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Transition GPS (Goals, Plans, Success)

Definition Transition GPS (Goals, Plans, Success) is a comprehensive program designed to help military servicemembers transition from their active-duty roles to civilian life. It provides guidance and resources related to career planning, financial management, and personal well-being. The program aims to equip veterans with skills and knowledge necessary for a successful integration into the civilian […]


Transition GPS (Goals, Plans, Success) is a comprehensive program designed to help military servicemembers transition from their active-duty roles to civilian life. It provides guidance and resources related to career planning, financial management, and personal well-being. The program aims to equip veterans with skills and knowledge necessary for a successful integration into the civilian workforce, education, and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Key Takeaways

  1. Transition GPS is a comprehensive program designed to assist veterans in their transition from military to civilian life, offering resources and support for personal and professional growth.
  2. The program focuses on three key components: Goals, Plans, and Success, encouraging veterans to have a clear plan and direction for achieving success in their post-military life.
  3. Transition GPS includes multiple pathways such as employment workshops, higher education preparation, entrepreneurship training, and technical career paths, providing tailored support for diverse needs and interests.


Transition GPS (Goals, Plans, Success) is an essential aspect of VA benefits as it assists military service members and their families in successfully transitioning from military to civilian life.

As individuals leave their military careers, they often face challenges such as adapting to new environments, seeking employment or educational opportunities, and accessing healthcare services.

The Transition GPS program provides vital guidance, support, and resources, including personalized counseling and workshops, that address these needs, ensuring a smoother and more successful reintegration into civilian society.

By emphasizing the importance of setting goals, planning, and implementing strategies for success, Transition GPS empowers veterans and their families to thrive in their post-military lives, ultimately benefiting both the individuals involved and the community as a whole.


Transition GPS (Goals, Plans, Success) is a comprehensive program designed to assist United States military service members as they transition from active duty to civilian life. The primary purpose of this program is to equip service members with the necessary tools, resources, and support to navigate the various aspects of their post-military careers.

This includes guidance on employment, benefits, and educational opportunities available to them as veterans. The Transition GPS program seeks to not only prepare service members for the immediate challenges and opportunities they may face following their military service, but also to improve their chances of long-term success in their personal and professional lives.

To achieve its purpose, Transition GPS offers a variety of workshops, counseling services, and online resources tailored to address the unique needs of transitioning service members. These resources focus on areas such as career planning, financial management, and accessing veterans’ benefits.

The program is built on the understanding that each individual may have different objectives and priorities, and it prioritizes personalization in its approach. By providing veterans with targeted guidance and support, Transition GPS aims to empower them to take ownership of their post-military lives, make informed decisions about their futures, and ultimately, achieve their goals and enjoy lasting success in the civilian world.

Examples of Transition GPS (Goals, Plans, Success)

Transition GPS (Goals, Plans, Success) is a foundational program initiated by the Department of Defense (DoD) to help military service members prepare for their transition to civilian life. Here are three real-world examples of how Transition GPS has been implemented to assist veterans:

Fort Bragg’s Soldier for Life Transition Assistance Program (SFL-TAP): Located in North Carolina, Fort Bragg offers a comprehensive five-day Transition GPS workshop that helps service members prepare for civilian careers and life beyond the military. The program includes guidance on searching for jobs, creating a resume, exploring educational opportunities, financial planning, and understanding the various benefits and resources available to veterans. This workshop is designed to equip service members with valuable tools to navigate the job market and secure employment in their desired field.

Travis Air Force Base’s Transition Assistance Program (TAP): At Travis Air Force Base in California, the TAP holds a week-long Transition GPS workshop, during which service members receive one-on-one counseling and support from trained counselors. They attend workshops on topics such as job-search strategies, interviewing skills, and making use of veteran benefits. The TAP office at Travis also coordinates with local employers, colleges, and support services to help participants find civilian opportunities that match their skills and interests.

Naval Station Norfolk’s Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC) Transition Assistance Program: The FFSC at Naval Station Norfolk in Virginia provides an array of transition assistance services, including the Transition GPS workshop. This program incorporates all required DoD components and offers tailored guidance for transitioning service members. Participants refine their job-hunting skills and receive support in submitting online applications, creating strong professional profiles, and utilizing online resources such as LinkedIn. The program also connects service members with local organizations that offer job fairs, on-the-job training opportunities, and apprenticeships.

Transition GPS (Goals, Plans, Success) FAQ

What is Transition GPS?

Transition GPS is a comprehensive training program designed to help veterans adapt to civilian life during their transition period. It provides the necessary tools, resources, and support to assist them in developing their career goals, planning for future success, and achieving a successful post-military life.

Who is eligible for Transition GPS?

All active-duty service members, as well as Reserve and National Guard members, are eligible for Transition GPS. This includes those who have completed at least six years of active service and are within two years of their retirement or separation date.

What services and resources does Transition GPS offer?

Transition GPS offers a wide range of resources and services, including individual assessment and counseling, workshops, webinars, and online tools. Some key elements of the program include pre-separation counseling, employment assistance, entrepreneurship training, VA benefits briefing, and additional support services tailored to the unique needs of each service member.

How can I enroll in Transition GPS?

Enrollment in Transition GPS can be done through your military installation’s Transition Assistance Program (TAP) office, which provides the necessary guidance to ensure you complete the appropriate components of the program. Contact your installation’s TAP office for further information on getting started with Transition GPS.

Is Transition GPS mandatory for transitioning service members?

Yes, Transition GPS is mandatory for all eligible service members. The program must be completed in its entirety, ensuring that every veteran receives the essential knowledge and guidance needed to successfully adjust to civilian life.

What can I expect from a Transition GPS workshop?

Transition GPS workshops are designed to provide attendees with valuable information on topics such as career exploration, job search, resume writing, interviewing skills, and more. The workshops are led by experienced facilitators who are well-versed in supporting the unique needs of service members and their families during the transition process.

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