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Coast Guard Benefits


Coast Guard benefits are a set of financial, educational, and healthcare assistance provided to eligible members of the U.S. Coast Guard, their families, and veterans. These benefits include programs like the GI Bill, healthcare services through TRICARE, and various support services. They aim to support and enhance the quality of life of Coast Guard service members and their dependents during and after their military service.

Key Takeaways

  1. Coast Guard Benefits are a part of the broader VA benefits system and are designed to support the well-being and financial stability of active duty and veteran Coast Guard members and their families.
  2. These benefits include access to healthcare, education, and housing assistance programs such as the GI Bill, VA home loans, and TRICARE health coverage.
  3. Other benefits unique to Coast Guard members include the Coast Guard Mutual Assistance (CGMA) program, which offers financial assistance and support during emergencies and family-related situations, as well as morale, well-being, and recreation (MWR) programs for a better quality of life.


Coast Guard Benefits, a key aspect within the array of VA benefits, are crucial in acknowledging and supporting the brave men and women who serve in the United States Coast Guard.

These benefits ensure that Coast Guard service members, as well as their families, receive deserved support and assistance in various areas such as healthcare, education, housing, and financial stability.

By providing these essential services, Coast Guard Benefits not only show gratitude for their commitment and sacrifices but also enable their successful transition to a civilian life, thereby fostering a strong and secure future for them and for the nation they have honorably served.


The Coast Guard Benefits, as a part of the VA benefits program, primarily serve the purpose of ensuring the well-being and supporting the livelihood of the brave men and women who have dedicated their lives to serving in the United States Coast Guard. Established as a comprehensive package, it is designed to assist members and their families in areas such as education, medical care, retirement, housing, and financial security.

These benefits stand as a token of gratitude and a safety net to the Coast Guard members, acknowledging their invaluable contribution in protecting the nation’s maritime interests as well as ensuring their effective reintegration into civilian life once their service is complete. The underlying motivation behind offering Coast Guard Benefits is not only to provide aid and support to the servicemen and women but also to attract and retain capable individuals to join the ranks of the United States Coast Guard.

Recognizing the significance of a stable personal and family life on members’ morale and efficiency, the benefits are tailored to offer a competitive edge in comparison to private sector career paths. By taking care of the essential needs of education, healthcare, and financial stability for members and their families, the Coast Guard can maintain a highly motivated, skilled, and committed workforce that is focused on fulfilling its mission of safeguarding and securing the nation’s maritime domain.

Examples of Coast Guard Benefits

Education and Training Benefits: A Coast Guard service member can take advantage of the Post-9/11 GI Bill, which offers up to 36 months of financial support for education and training opportunities, such as college tuition, vocational training, or apprenticeships. This benefit also extends to eligible dependents or spouse under the Transfer of Entitlement option.

Health Care Benefits: Coast Guard members have access to comprehensive health care coverage through TRICARE, the military health care system. This includes medical, dental, and mental health services for both active-duty and retired service members, as well as their families. Treatment can be accessed at military treatment facilities, or through civilian providers within the TRICARE network.

Home Loan Benefits: The VA home loan program is available to Coast Guard service members, helping them secure a mortgage with favorable terms, such as no down payment and low interest rates. This benefit can be used to purchase, build, or refinance a primary residence, and is guaranteed by the Department of Veterans Affairs. It can be used multiple times throughout the service member’s lifetime, provided the requirements are met for each use.

FAQ: Coast Guard Benefits

1. What are the main benefits for members of the Coast Guard?

Coast Guard members are entitled to a range of benefits, including competitive pay, health and dental care, retirement plans, educational assistance, housing allowances, tax incentives, and more.

2. Can family members access Coast Guard benefits too?

Yes, family members of Coast Guard personnel can access certain benefits such as healthcare, education assistance, child care, and family support programs, provided they meet eligibility requirements.

3. How do I apply for Coast Guard benefits?

Applications for specific benefits may vary. Generally, you’ll find application information and forms on the official Coast Guard or Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) websites. Some benefits may require additional documentation or verification of eligibility.

4. Are there any unique benefits for serving in the Coast Guard compared to other branches of the military?

While many benefits are similar across all branches of the military, the Coast Guard offers some unique benefits such as the Coast Guard Mutual Assistance program, which provides financial assistance to members in need, and the College Student Pre-Commissioning Initiative (CSPI), which is exclusive to the Coast Guard.

5. Do Coast Guard benefits extend to veterans as well?

Yes, many benefits extend to veterans who have completed their term of service, including healthcare, education assistance, and home loans. Additionally, veterans can access certain career support services such as employment assistance through the VA.

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