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VA Launches Training Program for Veterans To Fight Cybercrime

The VA is partnering with the Cybercrime Support Network to protect Veterans from identity theft and online scams.

The Department of Veterans Affairs is partnering with the Cybercrime Support Network to protect Veterans who are disproportionately targeted for identity theft and other online scams.

Launching in the fall of 2021, the partnership will provide educational resources that strengthen online security for service members, Veterans and their families and focus on recognizing, reporting and recovering from cybercrime.

The educational awareness campaign includes:

  • Public service announcements via Comcast broadcast services and an online portal.
  • FightCybercrime.org, a resource database for those impacted by cybercrime and online fraud.
  • ScamSpotter.org, a website to help Veterans identify scams and report fraudsters.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, in 2019 our nation’s Veterans lost 44% more in damages to cyber-criminals compared to non-Veteran,” said  VA Director of IT Strategic Communication, Office of Information and Technology Reginald Humphries. “This nationwide partnership provides needed education and resources to mobilize the Veteran community to help protect themselves from the impact of these crimes.”

The FTC also stated, between 2017 and 2021, the military and Veteran community reported over $820 million in losses from cybercrime. The results of these financial losses have a devastating impact on families, careers and Veterans’ overall wellbeing.

"Our goal is to help Veterans from becoming victims of cyber fraud,” said Interim CEO and Chief Strategy Officer for Cybercrime Support Network Robert Burda. “Together, we are building a support system that will create a space for real change and cybersecurity innovation in the military and Veteran community.”

The partnership includes 33 nonprofit service organizations. Learn more about Cybercrime Support Network’s Military and Veteran Program at Fight Cybercrime.

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