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VA and Salesforce Join Forces to Help Veterans and Spouses

The Department of Veterans Affairs is partnering with Salesforce Military to offer programs that will help Veterans and spouses develop skills and employment options in the tech-driven economy.

The partnership will build on existing programs and add new ones, offering free technical skills training, career development and Veteran-specific resources in a variety of areas, including:

“Our military men and women are technologically savvy and the best trained in the world but translating those skills to the civilian workforce can be challenging. Finding positions in the technology field can be difficult for Veterans and their spouses,” said VA National Center for Healthcare Advancement and Partnerships Nurse Executive Tracy L. Weistreich, Ph.D. “This partnership will help change that by offering at-home training for great-paying jobs.”

The program includes virtual, self-paced skills training and opportunities to take Salesforce certification exams at no cost. Salesforce will help program participants connect with potential employers. The initiative will also educate Veterans and their spouses about VA benefits, vocational readiness programs and other resources.

"This partnership allows us to support the military community with high-demand technology expertise and offer assistance during career transitions," said Salesforce Chief Impact Officer and Executive Vice President of Corporate Relations Suzanne DiBianca. “Our combined efforts with VA will help Veterans and military spouses land growing careers in the technology ecosystem."