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Prescription Transfer


Prescription Transfer, in the context of VA benefits, refers to the process of transferring a veteran’s prescription from their former healthcare provider to a VA pharmacy. This enables veterans to receive their medications through the VA healthcare system, ensuring continuity of care and access to necessary medications. The process is typically facilitated by VA staff and involves coordination between the veteran, their former provider, and the VA pharmacy.

Key Takeaways

  1. Prescription Transfer refers to the process of transferring a veteran’s prescription from a non-VA pharmacy to a VA pharmacy, making it easier for them to access their medications through the VA healthcare system.
  2. Eligible veterans must be enrolled in the VA healthcare system and have a valid prescription from a VA healthcare provider to request a prescription transfer.
  3. Prescription transfers can help veterans save on medication costs, as the VA offers competitive pricing and copayments, and may also provide additional support services like medication education and counseling.


The VA benefits term “Prescription Transfer” is important because it refers to the process of transferring a veteran’s medication prescriptions from their current healthcare provider or facility to a new one within the VA healthcare system.

This seamless transfer ensures that veterans continue to receive the necessary medications for their health conditions without any interruptions or delays in treatment.

It also enables the new provider to have accurate and up-to-date information about the patient’s medication history, facilitating proper care and preventing any potential adverse drug interactions.

In essence, prescription transfer plays a vital role in maintaining the continuity of care and optimizing the health outcomes for veterans as they navigate the VA healthcare system.


The primary purpose of the Prescription Transfer benefit within the scope of VA benefits is to provide seamless access to medications for eligible Veterans, ensuring that they receive the necessary treatments as prescribed by their healthcare professionals. Recognizing that a consistent and timely supply of prescription medications is crucial for maintaining the overall health and well-being of Veterans, the VA acknowledges the need for a convenient and efficient system for transferring prescriptions.

This benefit aids in the transition, particularly when veterans move or change healthcare providers within the VA network. By allowing for the transfer of prescriptions, VA beneficiaries can avoid unnecessary delays in receiving their medications while also reducing the chance of any miscommunication or errors related to their prescriptions.

This process ensures that Veterans continue to receive appropriate care regardless of changes in location or healthcare providers. It also ensures that their prescription history is an up-to-date resource for healthcare providers to reference, allowing for more accurate and comprehensive care.

The Prescription Transfer benefit thus provides Veterans with a sense of continuity and confidence in their healthcare journey, which is essential for maintaining their health, fostering trust in the VA healthcare system, and enhancing overall quality of life.

Examples of Prescription Transfer

The VA Benefits term “Prescription Transfer” refers to the process of transferring a person’s medication prescriptions from one healthcare provider to another. This can occur for various reasons, such as when a veteran transfers their care from a non-VA healthcare provider to a VA Healthcare provider or vice versa. Here are three real-world examples of prescription transfer scenarios related to VA benefits:

A transitioning service member: A service member has recently retired or separated from the military and is transitioning their healthcare to the VA Healthcare System. They have several prescriptions that they need to continue taking, and they visit the VA to get these prescriptions transferred to a VA pharmacy. Their VA care team will assist with transferring the prescriptions, ensuring the veteran has a seamless transition in medication management.

A veteran relocating to a new area: A veteran is moving from one state to another and needs to transfer their prescriptions from their current non-VA healthcare provider to a new VA healthcare facility in the new state. In this situation, the VA care team would coordinate with the transferring provider to ensure that all necessary prescription information is shared, and the veteran can continue receiving their medications without any interruption.

A veteran needing specialty medications: A veteran is receiving specialty medications from a non-VA healthcare provider and wants to transfer their care to a VA facility for convenience or financial reasons. The VA care team will work with the non-VA provider to ensure the medication is transferred properly and discuss any additional necessary authorizations or steps required for the veteran to receive their medication through the VA pharmacy.

FAQ: VA Benefits – Prescription Transfer

How can I transfer my prescriptions to the VA Pharmacy?

You can transfer your prescriptions to the VA Pharmacy by submitting a medication list and completing a “Patient Medication Profile” at your local VA pharmacy. Include information such as dosage and names of medications, and make sure to communicate with your VA providers about any changes to your medications in a timely manner.

Can I fill my non-VA prescriptions at a VA pharmacy?

No, the VA pharmacy can only fill prescriptions written by VA healthcare providers. If you have a non-VA prescription, you will need to have it rewritten by a VA provider before it can be filled at the VA pharmacy. Please consult with your VA provider to discuss your medication needs.

How do I receive my prescription once it has been transferred to a VA pharmacy?

Once your prescription has been transferred to a VA pharmacy, you can either pick up your medications in person at the pharmacy, or you may be eligible for VA’s Consolidated Mail Outpatient Pharmacy (CMOP) program. The CMOP program delivers your medications through the mail for your convenience. For more information and eligibility criteria, contact your local VA pharmacy or visit the VA website.

What do I do if I need an emergency refill for a medication that I had previously filled at a non-VA pharmacy?

If you are in urgent need of a medication refill, and the prescription was previously filled at a non-VA pharmacy, contact your local VA pharmacy to discuss your options. The VA pharmacy staff can assist you in transferring the prescription to the VA pharmacy and getting you the medication you need in a timely manner.

How do I transfer my prescriptions back to a non-VA pharmacy?

If you decide to transfer your prescriptions back to a non-VA pharmacy, you will need to obtain a copy of your VA medication profile and provide it to your non-VA healthcare provider. Your provider can then write new prescriptions and send them to your preferred non-VA pharmacy.

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