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844-412-0882 (18444120882) Calls Are Responding to Your Disability Inquiry

Who’s Calling Me From 844-412-0882?

844-412-0882 (18444120882) is Trajector’s service number, often used for client outreach and responding to requests for more information about disability benefits. They may announce themselves as Trajector, Trajector Disability, or Trajector Medical—all of which are different companies within Trajector as a whole.

The call reminds the receiver of their request to receive greater VA benefits, which they indicated by filling out a form by Trajector or one of their marketing partners. Even if the call is prerecorded and/or in a computerized voice, it’s a legitimate outreach to people who’ve asked for help with medical evidence for VA disability benefits.

Most importantly, Trajector doesn’t ask for any money upfront. They will only take a small percentage of any benefits earnings you received as a direct result of their help.

If you missed a call from 844-412-0882, they have a live call center where someone can answer your questions.

Testimonials About Trajector

“Very fast, efficient, and effective. I am very pleased…would refer them to any family and friends that needed help with VA disability.”

—Jackie M.

I got the tools from them to be far more effective and efficient while undergoing the VA claims process.”

—Michael J., Madison, Wisconsin

“Very respectful company that takes care of their clients. As a veteran, I’m very impressed with the results. 0% to 90 % in 6 months from the first doctor’s visit, and still working on my claims, their work ethics speaks volumes.”

—Verdon S.

Can’t ask for a better service. The teams are always ready to answer any questions or concerns I have. They are friendly, helpful, and fast.”

—Paul C.

“All I had to do was send in my medical records. Once I got my results back, I opened up the envelope and I was like ‘Wow! 100%!’”

—Tyrone P., Texas

From Trajector’s Editor

Early on, our founder recognized that there are more people qualified for aid than the number of people who actually receive it. This is partly because many don’t know how benefit eligibility and application work. Years later, our founder’s work with veterans has resulted in over 250,000 people unlocking the benefits they medically, legally, and ethically deserve.

We’ve gathered experienced advisors across legal and medical fields for several specialties (including VA and SSA benefits). What we bring to the table are:

  1. Empathy: In a legal field riddled with confusion, we take the time to understand everyone we meet.
  2. Size and scope: Our results include hundreds of medical and legal professionals and hundreds of thousands of people helped.
  3. Free offerings: Including free consultation, benefits help, and newsletter.