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Maternity Care


Maternity care, in terms of VA benefits, refers to the comprehensive prenatal, delivery, and postpartum healthcare services provided to eligible female veterans. These services encompass regular checkups during pregnancy, delivery assistance, and support during the recovery period. Additionally, the benefits may cover newborn care services for a short duration, typically within the first seven days after birth.

Key Takeaways

  1. Maternity Care is a VA benefit that provides comprehensive prenatal, maternity, and postnatal care to eligible women veterans.
  2. This benefit covers routine maternity care such as prenatal check-ups, lab tests, ultrasounds, and postpartum care, as well as care for any complications related to pregnancy.
  3. Eligibility for Maternity Care through the VA depends on factors such as the woman veteran’s current enrollment in VA health care, her eligibility status, and her specific health care needs during pregnancy.


The VA benefits term, Maternity Care, is important because it encompasses a range of vital health services specifically designed to support and cater to the unique needs of pregnant women, new mothers, and their newborns.

Maternity Care provided by the VA ensures that eligible women veterans receive comprehensive, high-quality prenatal, childbirth, and postpartum care to promote the well-being and healthy development of both mother and child.

By providing access to essential services such as prenatal testing, childbirth education, lactation support, and newborn care, the VA demonstrates its commitment to fostering the health and wellness of our nation’s veterans and their families, safeguarding a significant aspect of their lives and offering a foundation for a positive future.


Maternity Care under the VA benefits program serves as an essential resource for expectant mothers who are eligible veterans, ensuring that they have access to comprehensive prenatal, delivery, and postnatal care services. This specific support aims to promote the health and well-being of both mothers and their newborns throughout their pregnancy journey.

The purpose of including Maternity Care within the VA benefits framework is to acknowledge and cater to the unique needs of eligible female veterans, recognizing the importance of offering specialized services to safeguard maternal and newborn health. Various components of Maternity Care contribute to achieving its overall purpose, including prenatal tests and assessments, regular consultations with healthcare providers, and educational resources that empower pregnant veterans to make informed decisions regarding their care.

Additionally, the services provide timely support and assistance during the labor and delivery process while ensuring continuous monitoring of the newborn’s health status and catering to any immediate needs that may emerge in the postnatal period. By provisioning comprehensive care, the VA benefits program addresses health concerns throughout pregnancy and beyond, empowering veterans to focus on nurturing their child and celebrating this new stage of life.

Examples of Maternity Care

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers maternity care benefits to eligible women veterans. Here are three real-world examples of maternity care services provided under VA benefits:

Prenatal Care: The VA covers comprehensive prenatal care, including regular check-ups, laboratory tests, ultrasounds, and prenatal vitamins for expecting mothers. For example, a woman veteran with VA benefits may receive care from a VA medical facility or a community care provider throughout her pregnancy to ensure the health of both the mother and the baby.

Postpartum Care: After giving birth, the VA also offers postpartum care to women veterans. This includes follow-up appointments to ensure the mother is recovering well and the baby is thriving. Postpartum care might also involve mental health support for new mothers experiencing postpartum depression or anxiety. A woman who has recently given birth and is experiencing postpartum depression can receive counseling and support through her VA benefits.

Maternity-related Medical Services: The VA benefits program provides coverage for various maternity-related medical services such as childbirth classes, lactation counseling, and primary care for newborns up to 7 days after birth. For example, a woman veteran using VA medical services can participate in childbirth preparation classes and receive breastfeeding support through lactation counseling, ensuring a smoother transition into motherhood.It is important to note that while the VA covers many maternity care services, actual benefits and coverage may vary depending on the individual’s eligibility, location, and specific circumstances.

FAQ Section: VA Maternity Care Benefits

1. What is Maternity Care and how does the VA provide these benefits?

Maternity Care refers to the healthcare services provided to women during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. The VA offers these benefits to eligible women Veterans enrolled in the VA healthcare system. Services include prenatal care, labor and delivery, postpartum care, and newborn care for a limited period.

2. How do I know if I am eligible for VA Maternity Care benefits?

To be eligible for VA Maternity Care benefits, you must be a woman Veteran enrolled in the VA healthcare system. You can check your eligibility and enrollment status by contacting your local VA medical center or through the VA website’s health benefits eligibility page.

3. Can the VA cover the cost of my maternity care at a non-VA facility?

Yes, the VA can cover the cost of your maternity care at a non-VA facility if you are enrolled in the VA healthcare system and if the VA cannot provide the necessary care in-house. In such cases, the VA will authorize care through a community provider under the Veterans Community Care Program (VCCP).

4. How long does the maternity care coverage last?

The VA covers prenatal care throughout your pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum care for a duration of six to eight weeks post-birth. Newborn care is covered for the first seven days of your child’s life.

5. What if I need additional support and services during pregnancy or after giving birth?

If you require additional support and services during your pregnancy or after giving birth, the VA offers various programs, such as mental health counseling, parenting classes, and breastfeeding support. You can contact your local VA medical center to learn more about these resources and access the services you need.

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