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Deviation from Standard Process

Definition Deviation from Standard Process in the context of VA benefits refers to a situation where the normal procedures or guidelines for processing veteran benefits claims are altered. This may occur if extenuating circumstances are present or exceptions are required to properly address a veteran’s specific needs. The objective behind deviation is to ensure fair […]


Deviation from Standard Process in the context of VA benefits refers to a situation where the normal procedures or guidelines for processing veteran benefits claims are altered. This may occur if extenuating circumstances are present or exceptions are required to properly address a veteran’s specific needs. The objective behind deviation is to ensure fair treatment and accurate delivery of benefits to veterans.

Key Takeaways

  1. Deviation from Standard Process implies that a VA benefit claimant’s situation requires a unique and non-standard approach, different from the standard policies and procedures to determine eligibility and benefits.
  2. This deviation may occur due to complex situations, extenuating circumstances, or other special factors involving the claimant’s service which would make the standard process inadequate or inappropriate.
  3. While dealing with a Deviation from Standard Process, VA officials ensure all relevant facts and regulations are considered, in order to provide the most accurate, efficient, and fair decision possible for the individual claimant.


The term “Deviation from Standard Process” in the context of VA benefits is important because it highlights instances when the typical procedures and guidelines of the Department of Veterans Affairs are not followed.

This can occur for various reasons, such as unique circumstances faced by individual veterans, issues in processing applications, administrative errors, or other exceptional conditions.

The recognition and investigation of these deviations are crucial in ensuring that veterans receive the appropriate benefits and services in a timely and accurate manner.

Identifying and addressing deviations also helps maintain the integrity and effectiveness of the veterans’ benefits system, while ensuring that policies are consistently and fairly applied to all veterans.


The primary purpose of the term “Deviation from Standard Process” in the context of VA benefits is to identify and address unique circumstances that may arise while processing a claim or administering benefits, which are not effectively addressed by the standard processes in place. The Department of Veterans Affairs has established several procedures and guides to ensure uniformity in serving veterans and their families, yet situations can emerge where the application of these policies may lead to unintended outcomes or inaccuracies.

Deviation from the Standard Process allows flexibility by giving the VA the ability to make an exception to cater to the individual needs of a case and to ensure that the impacted parties are not disadvantaged due to adherence to a stringent and inflexible process. This mechanism serves as a valuable tool in managing the diverse and complex needs of veterans, ensuring fairness, and improving the overall effectiveness of the VA benefits system.

Deviations may be required in cases where a claim involves an unusual situation or if there is an error in the established procedures that could negatively impact the veteran. It is important, however, that any deviation is thoroughly documented and justifiable, to maintain the integrity of the overall system and to avoid any misuse of this provision.

By allowing legitimate deviations from established processes, the VA exhibits a commitment to ensuring that all eligible veterans and their dependents receive a level of care and support suited to their unique needs, while continually refining the standard procedures for the greater benefit of this community.

Examples of Deviation from Standard Process

Expedited Claims Processing for Financial Hardship: The standard process for VA benefits claims usually involves a thorough review, which can take several weeks or months to complete. If a veteran experiences a financial hardship such as the loss of employment or inability to pay for essential living expenses, a deviation from the standard process may be considered. In these cases, the VA can expedite the processing of the claim to ensure the benefits reach the veteran as quickly as possible.

Aid and Attendance Exception for Long-Term Care: The VA offers an Aid and Attendance benefit to help veterans and their spouses cover the costs of long-term care facilities. The standard process to apply for these benefits may require the veteran to provide detailed medical and financial documentation. However, in cases where the veteran is in immediate need of long-term care and they may not have all the necessary documentation, the VA may deviate from the standard process and use alternative methods (such as utilizing the veteran’s medical records and known financial information) to process the application and allow access to these essential resources.

Retroactive Service Connection Determination: Under normal circumstances, the effective date for service-connected disability compensation is determined based on the filing date of the veteran’s initial claim. However, if a veteran can provide evidence that there had been a clear and unmistakable error (CUE) in the original decision made on their service-connected disability claim, the VA may deviate from the standard process. In these cases, the VA can reevaluate the original decision, and if the error is found, grant benefits retroactively based on an earlier effective date. This ensures that the veteran is compensated fairly for the duration of their disability.

FAQ Section: VA Benefits Deviation from Standard Process

1. What is the deviation from the standard process for VA benefits?

Deviation from the standard process refers to any changes or exceptions made to the typical sequence of steps followed when applying for or receiving VA benefits. This can include adjustments to documentation requirements, deadlines, or any other aspect of the procedure.

2. When might deviation from the standard process be necessary?

Deviations may be necessary in certain situations, such as when an applicant faces unique circumstances, emergencies or urgent needs that require a more flexible or expedited approach to their VA benefits application or management. In such cases, deviations can help ensure that veterans receive the support and benefits they need in a timely manner.

3. How can I request a deviation from the standard process for VA benefits?

To request a deviation, contact your assigned VA representative, counselor, or caseworker and explain your specific situation, needs or reasons for seeking a deviation. They can help guide you through the necessary steps, and determine if a deviation is feasible or warranted given your circumstances.

4. What factors does the VA consider when granting deviations from the standard process?

The VA takes various factors into account when considering deviations, including the applicant’s individual circumstances, urgency of need, available resources, and potential impact on other veterans. The VA aims to make fair and appropriate decisions on deviations, balancing the needs of the individual with the overall integrity of the benefits system.

5. Are there any restrictions or limitations on deviating from the standard VA benefits process?

Yes, there are restrictions or limitations on deviations, primarily to maintain the integrity and consistency of the VA benefits system. Deviations cannot be granted if they would result in the violation of laws, regulations, or create an unfair advantage for one applicant compared to others who follow the standard process. The VA will carefully assess each request for deviation on a case-by-case basis to ensure compliance and fairness.

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