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State Stimulus Check Amounts in 2023

The global economy has recently faced volatile changes, leaving many people in financial hardship. To assist those greatly affected by the economic recession, the United States government has distributed stimulus checks for all states to help citizens financially. Since its creation in March 2020, the regulation for stimulus checks has been revised several times as the […]

The global economy has recently faced volatile changes, leaving many people in financial hardship. To assist those greatly affected by the economic recession, the United States government has distributed stimulus checks for all states to help citizens financially.

Since its creation in March 2020, the regulation for stimulus checks has been revised several times as the economic situation changes. This blog post will uncover what changed and what you can expect with the current stimulus checks for your specific state.


In the recent state-of-the-state address, Governor Kay Ivey plans to distribute as much as $800 one-time rebate to every Alabama household. The Alabama governor is also considering distributing a $400 rebate for registered adults. However, the state’s stimulus plan is still being determined. We’ll probably hear more news as the state government irons out its plans.


According to Alaska’s Department of Revenue, the state still accepts Permanent Fund Dividends (PFD) applications until the end of March. Qualified applicants could receive up to $3,284, depending on various factors. However, a large portion of this dividend (about $2,621.81 for the full amount) is subject to tax deductions.


The USDA recently released $665 million worth of relief. Arizona is one of the few states eligible to receive the state’s $600 one-time payment stimulus checks. However, this benefit is only for qualified farmers, frontline workers, and philanthropic organizations. Accepted organizations can enjoy up to $50 million in grants for their initiatives.


According to the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, Arizonians can receive up to $1,200 in stimulus checks for qualified individuals making up to $75,000 annually. In addition, married couples earning up to $150,000 annually could also receive a one-time financial assistance of up to $2,400 plus $500 for every child.


California is one of the remaining states that will continue to offer state stimulus checks for the third time, which started in 2020. Currently, qualified taxpayers could receive around $200 to $1,050, depending on their average income, filing status, and if they are supporting any dependents. This tool will help you estimate your tax refund.


Colorado is another state confirmed to continue the financial assistance initiative started in 2020. Qualified individual tax filers could receive up to $750, while joint tax filers could receive up to $1,500. In addition, Colorado citizens aged 18 and above who filed their income tax return last 2021 and lived in the site could qualify for the third payment.


The state government of Connecticut is expected to distribute up to $1,000 in relief payments through the Pay Premium program. Essential workers who earn less than $50,000 annually could receive the entire $1,000 payment, while essential workers who make more than the specified amount could receive up to $800. Non-essential workers could receive around $200 to $1,000.


Delaware is the third state confirmed to continue the financial assistance initiative started in 2020. Residents of legal age who filed their income tax return last 2020 are qualified to receive up to a $300 relief rebate. The state also allows taxpayers who filed their personal income tax return previous 2021 on time to enjoy similar benefits.


Florida is running a program called Hope Florida, designed to help affected families cope with the rising inflation. One of their movements is to provide a one-time payment of $450 to every child in the state. This initiative is aimed at helping families alleviate the financial burden during the back-to-school season.


Georgia’s state government has yet to confirm whether it will continue with its financial assistance plans. However, they allow people to claim their tax rebates if they still haven’t received their refund. Tax filers who complied with the income tax return for 2020 and 2021 can receive a $250 rebate for individuals and $500 for joint payers.


Like the state above, the Hawaii government has yet to confirm if they’ll continue giving stimulus checks for this year. However, eligible taxpayers who still need to claim their tax rebate from last year can still follow up. Individuals earning less than $100,000 annually can receive up to a $300 refund, while those making more can only receive up to $100.


Adding to our list of confirmed states, Idaho’s local government has affirmed that they will continue the stimulus check plan. As a result, eligible taxpayers can expect to receive up to $75 per dependent or 12% of tax liabilities for the first tax rebate and up to $600 or 10% of tax liabilities before credits.


Illinois is also expected to begin distributing tax rebates from last year’s stimulus plan. Like Idaho, Illinois divided the stimulus check distributions into two parts. Tax filers can receive up to $350 (with three dependents) for the first rebate and up to $300 for the second.


The Indiana state government established an automatic tax refund law of $125 for all eligible Indiana residents. This law overrode any eligibility requirements so anyone can receive tax rebates regardless of income status. However, due to the delay in distribution, the state government added $200 on top of the initial refund.


Iowa initiated a state-specific rebate program called UpLift. This initiative will select 110 eligible applicants for a monthly stipend of $500 for two years. This program aims to assist households with financial difficulties due to the pandemic and other causes to regain their footing and reestablish their lives.


No reliable sources confirm or deny whether Kansas will conduct an inflation relief program this year. However, Governor Laura Kelly announced last year that the state would provide a $250 tax refund for individual taxpayers and $500 for joint filers who complied with the 2021 income tax return requirement. You can learn more about the possibilities of your tax refunds here.


Although there’s yet to be an official confirmation from Kentucky’s local government, the state released a statement regarding cutting down state sales taxes by up to 5%, freezing vehicle taxes for two years, and stopping a 2-cent-per-gallon hike on gas taxes. These are expected to save all residents hundreds of millions of dollars in relief.


The Louisiana government also has yet to confirm whether they will continue with the tax rebate program for this year. During the height of the pandemic and recession, the state government provided a generous rebate of $1,200 per eligible individual and an additional $500 per child for supporting parents.


The state government of Maine is running a Winter Energy Relief Payment program, which is expected to pay around $450 for eligible full-time residents. To qualify for the program, applicants must comply with the 2021 personal income tax return and have an average annual income of $100,000 or less.


Maryland still needs to confirm if it will continue giving out stimulus checks for 2023. In recent years, the state initiated a tax relief program called The Maryland Recovery for the Economy, Livelihoods, Industries, Entrepreneurs, and Families (RELIEF) Act. This initiative grants individual taxpayers a $300 tax credit and $500 for joint filers.


The state government of Massachusetts is set to continue distributing tax rebates from last year’s stimulus plan. As a result, taxpayers can expect to receive around 14% of other 2021 income tax liability. Qualifying for Massachusetts’ tax refund is similar to most policies; you must file your income tax return promptly.


According to the recent dialogue from the Michigan governor’s office, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer proposed a $180 tax refund for this year. This rebate will be set in motion around spring or early summer. Interested applicants must file their 2023 income tax return on time to qualify for this benefit.


The state government of Minnesota has yet to confirm their stimulus checks distribution for this year. In 2022, Minnesota healthcare workers and healthcare staff were given a one-time $750 tax rebate for their tireless work during the pandemic. However, the distribution of this fund occurred in the last quarter of the previous year, so some of the funds are yet to be distributed.


Similar to Minnesota, the state government of Mississippi hasn’t made any announcements regarding the stimulus checks for this year. However, the state previously provided up to $600 stimulus checks for eligible taxpayers who complied with the 2021 income tax return requirement.


Although Missouri has yet to verify the distribution of stimulus checks for 2023, the state announced a $500 tax rebate for individual taxpayers late last year and an additional $500 for joint filers who complied with income tax return requirements. This initiative is aimed at helping curb the effects of the economic decline.


According to the state’s governor, Gov. Greg Gianforte, the state government has a budget of around $1 billion to provide stimulus checks for the residents and small businesses based in Montana. Governor Gianforte also aims to provide $1,200 tax credits to all families living in the state.


There need to be more sources confirming Nebraska’s stimulus check distribution for this year. The most recent stimulus check regulated by the state government was the $1,400 stimulus payment mandated by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) back in 2021. According to the IRS, applicants can still submit their applications for this payment.


The state government of Nevada also has yet to confirm any stimulus check distribution for this year. Like the state above, the last documented news regarding Nevada’s stimulus check was the $1,400 mandated by the IRS in 2021.

New Hampshire

In a published press release, Gov. Chris Sununu demanded the federal government renew its stimulus package to help the citizens of New Hampshire. Currently, the state provides around $104 million in energy rebates for millions of families nationwide. Around $34 million of this budget will go to the state’s fuel assistance program.

New Jersey

Around two million New Jersey residents are expected to recover nearly two billion in property tax relief from the Affordable New Jersey Communities for Homeowners and Renters (ANCHOR) program. Homeowners making $150,000 are expected to receive around $1,500 tax rebates from the state, while those who earn more can receive up to $1,000.

New Mexico

The state government of New Mexico has provided multiple tax rebates for its residents since last year. Individual taxpayers are expected to receive around $500 tax credits for filing their income taxes on time, while joint filers can receive up to $1,000. On top of that, eligible filers could also receive $250 if they earn less than $75,000 annually.

New York

Last year, Ne
York citizens enjoyed a property tax rebate of up to $1,050 for eligible taxpayers who complied with the 2021 income tax return requirements. On top of that, New York City Mayor Eric Adams also provided a one-time property tax rebate of $150.

North Carolina

North Carolina confirmed providing stimulus checks of up to $500 for eligible taxpayers in the state. This is expected to arrive sometime this year and will be added as a tax credit when filing next year’s taxes.

North Dakota

There has not been any news regarding North Dakota’s stimulus check distribution. The most recent information on the state government’s website regarding stimulus checks is about the American Rescue Plan Act, enacted last March 2021. The state government also provides numerous business grants, such as the Economic Resiliency Grant (ERG), Hospitality Economic Resiliency Grant (HERG), and Hospitality ERG PLUS.


Ohio doesn’t have a statewide announcement of stimulus checks for this year. Still, the Lima City Council approved a one-time payment of a discretionary bonus to the city’s essential workers during the height of the pandemic in 2020. Moreover, eligible city employees could also receive a $1,000 bonus.


Oklahoma’s state government has yet to disclose its decision regarding providing stimulus checks for 2023. The last official statement from the state’s governor, Gov. Kevin Stitt, occurred during his news conference in Oklahoma City. During the interview, Gov. Stitt mentioned that Oklahoma might no longer need federal stimulus checks due to the state’s economic recovery.


In 2020, Oregon’s earned income tax credit provided an additional $600 payment for qualifying taxpayers. Oregon Public Broadcasting said this program was a huge success, with more than 230,000 lower-income households benefiting from the initiative. However, qualified applicants who haven’t received their payments must contact the Oregon Department of Revenue.


The Pennsylvania state government is holding a Property Tax/Rent Rebate program to help people with disabilities, widowers, and elders with their living situation. Eligible applicants renting their space could receive around $250 to $650 rebates, while homeowners can expect around $500 to $650. Senior citizens could obtain up to $975 refunds.

Rhode Island

The Rhode Island government has a Child Tax Rebate program that could provide up to $250 rebate per child for qualifying taxpayers (maximum of $750). This is intended to help families manage their financial burdens and provide for their children. However, this is only applicable to children under 18 years old.

South Carolina

The South Carolina state government just recently ended its tax rebate program for 2021 last February 2023. This rebate program will provide up to $800 in tax credits for single-filing taxpayers. The basis of your tax rebate depends mainly on your income tax liability, less the credits.

South Dakota

There’s no recent news regarding South Dakota’s plan to provide stimulus checks for its citizens in 2023. However, a recent review of South Dakota’s stimulus fund spending identified that the state almost reached $14 million in federal funds allocated to coronavirus relief due to the heavy impact of the pandemic on the state. Around $8.8 billion of this budget went to local programs.


As the state mentioned, Tennessee’s government has yet to announce any stimulus check plan this 2023. However, the Memphis city government handed out up to $15,000 bonuses to eligible first responders to attract more applicants to the field. This includes firefighters, police officers, paramedics, and other personnel.


For 2023, the Texas state government is expected to distribute around $500 tax rebates for qualified independent taxpayers. Moreover, public teachers are also expected to receive $2,000 bonuses as they gradually return to physical classrooms.


The Utah government hasn’t made any announcements regarding stimulus checks this 2023. Like many states, their last update regarding the federal stimulus package was in May 2021, when the pandemic was still in full swing.


The Vermont state government has yet to release its stimulus plans for 2023. However, during the 2021 pandemic, they gave a one-time payment of $1,200 to qualified individuals registered in their state’s federal programs. This includes low-income renters and those affected by the ongoing health crisis. You can check filing season updates in Vermont here.


Although Virginia doesn’t have a clear plan yet for 2023, they are continuing the distribution of the 2021 income tax rebate, which they started in October of last year. Qualified individual taxpayers can enjoy a tax refund of up to $250 and $500 for joint tax filers.


The Washington state government launched the Working Families Tax Credit program in 2023 to help low-income households regain their financial standing and manage the persisting inflation. The $300 tax rebate applies to every qualified individual in the family, plus $300 for every child (capped at $1,200.) This is aimed at helping over 400,000 low-income families in the state.

West Virginia

One of the well-known financial assistance programs of West Virginia is the Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP). This program provides eligible households a one-time grant of up to $465 for their utility bills. The value of the financial assistance varies depending on the household’s location, size, and income.


As many states are closing their doors to a fourth round of stimulus checks, the Wisconsin government remains hopeful and adamant about another round. The state governor, Gov. Tony Evers, proposed distributing about $150 to eligible taxpayers.


Although there is no clear news regarding Wyoming’s plan for stimulus check distributions this year, the state government launched the Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) to assist households in paying their rent and utilities.

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