs office responsible for?

The VA Public Affairs office is responsible for managing media relations, creating communication materials, managing social media platforms, and keeping veterans and their families informed about programs, services, and events related to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

How can I contact the VA Public Affairs office?

You can contact the VA Public Affairs office by visiting their website or calling their main office number. Contact information is usually available on the office’s official website or through the VA’s main website.

What services does the VA Public Affairs office provide?

The VA Public Affairs office offers a variety of communication services, including press releases, articles, social media updates, and video production. They also give guidance to VA employees on proper communication and can help with crisis communications.

Does the VA Public Affairs office provide information only to veterans?

While the primary mission is to serve veterans, their families, and beneficiaries, the VA Public Affairs office also provides information to the general public, news media, and other stakeholders interested in VA programs and services.

How can I stay updated on VA news and events?

There are several ways to stay updated on VA news and events. You can follow the VA on social media, subscribe to newsletters or website updates, and visit the VA Public Affairs website regularly for news and event information.

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