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Board-Certified Gynecologist


A board-certified gynecologist is a medical professional who specializes in women’s reproductive health and has completed the necessary education and training to become certified by a recognized medical board. This certification signifies that the gynecologist has met the highest standards in their field and continually demonstrates up-to-date medical knowledge and expertise. It reassures patients that they are receiving quality care for their reproductive health concerns, and it may be a requirement for certain VA benefits for female veterans.

Key Takeaways

  1. A Board-Certified Gynecologist is a medical professional who specializes in women’s reproductive health and has received certification from the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology.
  2. VA benefits may cover gynecological services provided by a Board-Certified Gynecologist, including routine check-ups, preventive care, and treatment for reproductive health issues.
  3. Veterans seeking gynecological services through the VA healthcare system can expect to receive care from highly qualified, Board-Certified Gynecologists who are knowledgeable about the unique needs of women who have served in the military.


The VA benefits term “Board-Certified Gynecologist” is important because it highlights the professional qualifications and expertise of a medical specialist in the field of gynecology.

Board-certification ensures that the gynecologist has met a rigorous standard in education, training, and clinical practice, demonstrating their commitment to providing the highest quality care for women’s health issues.

For veterans seeking gynecology services through the VA, a board-certified specialist ensures that they will receive accurate diagnosis, appropriate treatment, and professional guidance on reproductive health, enabling them to make well-informed decisions about their health and well-being.

Trusting a board-certified gynecologist is essential to ensure the best possible care for women veterans who have served their country.


A Board-Certified Gynecologist, within the context of VA benefits, plays a crucial role in providing specialized and comprehensive healthcare services for female veterans. These medical professionals ensure that the unique healthcare needs of women veterans are addressed, by offering medical care and counseling related to gynecological, reproductive, and menstrual issues, as well as preventive care services.

As a part of the VA benefit package, female veterans can easily access the services provided by Board-Certified Gynecologists, ensuring that they receive the best possible healthcare from experts who understand their unique physiological needs and issues that could arise from their service in the military. Furthermore, the purpose of having a Board-Certified Gynecologist within the VA benefits system is to provide female veterans with a high standard of care, ensuring that they are treated by professionals who have completed the necessary education and rigorous training in the field of gynecology.

This is essential for maintaining a high level of healthcare service in the VA system, fostering trust and credibility among the veterans relying on these services. By providing female veterans with access to Board-Certified Gynecologists, the VA strives to create a network of specialized healthcare providers who are committed to supporting the well-being of the individuals who have served our country.

This further highlights the VA’s ongoing commitment to acknowledging and addressing the specific healthcare needs of female veterans.

Examples of Board-Certified Gynecologist

Dr. Jane Smith, a Board-Certified Gynecologist, working at the VA Women’s Health Clinic in Washington D.C., provides specialized care for female veterans, including pregnancy care, annual check-ups, gynecological surgeries, and hormone therapy. She works with the VA to ensure proper medical coverage and benefits are provided to eligible female veterans.

The VA Palo Alto Health Care System in California offers a Women Veterans Health Program, which ensures access to high-quality healthcare services for female veterans. One of these services includes visits to a Board-Certified Gynecologist, like Dr. Jennifer Martinez. Dr. Martinez works specifically with female veterans dealing with reproductive health and gynecological concerns and is available for consultations and treatments that are covered through VA benefits.

The Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Houston, Texas, features a Women’s Health Center staffed by Board-Certified Gynecologists, including Dr. Lisa Jackson. Dr. Jackson specializes in performing gynecological surgeries, including hysterectomies and laparoscopies, to address various health concerns of female veterans. These specialized services, covered through VA benefits, address the unique healthcare needs of female veterans in the Houston area.

FAQs about Board-Certified Gynecologist VA Benefits

1. What is a Board-Certified Gynecologist?

A Board-Certified Gynecologist is a medical professional who has completed additional training and rigorous examinations in the field of gynecology, and is certified by a recognized medical board, such as the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ABOG).

2. Are VA benefits applicable to visits to a Board-Certified Gynecologist?

Yes, VA benefits can be utilized for visits to a Board-Certified Gynecologist. Veterans with existing VA health care benefits are eligible to receive comprehensive women’s health care services, including consultations with Board-Certified Gynecologists.

3. How do I access gynecological services through the VA?

To access gynecological services, you can contact your VA Women’s Health Coordinator or your primary care provider. They will help you schedule an appointment with a Board-Certified Gynecologist within the VA system or, if necessary, refer you to a provider in the community.

4. What types of gynecologic care can I receive through my VA benefits?

VA benefits cover a wide range of gynecologic services, including preventive screenings, contraceptive counseling and management, pre-conception care, prenatal care, menopause care, and management of gynecological conditions, such as endometriosis or uterine fibroids.

5. Will the VA cover the cost of a visit to a Board-Certified Gynecologist outside the VA system?

VA may cover the cost of a visit to a Board-Certified Gynecologist outside the VA system through the Community Care Network. However, this typically requires pre-authorization from the VA. In most cases, you will need a referral from your VA primary care provider before seeking care from a community gynecologist.

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