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Philippines – World War II Veterans


The term “Philippines – World War II Veterans” refers to the Filipino veterans who served in the United States Armed Forces during World War II. These veterans were predominantly from the Philippines and fought alongside American troops in the Asia-Pacific theater. As a part of the VA benefits, these veterans may be eligible for certain benefits, including disability compensation, healthcare, and certain burial benefits provided by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.

Key Takeaways

  1. Philippines-World War II Veterans refers to the Filipino veterans who served alongside U.S. forces in the Pacific during World War II and are thus eligible for certain VA benefits.
  2. These veterans may qualify for various benefits, such as disability compensation, pension, education and training, and health care, depending on their service and the specific VA policies that apply.
  3. Eligibility is determined on a case-by-case basis, and Filipino World War II Veterans need to provide evidence of their service, such as discharge papers or certification from the Philippine government, in order to claim their VA benefits.


The term “Philippines – World War II Veterans” is important in the context of VA benefits because it highlights the specific group of Filipino veterans who served alongside US forces during World War II.

These veterans played a crucial role in the collective effort to resist Axis aggression and defend freedom.

Recognizing their service and sacrifices, the United States government grants these veterans certain benefits and privileges under the auspices of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The importance of this term is not only to acknowledge the valiant contributions of a particular set of veterans, but also to ensure that these heroes have access to support, care, and resources they deserve.


The VA benefits term “Philippines – World War II Veterans” acknowledge the unique wartime experiences and contributions of Filipino service members who fought alongside the United States during World War II. This classification serves to recognize the sacrifices and bravery of Filipino veterans, who have often been overlooked or underappreciated within the broader narrative of the war. With the understanding that the participation of these individuals in the military campaign contributed significantly to the victory of the Allied forces, the U.S.

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has established specific benefits and eligibility criteria for Filipino veterans, ensuring that they receive the support and recognition they deserve. The primary purpose of the “Philippines – World War II Veterans” benefits is to provide essential financial, medical, and support services to Filipino veterans who served under the command of the United States Armed Forces in World War II, as well as their surviving spouses and dependents. These benefits are designed to address the challenges that these veterans may face as a result of their military service, including service-connected disabilities, financial hardship, and access to healthcare.

By extending VA benefits to the eligible Filipino veterans, the U.S. government aims to express gratitude for their service during a critical and challenging period in world history, and to help improve their quality of life as they age. Moreover, such benefits serve as a means of fostering an ongoing relationship between the United States and the Philippines, and as a reminder of the shared history and enduring partnership between these two nations.

Examples of Philippines – World War II Veterans

Filipino Veterans Equity Compensation (FVEC) Fund: In 2009, the United States government enacted the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which included a provision called the Filipino Veterans Equity Compensation (FVEC) Fund. This provision authorized payment to eligible Filipino World War II veterans who served alongside U.S. forces during the war. Eligible veterans who were U.S. citizens received a one-time lump sum payment of $15,000, while non-U.S. citizens received $9,

Rescission Act of 1946: The Rescission Act of 1946 significantly impacted Filipino World War II veterans as it stripped many of them of the benefits and recognition they were initially promised for serving under U.S. forces during the war. This legislation nullified benefits such as healthcare, disability, and, in some cases, recognition of their service. Over the years, subsequent legislation has been enacted to restore some of these benefits to Filipino World War II veterans, including the FVEC Fund mentioned above and the 2003 Veterans Benefits Act, which provided limited healthcare access to high-need Filipino WWII veterans residing in the U.S.

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Manila Outpatient Clinic: The VA operates an outpatient clinic in Manila, Philippines, which serves veterans living in the country, including Filipino World War II veterans. The clinic provides healthcare services such as primary care, dental care, mental health care, and other services, as well as assisting veterans in navigating their VA benefits eligibility and processing claims. This is an example of the VA’s commitment to providing accessible healthcare services to all veterans, including WWII Filipino veterans, who served under U.S. forces.These examples show how the term “Philippines – World War II Veterans” is related to the VA benefits provided to Filipino World War II veterans and the historical context of their service alongside U.S. forces during the war.

FAQ – Philippines World War II Veterans

1. Who are considered Philippine World War II Veterans?

Philippine World War II Veterans are individuals who were members of the Commonwealth of the Philippines military, including recognized guerrilla units, who honorably served during World War II between September 1, 1939, and December 31, 1946.

2. What benefits are available for Philippine World War II Veterans?

Philippine World War II Veterans may be eligible for U.S. VA benefits such as compensation, pension, education, health care, home loans, and burial benefits. However, some benefits may have restrictions depending on the veteran’s status and eligibility.

3. How can a Philippine World War II Veteran apply for VA benefits?

Veterans can apply for benefits by completing VA Form 21-4138 (Statement in Support of Claim) and submitting it, along with supporting documents, to the VA Manila Outpatient Clinic. They can also apply online through the VA.gov website or visit a Vet Center for assistance.

4. Are surviving spouses of Philippine World War II Veterans eligible for VA benefits?

Yes, surviving spouses of deceased Philippine World War II Veterans may be eligible for Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC) benefits. They need to submit VA Form 21-534EZ (Application for DIC) along with supporting documents to apply for these benefits.

5. How long does it take for the VA to process benefits applications for Philippine World War II Veterans?

The processing time for benefits applications varies depending on the type of benefit and the volume of applications received. The VA aims to process claims within 125 days, but it may take longer in some cases. It is recommended to submit all necessary documents and information at the time of application to avoid/minimize delays.

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