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VA Foreclosure Avoidance


VA Foreclosure Avoidance is a term referring to assistance and support provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs to help veterans or eligible borrowers avoid foreclosure on their VA home loan. This assistance can include financial counseling, loan modification, repayment plans, and other options tailored to the individual’s specific situation. The goal of these services is to help veterans maintain homeownership and protect their credit.

Key Takeaways

  1. VA Foreclosure Avoidance refers to the efforts and options provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs to help veterans and active-duty servicemembers avoid foreclosure on their VA-guaranteed home loans.
  2. Some common foreclosure avoidance options include loan modification, repayment plans, special forbearance, and in certain cases, VA loan refinance, allowing eligible borrowers to restructure their mortgage payments and avoid losing their homes.
  3. To utilize VA Foreclosure Avoidance assistance, borrowers should proactively contact their loan servicer and the VA in case of financial hardship or payment difficulties to explore available options and receive guidance on the most suitable course of action.


The term “VA Foreclosure Avoidance” is important as it refers to the efforts and initiatives taken by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to help veterans, active-duty service members, and their families avoid foreclosure on their homes.

Financial hardships can occur due to various reasons, such as job loss, medical emergencies, or unexpected expenses. The VA, recognizing the sacrifices made by these individuals, offers various resources and assistance to help them navigate through these challenging times and retain homeownership.

These services include loan modification programs, repayment plans, and counseling services which can enable the borrowers to find suitable solutions for their financial issues. By offering such support, the VA not only maintains its commitment towards the well-being of veterans and service members, but also contributes to more stable and secure communities across the nation.


VA Foreclosure Avoidance is an invaluable program with the primary purpose of assisting military service members and veterans who are experiencing financial hardship, particularly in relation to their mortgage payments. By offering support and guidance to those borrowers utilizing the VA Home Loan Benefits, this initiative aims to minimize the rates of mortgage defaults and subsequent foreclosures.

Organizations and specialized professionals associated with this program possess the necessary resources and knowledge to help servicemen and veterans understand their options and tackle financial challenges head-on. This assistance is provided to veterans in various forms such as loan modifications, repayment plans, or even a short sale to avoid foreclosure and protect the credit rating of the individuals.

Those who qualify for VA Foreclosure Avoidance can expect help from the team in identifying alternatives tailored to their individual financial situation. This proactive approach not only safeguards veterans and their families from the potential loss of their homes but also maintains the integrity of the VA Home Loan Program for future borrowers.

By understanding the financial needs of veterans and providing feasible solutions, VA Foreclosure Avoidance serves as an essential safety net for many who have selflessly served our country.

Examples of VA Foreclosure Avoidance

Loan Modification: In 2015, a Navy veteran named John, who had recently retired from service, began struggling to make mortgage payments on his family home due to financial difficulties resulting from his transition to civilian life. He approached the VA and learned about foreclosure avoidance options available to veterans. With the help of a VA loan specialist, John was able to obtain a loan modification, which lowered his monthly mortgage payments and interest rates, enabling him to avoid foreclosure and maintain homeownership.

VA Partial Claim: Susan, an Army veteran, was facing financial hardship after a sudden job loss. She soon fell behind on her mortgage payments and was at risk of foreclosure. Susan contacted the VA and found out about the VA Partial Claim program, which provides a one-time payment to bring her loan current. Under this program, Susan’s loan servicer agreed to accept a partial claim payment from the VA to cover her overdue mortgage payments. This helped her avoid foreclosure and maintain her home while seeking new employment opportunities.

Forbearance Agreement: In 2018, Kevin, a Vietnam War veteran, suffered a severe medical condition that made him unable to work. Consequently, he was unable to pay his mortgage, putting his home at risk of foreclosure. He reached out to the VA for assistance and was guided toward a forbearance agreement with his lender. This agreement allowed Kevin to suspend or reduce his mortgage payments temporarily, giving him the needed time to recover and regain his financial footing. Once he got back on his feet, Kevin resumed his payments and retained his home, effectively avoiding foreclosure.

VA Foreclosure Avoidance FAQ

What is VA Foreclosure Avoidance?

VA Foreclosure Avoidance is a program designed to assist veterans and their families in keeping their homes when they face financial difficulties. This program offers various resources, services, and options to help veterans avoid foreclosure on their VA-guaranteed loans.

Who can apply for VA Foreclosure Avoidance assistance?

Veterans with active VA-guaranteed loans who are struggling with their mortgage payments and facing potential foreclosure can apply for VA Foreclosure Avoidance assistance.

What types of assistance are available through VA Foreclosure Avoidance program?

The VA Foreclosure Avoidance program offers multiple options to help veterans avoid foreclosure, such as loan modifications, repayment plans, forbearance, and short sales. The VA also provides financial counseling and assistance to help veterans better understand their financial situation and the options available to them.

How can I apply for VA Foreclosure Avoidance assistance?

To apply for assistance, you should contact your loan servicer and discuss your situation with them. They may be able to help you identify the best option for your circumstances. You can also contact the VA Regional Loan Center at 1-877-827-3702 to discuss your case and seek additional help.

Will the VA pay my mortgage during the Foreclosure Avoidance process?

No, the VA will not directly pay your mortgage during the foreclosure avoidance process. However, they will work with your loan servicer to identify the best options for your situation and help you stay in your home when possible. This might include loan modifications, repayment plans, or other financial assistance.

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