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VA Claim Exams


VA Claim Exams, also known as Compensation and Pension (C&P) Exams, are medical evaluations conducted by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to assess the disability level, extent, or severity of a service-connected injury or condition. These exams help determine a veteran’s eligibility for disability compensation and other potential VA benefits. The results of the exam are used to assign an appropriate disability rating, which impacts the amount of compensation a veteran may receive.

Key Takeaways

  1. VA Claim Exams, also known as Compensation and Pension (C&P) Exams, are evaluations conducted by a healthcare professional to assess a veteran’s disability related to their military service.
  2. The results of the VA Claim Exams help to determine the veteran’s eligibility for disability benefits, as well as the level of compensation they may receive.
  3. A veteran may be asked to attend a VA Claim Exam after submitting a disability claim, or as part of the claim review process. It is important to attend the scheduled exam and provide accurate information to ensure a proper assessment of the disability.


The term “VA Claim Exams,” also known as Compensation and Pension (C&P) exams, holds significant importance for veterans seeking disability benefits as it is a crucial step in the VA claims process, conducted by the U.S.

Department of Veterans Affairs.

These exams help determine the severity of a veteran’s service-connected disabilities, assess their eligibility for compensation, and establish the level of benefits they are entitled to receive.

By accurately documenting and evaluating a veteran’s medical condition concerning their military service, the VA Claim Exams serve as an indispensable tool in ensuring that veterans receive the appropriate support and financial assistance they require, based on their individual circumstances and the impact of their service-related disabilities.


A VA Claim Exam, also known as the Compensation and Pension (C&P) exam, is an essential part of the Veteran Affairs’ disability benefits claim process. The primary purpose of the exam is to gather crucial medical information that connects the veteran’s disability to their service and evaluate the severity of the condition.

In essence, the C&P exam serves as a critical point of evaluating the service members’ eligibility for receiving VA disability benefits, enabling the department to determine the accurate compensation for the veterans suffering from service-connected disabilities. These exams are carried out by approved medical professionals, either from the Department of Veteran Affairs or independent providers.

The examiner conducts a thorough assessment, considering the veteran’s submitted evidence, medical history, and conducting any necessary tests or assessments as deemed necessary. Once the examination is complete, the examiner submits a report to the VA, which is then used to decide on the claim’s approval and the appropriate disability rating.

The importance of the VA Claim Exam lies in its ability to ensure fair and accurate assessment for the veterans, who have made indelible sacrifices while serving their country. It not only facilitates a well-structured process for accessing much-needed support and benefits for service-connected disabilities, but it also reaffirms the nation’s commitment to caring for and honoring its veterans.

Examples of VA Claim Exams

Example 1:John, a military veteran, applies for VA disability compensation after returning home from active duty. John has been suffering from PTSD and knee pain due to an injury while on deployment. To assess the severity of his conditions and determine the appropriate level of benefits, John is scheduled to attend a VA claim exam. At the exam, a licensed medical professional evaluates his medical history, conducts a physical examination, and provides a report to the VA that will be used in the decision-making process for John’s disability claim.Example 2:Maria, a Navy veteran, develops tinnitus after years of working in close proximity to loud aviation machinery. Upon leaving the service, Maria seeks VA healthcare benefits and submits a claim to the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA). The VBA schedules a VA claim exam for Maria where she undergoes a comprehensive audiological evaluation to determine the severity of her tinnitus and ensure it is related to her military service. The results from her exam help the VA establish the level of disability benefits Maria is eligible for.Example 3:After retiring from the Army, Phil experiences chronic back pain and difficulty sleeping due to his demanding physical service. Phil files a claim for VA disability benefits. To fully evaluate his medical condition, the VA schedules a claim exam for Phil. At the exam, a healthcare professional reviews his military medical records, assesses his current physical condition, and gathers necessary documentation to support his disability claim. This information is sent to the VA for review, and the VA ultimately grants Phil a disability rating and corresponding benefits based on the exam’s findings.

VA Claim Exams – Frequently Asked Questions

What is a VA claim exam?

A VA claim exam, also known as a Compensation and Pension (C&P) exam, is a medical examination conducted by a VA healthcare provider or an approved provider to help determine a veteran’s eligibility for VA benefits. The exam focuses on evaluating the severity of a veteran’s service-connected disabilities and how they affect their day-to-day life.

Do all veterans need to go through a VA claim exam?

No, not all veterans are required to go through a VA claim exam. The necessity of an exam varies based on each individual case. If the VA has enough medical evidence on file to support your claim or if they can make a favorable decision based on the evidence you have provided, an exam may not be required.

How can I prepare for a VA claim exam?

To prepare for a VA claim exam, you should gather all relevant medical records and documentation related to your claimed disabilities, including private medical records, if available. Also, inform the VA of any medical providers you have seen for your condition. It is important to attend your scheduled exam, be on time, and answer the examiner’s questions honestly and thoroughly.

What should I expect during the VA claim exam?

During a VA claim exam, the examiner will review your medical history, conduct a physical examination, and ask questions about your condition and how it affects your daily life. The exam will focus specifically on the disabilities related to your claim. The extent of the examination depends on the type and number of conditions being claimed.

How long does it take to get the results of a VA claim exam?

There is no set time frame for receiving the results of a VA claim exam. The examiner must first submit their findings to the VA, who will then review the information and make a decision on your claim. This process can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months. You will be notified by mail when a decision has been made.

Will my VA claim exam results impact my disability rating?

The results of your VA claim exam can have an impact on your disability rating. The VA uses the exam findings, along with other evidence submitted, to determine the severity of your service-connected disabilities. The exam helps the VA establish the appropriate disability rating, which in turn affects the amount of compensation you may receive.

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