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VA Offers Continued Debt Relief Options to Veterans

The Department of Veterans Affairs reaffirms its commitment to extend debt relief for Veterans.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) reaffirms its commitment to extend debt relief for Veterans through Sept. 30, 2021.

VA will continue suspension of collection on all Veteran benefit overpayments and medical copayment debts incurred after April 1, 2020.  

VA is suspending this debt collection to provide Veterans continued financial relief due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“My top priority right now is to do everything in our power to help our Veterans, caregivers and their families get through this challenging COVID-19 pandemic,” said VA Secretary Denis McDonough. “VA will continue to find ways to provide real relief to 2 million Veterans and their families as we fight through this health crisis together.” 

To assist with making informed choices for their situation, VA will notify Veterans of the existence of their current debt and available expansive relief options. These options include making payments, extending repayment plans, waivers, compromises and temporary hardship suspensions. 

Veterans and beneficiaries with questions regarding benefit overpayments can visit https://www.va.gov/manage-va-debt or call 800-827-0648. Call volume is generally lower Tuesday-Friday. 

For health care co-payment debts, Veterans should contact the Health Resource Center at 866-400-1238 for payments.

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