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Home Loan Certificate of Eligibility (COE)


The Home Loan Certificate of Eligibility (COE) is a document issued by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) that verifies a veteran’s eligibility for a VA home loan. It provides information such as the veteran’s entitlement amount and if they meet the required service guidelines. Lenders use the COE as evidence to approve and process a VA-backed mortgage for eligible veterans.

Key Takeaways

  1. A Home Loan Certificate of Eligibility (COE) is an official document that verifies to lenders that a veteran or active duty service member is eligible for a VA home loan.
  2. The COE is not a guarantee for loan approval, but rather a confirmation of the veteran’s entitlement to the VA loan benefits. Lenders still determine if the applicant is a qualified borrower based on their income, credit score, and other factors.
  3. Veterans and active-duty service members can apply for their COE through the eBenefits portal on the VA website, by mail using VA Form 26-1880, or through a lender that has access to the VA’s WebLGY system.


The VA Home Loan Certificate of Eligibility (COE) is a crucial document for veterans and service members, as it serves as a clear confirmation of their eligibility for home loan benefits under the VA Loan Guaranty Program.

This certification allows eligible individuals to access lower interest rates, secure loans with no down payment, and enjoy more lenient credit requirements than those offered by traditional mortgage lenders.

By obtaining this certificate, veterans can demonstrate their entitlement to a VA-backed mortgage, which ultimately helps them secure favorable terms and conditions while purchasing or refinancing a home.

Overall, the COE is an essential first step in the home-buying process for veterans and service members, opening the door to an array of financial benefits and empowering them to achieve homeownership.


The Home Loan Certificate of Eligibility (COE) is a crucial document for veterans and active military members seeking to take advantage of the benefits offered by the VA home loan program. Its primary purpose is to act as definitive proof that the applicant meets the necessary criteria for VA loan benefits, having served the required length and type of service as outlined by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Not only does the COE confirm eligibility, but it also conveys information about the potential borrower’s entitlement amount, which is the portion of the loan the VA guarantees, and thus plays a significant role in the homebuying process. The COE is used by lenders to verify that the applicant is indeed entitled to the VA home loan benefit before moving forward with the loan process.

It’s important to keep in mind that simply possessing a COE does not guarantee loan approval, as lenders will still assess the applicant’s credit score, income, and other pertinent factors to make their lending decision. However, having a COE paves the way for potentially lower interest rates, no down payment requirement, and the absence of private mortgage insurance (PMI) charges, all of which make purchasing or refinancing a home more manageable and affordable for qualifying veterans and military members.

In essence, the COE acts as a key stepping stone toward securing the valuable benefits associated with VA home loans.

Examples of Home Loan Certificate of Eligibility (COE)

The VA Home Loan Certificate of Eligibility (COE) is a document that helps veterans and military service members obtain a home loan backed by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Here are three real-world examples of how the COE is used in various situations:

A retired US Army Veteran: John, a retired Army veteran with an honorable discharge, wants to purchase a new home for his family. To take advantage of the VA home loan program, he needs to obtain his COE. He provides the required documentation (including his DD Form 214) to the VA, and they issue him a COE. With this certificate, John can now approach lenders to apply for a VA-backed home loan, allowing him to enjoy benefits such as no down payment and more favorable interest rates.

A currently serving National Guard member: Jane, an active member of the National Guard, is currently serving her six-year obligation. After completing her initial training, she wants to buy a home in her hometown. Jane needs to obtain her COE to apply for a VA home loan. She gathers her NGB Form 22 (Report of Separation and Record of Service) and related documentation and submits it to the VA to get her COE. She can now apply for a VA-backed mortgage, which offers benefits like no mortgage insurance requirements and limits on closing costs.

A surviving spouse of a deceased service member: Sarah’s husband, a Marine Corps veteran, passed away due to service-related injuries. As the surviving spouse, Sarah is eligible for the VA home loan benefits as long as she has not remarried. To apply for a VA home loan, she needs a COE as well. Sarah submits the necessary documents, including her husband’s DD Form 214 and the VA Form 26-1817 (Request for Determination of Loan Guaranty Eligibility – Unmarried Surviving Spouses). The VA issues her a COE, enabling her to apply for a VA-backed home loan and secure a more financially stable future for her family.

VA Benefits: Home Loan Certificate of Eligibility (COE) FAQ

1. What is a Home Loan Certificate of Eligibility (COE)?

A Home Loan Certificate of Eligibility (COE) is a document issued by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) that verifies your eligibility for a VA-backed home loan. The COE is an essential part of the home loan application process, as it informs lenders that you meet the requirements to receive a VA-backed loan.

2. How do I obtain a COE?

You can obtain a COE either online through the VA’s eBenefits portal, by mail, or through approved lenders. To apply online, you’ll need to log into your eBenefits account, select “Apply for home loan benefits,” and follow the instructions. To apply by mail, submit VA Form 26-1880 and your proof of military service to the VA. Alternatively, many approved lenders can request a COE for you during the loan application process.

3. What are the eligibility requirements for a COE?

Eligibility requirements for a COE vary depending on your specific circumstances, but generally, you may be eligible if you meet one of the following criteria: served a certain period of active duty, were honorably discharged, are currently serving on active duty, or are the surviving spouse of a veteran who died in service or as a result of a service-connected disability.

4. What can a VA-backed home loan be used for?

A VA-backed home loan can be used for purchasing or building a new home, refinancing an existing home loan, making energy-efficient improvements to your home, or buying a manufactured home or lot. Keep in mind that there may be additional requirements and restrictions depending on the specific loan program.

5. Can I reuse my COE for multiple home loans?

Yes, you can reuse a COE for multiple home loans throughout your lifetime. However, you must meet certain conditions, such as fully paying off your previous VA-backed loan and no longer owning the property it was used for. If eligible, you can apply to have your entitlement restored and obtain a new COE for a future home purchase.

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