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Readjustment Counseling Service


Readjustment Counseling Service (RCS) is a program provided by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to assist veterans in readjusting to civilian life after serving in the military. This service, often offered through Vet Centers, focuses on addressing psychological, emotional, and social issues experienced by veterans, including trauma, family stressors, and job-related challenges. The ultimate aim of RCS is to promote mental health and personal growth, easing the transition back into civilian life for veterans.

Key Takeaways

  1. Readjustment Counseling Service (RCS) is a free resource offered by the Department of Veterans Affairs to help veterans transition and readjust to civilian life after experiencing wartime trauma or facing challenges during military service.
  2. Services provided through RCS include individual, group, and family counseling, outreach and education, substance abuse assessment and referral, employment assessment and referral, and assistance with benefits-related issues.
  3. RCS is primarily delivered through community-based Vet Centers, which provide confidential care in a supportive environment, ensuring easy access to services and overcoming barriers to seeking care among veterans and their families.


The term “Readjustment Counseling Service” is important within the context of VA benefits because it refers to a crucial support system offered by the Department of Veterans Affairs to help veterans transition back into civilian life after military service.

This service plays a vital role in addressing various emotional, psychological, and social challenges that veterans might encounter as they reintegrate into society.

The Readjustment Counseling Service includes individual and group counseling, marital and family counseling, and assistance with employment, housing, and educational needs.

The availability of these resources demonstrates the commitment of the VA and the U.S.

government to fostering the well-being of veterans and ensuring that they have the necessary support to lead fulfilling and successful lives post-military service.


The Readjustment Counseling Service serves a crucial purpose in assisting veterans and their family members to cope with the psychological and social challenges they often face upon transitioning back to civilian life. This vital service aims to support the overall well-being and mental health of individuals who have served in the military, helping them successfully integrate back into their communities and families.

The support provided through the Readjustment Counseling Service is not only beneficial for veterans, but also for their loved ones, as it enhances the understanding of the unique experiences and challenges faced by those who have served in the armed forces. The Readjustment Counseling Service offers a wide range of programs and services tailored to the specific needs of veterans, including individual counseling, group counseling, family therapy, employment guidance, and support with accessing appropriate health care and benefit services.

These programs are designed to address various issues faced by veterans such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and relationship difficulties, among others. By providing a holistic approach to the reintegration process, the Readjustment Counseling Service plays an invaluable role in empowering former service members to navigate the complexities of civilian life and fostering their overall well-being, ultimately improving their quality of life and ensuring a smoother post-military experience.

Examples of Readjustment Counseling Service

The Readjustment Counseling Service (RCS) offers support and assistance to veterans and their families as they transition from military to civilian life. The RCS can be found at Vet Centers across the U.S. Here are three real-world examples of the services available through RCS:

Marriage and Family Counseling: A veteran who has recently returned from deployment may face challenges in reconnecting with their spouse and adjusting to family life. The RCS can provide marriage and family counseling to these veterans and their families, helping them work through communication issues, emotional concerns, and other adjustments.

Employment Assistance: Many veterans find it challenging to secure employment after leaving military service. Vet Center counselors can help by providing job search support, resume assistance, and guidance on translating military skills to civilian careers. They can also connect veterans with resources in their community, such as job fairs and local organizations that offer dedicated employment services for veterans.

Combat-Related Mental Health Support: Veterans who have experienced combat or another trauma in their military service may struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, depression, or other mental health challenges. RCS provides individual and group counseling, focusing on practical coping methods and stress-reduction strategies to help veterans manage these symptoms.Overall, the Readjustment Counseling Service offers crucial support and resources to help veterans successfully transition back to civilian life.

FAQ: Readjustment Counseling Service

What is the Readjustment Counseling Service?

The Readjustment Counseling Service (RCS), also referred to as the Vet Center Program, is a supportive service provided by the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA). It aims to help combat veterans, service members, and their families with a wide range of social and psychological services to aid their transition from the military to civilian life.

Who is eligible for the Readjustment Counseling Service?

Combat veterans, active-duty service members, National Guard members and reservists who have served in a combat or war zone, and their families are eligible for RCS. Additionally, military personnel who experienced military sexual trauma or provided emergency response services during their service can also access these services.

What kind of services does the Readjustment Counseling Service offer?

RCS offers various services, including individual and group counseling, marital and family counseling, bereavement counseling, military sexual trauma counseling, and employment assistance. It also provides referrals for medical, benefits, and community resources when needed.

How can I find a Vet Center near me?

You can find a Vet Center near you by using the VA’s Vet Center locator tool available on the VA website at this link: https://www.va.gov/find-locations/. You can also call the Veteran Crisis Line at 1-877-WAR-VETS (1-877-927-8387) for assistance during their hours of operation.

Is there a cost for receiving services from the Readjustment Counseling Service?

No, the Readjustment Counseling Service provided by Vet Centers is free of charge for eligible veterans, service members, and their families. The services are also confidential, and your information is not shared with the VA without your consent.

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