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Burial Suits

Definition Burial suits, in the context of VA benefits, refer to clothing provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs for deceased veterans to be buried in if their families cannot afford to provide suitable attire. This benefit aims to ensure that veterans are laid to rest with dignity and respect, honoring their service to the […]


Burial suits, in the context of VA benefits, refer to clothing provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs for deceased veterans to be buried in if their families cannot afford to provide suitable attire. This benefit aims to ensure that veterans are laid to rest with dignity and respect, honoring their service to the country. The suit typically consists of formal attire, appropriate for a military funeral service.

Key Takeaways

  1. Eligibility: Burial suits are provided by the VA to deceased veterans who were honorably discharged from service and meet certain eligibility requirements, including service during wartime or receipt of specific military decorations.
  2. Cost & Quality: The VA covers the cost of the burial suit, ensuring the veteran is laid to rest in a high-quality, well-fitting suit that honors their military service and represents the dignity they deserve.
  3. Application Process: Family members or funeral home directors are responsible for obtaining the burial suit service by contacting the VA’s burial benefits helpline, providing proof of eligibility, and coordinating with a local vendor authorized by the VA.


The term “Burial Suits” is important in the context of VA benefits as it refers to an essential benefit provided to eligible veterans, their spouses, and dependents.

This benefit ensures that the deceased veteran receives dignified funeral attire, recognizing the individual’s service and sacrifice to the country.

By providing burial suits, the Department of Veterans Affairs aims to honor and respect the memory of deceased veterans and offer a measure of comfort to their grieving families.

This benefit, alongside other burial benefits, plays a crucial role in easing the financial burden of funeral arrangements and demonstrating the nation’s gratitude for those who have served in the armed forces.


The Burial Suits, as a component of VA benefits, serves an important purpose in honoring the memory of deceased veterans who have served their country with dedication and valor. Providing a dignified and respectful garment for a veteran’s final resting place, these suits demonstrate the nation’s appreciation for the sacrifices made by these men and women in the line of duty.

By offering this benefit, the Department of Veterans Affairs not only eases the burden on the family in preparing the deceased for the funeral ceremony, but also shows them that their loved one’s service and commitment have not been forgotten. Moreover, Burial Suits reinforce a sense of unity and community among the veterans, fostering a collective identity that transcends the boundaries of life and death.

This benefit, in creating a visual representation of service and patriotism, helps to preserve the legacy of those veterans who have come before, and instills in future generations a sense of pride in their country and its history. Such a poignant, symbolic gesture serves as a powerful display of the values and ideals that the nation’s military personnel have sworn to uphold and defend, ensuring that the memories of those who have given the ultimate sacrifice are remembered with dignity and reverence.

Examples of Burial Suits

The term “Burial Suits” in the context of VA Benefits usually refers to the provision of appropriate burial clothing for veterans who have passed away. Although there may not be specific examples of “burial suits” provided by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), here are three real-world examples of burial clothing assistance for veterans through various organizations:

Suits for Soldiers: While not strictly limited to burial suits, the Suits for Soldiers program provides attire for veterans who are transitioning to civilian life, attending job interviews, or participating in formal events such as funerals. In some cases, Suits for Soldiers may provide clothing assistance for burial ceremonies of veterans.

American Legion: The American Legion, as part of their advocacy and commitment to support veterans and their families, often help bereaved families with burial arrangements for deceased veterans. In some instances, this may include working with local businesses, funeral homes, or other organizations to provide a burial suit or other appropriate attire for the veteran’s interment.

Local Funeral Homes and Charitable Organizations: Many local funeral homes and charitable organizations are aware of the importance of honoring a deceased veteran with proper attire for their final resting place. In some cases, they may offer discounted or donated burial suits for veterans’ families as part of their commitment to honoring the service and sacrifices of veterans.It is important to note that families of deceased veterans should reach out to their local VA office, funeral home, or veterans service organizations to inquire about specific resources or assistance available for burial clothing for their loved one.

FAQ: Burial Suits

What are burial suits and why are they important?

A burial suit is a type of clothing specially designed for dressing the deceased for burial or cremation. Often made of high-quality materials and tailored to the individual, burial suits are important because they offer a dignified and respectful way to lay a person to rest.

Are VA burial suits available for veterans?

Yes, the Department of Veterans Affairs provides a burial allowance, which can be used to cover the cost of purchasing a burial suit or other burial clothing for eligible veterans. The candidate must meet certain eligibility requirements in order to qualify for the allowance.

What are the eligibility requirements for a VA burial allowance?

Eligibility requirements for a VA burial allowance include the veteran having an honorable discharge, dying due to a service-related disability or in a VA hospital, and having been in active duty or in training during their time of service. Other specific requirements may apply depending on the circumstances of the veterans’ death. Please check the VA website for a complete list of eligibility requirements.

How much is the burial allowance for a burial suit?

The burial allowance for a burial suit depends on the circumstances surrounding the death of the veteran and whether they were receiving any related benefits. As of the date of this article, the allowance ranges from $300 to $2,000 or more for non-service-related and service-related deaths, respectively. The VA website provides up-to-date information on burial allowance amounts.

How can I apply for a VA burial allowance for a burial suit?

You can apply for a VA burial allowance online, in person, or by mail. You will need to fill out VA Form 21P-530 (Application for Burial Benefits) and provide supporting documents such as the veteran’s discharge papers, a death certificate, and receipts for burial expenses. You can find further instructions on the application process on the VA website.

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