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TRICARE Young Adult


TRICARE Young Adult is a healthcare program designed for unmarried adult dependents of eligible TRICARE sponsors. It allows young adults, aged between 21 (or 23 if they’re a full-time student) and up to 26, to purchase TRICARE medical and dental insurance coverage. This program aims to extend healthcare benefits to this specific age group, ensuring their health and well-being are maintained beyond the usual age limit for coverage under TRICARE.

Key Takeaways

  1. TRICARE Young Adult is a healthcare plan specifically designed for adult children of eligible TRICARE sponsors, aged 23 to 26, who have aged out of regular TRICARE coverage.
  2. This healthcare option allows eligible young adults to purchase TRICARE coverage independently, offering comprehensive medical and pharmacy benefits.
  3. TRICARE Young Adult is available in two plan options: Prime and Select, each with different provider choices, costs, and military treatment facility access, catering to individual needs and preferences.


TRICARE Young Adult is an important VA benefits term as it specifically pertains to health care coverage for young adult dependents of eligible military sponsors.

This program allows eligible individuals aged 18-26 – who have aged out of their regular TRICARE coverage – to purchase extended health care at an affordable price.

Ensuring the availability of quality healthcare to young adults connected to military families is essential for their well-being, continuity of care, and overall life stability.

TRICARE Young Adult not only enables these young adults to access consistent medical services but also provides peace of mind to military service members, knowing that their dependents are adequately covered during this critical transitional phase of their lives.


TRICARE Young Adult is a healthcare program specifically designed to cater to the needs of young adults who are no longer eligible to remain under their parents’ TRICARE coverage. The primary purpose of this program is to provide an avenue for healthcare coverage to those in this age group who may otherwise face difficulties in obtaining insurance, due to various factors such as being full-time students or facing financial constraints.

By extending medical benefits in this manner, TRICARE Young Adult helps facilitate a smoother transition for these young adults into independence, ensuring they do not experience gaps in their healthcare coverage. One of the key features of TRICARE Young Adult is that it offers comprehensive medical and dental coverage, enabling its recipients to access the same range of services and providers as other TRICARE beneficiaries.

This not only fosters continuity in the healthcare experience for these young adults but also enables them to maintain their health and well-being at a crucial stage in their lives. Moreover, the program offers two flexible plan options: TRICARE Young Adult Prime and TRICARE Young Adult Select, which cater to different levels of healthcare needs and financial capabilities, ensuring that a wide array of benefit recipients can be accommodated.

Overall, the TRICARE Young Adult program plays a critical role in providing peace of mind and stability for eligible individuals seeking quality healthcare during a significant phase of their lives.

Examples of TRICARE Young Adult

TRICARE Young Adult (TYA) is a healthcare program offered by the Department of Defense that provides coverage for eligible adult children of military service members, retirees, or certain other uniformed sponsors. Here are three real-world examples of individuals who could benefit from this program:

College Student: An adult child of a military service member who is in college and no longer eligible for TRICARE under their sponsor’s coverage might enroll in TYA. This would enable them to have continuous coverage through their college years and beyond, up to age 26, ensuring access to healthcare services while completing their education.

Unmarried Graduate: A young adult who recently graduated from college, is unmarried, and without employer-sponsored healthcare coverage might be eligible for TYA if their parent is an active-duty service member or a retiree. This could provide a cost-effective option for maintaining healthcare coverage until they find employment with access to a comprehensive healthcare plan.

Adult Child of Retired Service Member: An adult child (up to age 26) of a retired military service member might have aged out of their parent’s TRICARE coverage and be seeking new healthcare options. With TYA, they can continue to receive coverage under the TRICARE system, which may provide a familiar network of healthcare providers and continuity of care.

FAQ: TRICARE Young Adult

1. What is TRICARE Young Adult?

TRICARE Young Adult is a premium-based healthcare plan available for qualified dependent young adults who have aged out of the regular TRICARE coverage but don’t have access to their own employer-sponsored health plan. The program provides comprehensive healthcare coverage to eligible young adults until the age of 26.

2. Who is eligible for TRICARE Young Adult?

To be eligible for TRICARE Young Adult, individuals must be:

– Unmarried
– Age 21 or older (up to, but not including Age 26)
– Not eligible for or enrolled in an employer-sponsored health plan
– A dependent of a TRICARE-eligible Uniformed Service sponsor (parent)
– At least 23 if a full-time student at an approved institution of higher learning and the sponsor provides more than 50% of the financial support

3. Which health plans are available in TRICARE Young Adult?

TRICARE Young Adult offers two different plans to choose from:

– TRICARE Young Adult Prime: Provides care through a primary care manager and military treatment facilities
– TRICARE Young Adult Select: Provides care through a network of civilian providers

4. How do I enroll in TRICARE Young Adult?

To enroll in TRICARE Young Adult, you will need to complete the TRICARE Young Adult Application, select the desired coverage plan (Prime or Select) and submit it along with the required documentation. You will also need to pay the initial premium payment to activate the coverage.

5. How much does TRICARE Young Adult cost?

TRICARE Young Adult is a premium-based healthcare plan, which means enrollees are required to pay monthly premiums. The premiums differ based on the type of plan (Prime or Select) and may be subject to change. Current premium rates can be found on the TRICARE website.

6. Can I switch between TRICARE Young Adult Prime and Select?

Yes, you can switch between TRICARE Young Adult Prime and Select during the annual open enrollment season or after experiencing a qualifying life event, such as marriage, divorce, or change of address. You will need to complete a new application and pay any applicable fees for the new plan.

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