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Regional Office


A Regional Office (RO) is a local branch of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), responsible for providing various services, resources, and support to veterans in a specific region. These offices manage tasks such as processing disability claims, vocational rehabilitation, and benefits counseling. By doing so, they ensure a more localized and tailored approach in addressing the needs of the veteran community within their designated region.

Key Takeaways

  1. A Regional Office is a local branch of the Department of Veterans Affairs responsible for administering VA benefits and services to veterans within a specific geographic area.
  2. Each Regional Office is staffed with representatives who can assist veterans in applying for and managing their VA benefits, including disability compensation, pension, education, and vocational rehabilitation benefits.
  3. Regional Offices also host several support services, such as vocational rehabilitation counseling, benefits counseling, and outreach programs, to help veterans make the most of their VA benefits and resources.


The term “Regional Office” is important in the context of VA benefits because it refers to the local office responsible for administering various programs and services for veterans, including compensation, pension, education, and vocational rehabilitation.

These offices, established by the Department of Veterans Affairs, serve as the primary point of contact for veterans and their families within a specific geographic region, allowing for more tailored and efficient support.

By providing personalized assistance, guidance, and decision-making regarding VA benefits and eligibility, the Regional Offices play a vital role in connecting veterans to the resources they need and ensuring they receive the assistance they deserve.


The primary purpose of a Regional Office (RO) within the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) system is to provide essential support and assistance to veterans, their families, and the local community. These offices play a key role in the process of applying for and receiving VA benefits, ensuring that veterans can easily access the resources and benefits they are entitled to.

The services and assistance provided by these ROs are tailored to meet the unique needs of individual veterans encompassing a wide array of aspects, including healthcare assistance, vocational rehabilitation programs, educational benefits, home loans, and pension plans. By offering local access points and personalized assistance, regional offices are configured to streamline the overall process of attaining services and benefits, while also addressing any concerns or queries faced by veterans in a convenient and efficient manner.

Furthermore, Regional Offices serve as essential hubs for collaboration among federal, state, and local organizations that support veterans. They facilitate vital communication and partnerships with various government and non-government agencies, veterans service organizations, and community resources to ensure veterans can seamlessly navigate through the complex system of benefits and support programs.

This integrated approach fosters a comprehensive and coherent network of support services that holistically caters to the various needs of veterans and their families. Overall, the existence of Regional Offices enriches the VA benefits system by providing targeted assistance, fostering a cooperative network with other support organizations, and simplifying the path to obtaining the deserved benefits for those valiant individuals who served the nation.

Examples of Regional Office

VA Regional Office in Houston, Texas: Located at 6900 Almeda Road, Houston, Texas, this regional office provides a wide range of services to veterans and their families, such as assistance with benefits, healthcare, and education. It serves as a resource center for veterans living in the Houston area and offers support services to help them manage their benefits and receive any necessary assistance.

VA Regional Office in Los Angeles, California: The Los Angeles Regional Office, located at 11000 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 5203, Los Angeles, California, offers support and services to veterans and their families in the greater Los Angeles area. This regional office helps with the administration of the GI Bill for education, vocational rehabilitation programs, pension benefits, disability compensation, and other veteran-related benefits and services.

VA Regional Office in New York, New York: Located at 245 W. Houston Street, New York, New York, this regional office serves the large population of veterans living in the New York City area. Services provided at the New York Regional Office include assistance with benefits claims processing, medical and mental health care resources, and employment support for veterans transitioning back into civilian life.

FAQ Section: Regional Office

What is a VA Regional Office?

A VA Regional Office is a facility that provides a range of services to veterans, including assistance with benefits programs, health care, education, and other support services.

Where can I find my nearest VA Regional Office?

You can find your nearest VA Regional Office by visiting the VA facility locator website at https://www.va.gov/find-locations/. There, you can enter your location and filter your search for Regional Offices nearest to you.

How do I contact my local VA Regional Office?

You can contact your local VA Regional Office through the phone number provided on its specific facility webpage. You can also find detailed information on the VA facility locator website mentioned earlier.

What types of benefits can I access at a VA Regional Office?

At a VA Regional Office, veterans can access various benefits including: Veterans compensation, Veterans pension, Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment, Home Loan Guaranty, Life Insurance, and Veterans Education Assistance (e.g., GI Bill).

Can I schedule an appointment at a VA Regional Office?

Yes, you can schedule appointments at a VA Regional Office for counseling, benefits assistance, and other services. Contact your local VA Regional Office to determine the available services and schedule an appointment.

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