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The VA OEF/OIF/OND Program refers to the Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) support programs specifically designed for veterans who served in Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF), Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), and Operation New Dawn (OND). These programs provide healthcare, benefits, and resources to assist veterans in their transition back to civilian life after deployment. The services offered under this program include medical care, mental health support, case management, and assistance with education, employment, and housing.

Key Takeaways

  1. The VA OEF/OIF/OND Program specifically aims to support veterans who served in Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF), Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), and Operation New Dawn (OND) by providing access to healthcare, benefits, and resources.
  2. Veterans participating in this program can receive enhanced VA healthcare enrollment, five years of free VA healthcare for conditions potentially related to the veterans’ service, and coordinated case management for those with more severe injuries or conditions.
  3. Eligible veterans can apply for the OEF/OIF/OND program either in-person, by phone, or online, and they are encouraged to connect with other valuable VA benefits and services such as education, employment, home loan guarantees, and mental health initiatives.


The VA OEF/OIF/OND Program is important because it specifically caters to the unique needs of veterans who have served in Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF), Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), and Operation New Dawn (OND). These operations involved conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, where many service members were exposed to potentially traumatic experiences and hazardous environments, leading to various physical and mental health issues.

This specialized program ensures that eligible veterans receive comprehensive and timely access to healthcare services, benefits, and resources tailored to their requirements, addressing the long-term effects of their service and providing the necessary support for a successful transition to civilian life.

Ultimately, the VA OEF/OIF/OND Program is crucial to honor and care for those who have risked their lives in these major military operations.


The VA OEF/OIF/OND Program serves a critical purpose: to assist veterans who served in Operations Enduring Freedom, Iraqi Freedom, and New Dawn with their transition back to civilian life and provide access to tailored healthcare services, mental health support, and other resources. These large-scale military operations produced a new generation of veterans with unique needs and challenges, which the program aims to comprehensively address.

Taking a proactive approach to supporting veterans, the program’s primary focus is empowering individuals through case management, outreach, and seamless access to VA medical, mental health, and benefits services so they can optimize their well-being and quality of life. To achieve this purpose, the program partners with multiple stakeholders, including healthcare providers, veterans’ service organizations, and military service coordinators, to raise awareness about the benefits and services available under the OEF/OIF/OND Program.

Key components include family support services, integrative therapies for managing chronic pain, traumatic brain injury (TBI) rehabilitation, and the evidence-based treatments for mental health concerns like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression. The VA OEF/OIF/OND Program not only underscores the importance of addressing veterans’ holistic needs, but also exemplifies an enduring commitment to ensuring that those who have sacrificed in the line of duty receive the support they deserve.

Examples of VA OEF/OIF/OND Program

The VA OEF (Operation Enduring Freedom)/OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom)/OND (Operation New Dawn) Program is an initiative to provide specialized healthcare and other benefits to eligible veterans who served in these operations. Here are three real-world examples related to this program:

Healthcare Services: A veteran who served in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom can receive specialized healthcare services under VA OEF/OIF/OND Program. This might include treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injury (TBI), or other conditions related to their service. The healthcare services are provided in a VA medical center, a community-based outpatient clinic, or a Vet Center.

Transition Assistance: A service member who served in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom is transitioning back to civilian life. Under the VA OEF/OIF/OND Program, they can receive support and resources through the Transition Assistance Program (TAP). TAP helps the veteran with job training, resume assistance, and access to local job fairs to help them find gainful employment after their military service.

Care Management: A veteran who served during Operation New Dawn and suffers from severe injuries or chronic conditions might require comprehensive care management. The VA OEF/OIF/OND Program provides care coordination, including clinical case management services, to ensure the veteran receives the appropriate healthcare services and support from multiple providers and specialists. This might include enrollment in home telehealth or physical rehabilitation programs to manage their conditions effectively.


What is the VA OEF/OIF/OND Program?

The VA OEF/OIF/OND Program is specifically designed for Veterans who served in Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Operation New Dawn. This program aims to assist these Veterans in managing and accessing healthcare, benefits, and other resources related to their service time.

Who is eligible for the VA OEF/OIF/OND Program?

Veterans who served on active duty in combat operations during Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Operation New Dawn, and have been discharged less than five years ago, are eligible for this program.

What are the benefits and services offered under this program?

The VA OEF/OIF/OND Program offers a range of benefits and services to qualified Veterans. Some of these services include healthcare enrollment, mental health care, treatment for injuries or illnesses related to service, benefits assistance, and support for family members and caregivers.

How do I enroll in the VA OEF/OIF/OND Program?

To enroll in the VA OEF/OIF/OND Program, eligible Veterans can apply for healthcare benefits online, by mail, or in person at a VA medical center. Once enrolled, you can access a range of VA services through your local VA medical center as well as the OEF/OIF/OND Care Management team that can help you coordinate your healthcare and benefits.

Are there any additional resources for OEF/OIF/OND Veterans outside of this program?

Yes, there are additional resources and support available for OEF/OIF/OND Veterans. These include programs like the Veterans Crisis Line for immediate help in a crisis, the VA Caregiver Support Program for assistance to caregivers, and the Post-9/11 GI Bill for education benefits.

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Sources for More Information

  • U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs – The official website of the Department of Veterans Affairs provides a wealth of information on VA benefits and services, including the VA OEF/OIF/OND Program.
  • Vets.gov – Vets.gov is another important resource for information on the VA OEF/OIF/OND Program, providing resources for education, employment, and healthcare benefits for veterans.
  • Disabled American Veterans (DAV) – DAV is a non-profit organization that assists veterans in understanding and accessing their benefits, including the VA OEF/OIF/OND Program.
  • Wounded Warrior Project – The Wounded Warrior Project offers support and resources for veterans, including information on the VA OEF/OIF/OND Program and assistance with obtaining benefits.