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Office of Community Care


The Office of Community Care (OCC) is a branch of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) focused on ensuring eligible veterans receive timely access to healthcare services from community providers. It administers the VA Community Care Network and manages other community care programs and services, acting as a bridge between VA healthcare facilities and non-VA providers. The OCC’s main goal is to enhance the collaboration with community partners to provide comprehensive healthcare for veterans.

Key Takeaways

  1. The Office of Community Care (OCC) is a part of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and is responsible for providing healthcare services to eligible veterans outside of VA facilities.
  2. OCC offers various programs, including the Veterans Choice Program and traditional community care, which allow veterans to receive medical care within their local communities from non-VA providers.
  3. Eligibility for benefits provided by the Office of Community Care depends on factors like distance, wait times, clinical needs, and availability of services, ensuring that veterans have timely and convenient access to medical care.


The VA benefits term “Office of Community Care” is important because it plays a crucial role in providing eligible veterans with timely, high-quality healthcare services through community healthcare providers outside of the traditional VA medical centers.

By offering a wide range of services such as primary care, specialty care, and mental health services, this office helps bridge gaps in coverage and ensure that veterans have access to the care they need.

Furthermore, the Office of Community Care enables the VA to address capacity issues and reduce wait times for veterans by partnering with community-based providers, thereby improving the overall experience and satisfaction with the healthcare services provided to our nation’s heroes.


The Office of Community Care (OCC) serves a crucial role in providing comprehensive and accessible healthcare options to eligible veterans. Its main purpose is to ensure that veterans receive high-quality and timely medical care, whether it is within the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) medical facilities or through community care providers.

By managing and coordinating these alternative care options, the OCC significantly enhances the healthcare network available to veterans, allowing them to access essential services that cater to their unique needs, even if they live far from VA facilities or need specialized care that the VA is unable to provide. A core function of the Office of Community Care is to develop and maintain strong, collaborative partnerships with local healthcare providers, including hospitals, doctors, and other specialists.

These partnerships enable the VA to expand the range of services offered to veterans, ensuring they receive the best care possible for their specific needs. Additionally, the OCC plays an important role in streamlining the referral and authorization processes, empowering veterans to access necessary community care services seamlessly and with minimal bureaucratic challenges.

Ultimately, the OCC significantly contributes to the VA’s mission of honoring and serving the Nation’s veterans by offering them an extensive array of healthcare options in a well-coordinated and efficient manner.

Examples of Office of Community Care

The Office of Community Care (OCC) under the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is responsible for overseeing various healthcare programs provided to veterans outside of the VA healthcare system. Here are three real-world examples of OCC initiatives and programs:

Veterans Community Care Program:Under this program, eligible veterans are allowed to seek care from community medical service providers if they stay far from a VA medical facility or if they require urgent attention. This program was implemented under the VA MISSION Act of 2018, which aims to give veterans easier access to community care.

Emergency Care for Veterans:The OCC also administers the Emergency Care program, which allows veterans to receive emergency treatment at non-VA facilities if a VA facility is unavailable or if the veteran is unable to access it due to the existence of a threat to the veteran’s life or health. The program covers the costs of emergency care, transportation, and necessary follow-up care, depending on the veteran’s eligibility and specific conditions.

VA Dental Insurance Program (VADIP):The VA Dental Insurance Program offers veterans and their eligible family members an opportunity to purchase dental insurance at a reduced cost. The OCC partners with Delta Dental and MetLife to provide dental coverage through these private insurers. This program allows veterans to access dental care services from approved community providers, which would otherwise not be available at VA facilities for all veterans.

FAQ: Office of Community Care

What is the Office of Community Care?

The Office of Community Care (OCC) is a division within the Department of Veterans Affairs that focuses on ensuring veterans have easy access to healthcare services. They work with community providers to offer a wide range of services to veterans and their families who may not have access to VA facilities due to geographic or other barriers.

What services does the Office of Community Care offer?

OCC offers a variety of services, including the Veterans Choice Program, Emergency Care, Community Nursing Homes, Adult Day Health Care, Home-Based Primary Care, and state veterans homes. These services aim to provide veterans and their families with healthcare options that best suit their needs and preferences.

Who is eligible for services provided by the Office of Community Care?

Eligibility for OCC services varies depending on the specific program or service. However, all veterans who are enrolled in the VA healthcare system typically have access to some level of OCC services. It is essential to check individual programs’ eligibility requirements for more accurate information.

How do I find an Office of Community Care provider?

To find an OCC provider, first, check the VA’s Community Care Network (CCN) website. The CCN is a comprehensive network of providers that offer various health care services to veterans. Additionally, the VA’s Provider Locator Tool can help you find community providers closer to your location. Consult your assigned VA Primary Care Provider (PCP) to discuss potential referrals to community providers and ensure your needs are met appropriately.

Will I have to pay for any services provided by the Office of Community Care?

Payment for OCC services may vary based on the specific program or service and the eligibility of the veteran. For some services, there may be co-pays or deductibles similar to those at VA facilities. It is essential to discuss any financial concerns with your assigned VA PCP or contact the VA for more information on costs associated with specific services.

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