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Coast Guard Mutual Assistance


Coast Guard Mutual Assistance (CGMA) is a non-profit organization that provides financial assistance to the Coast Guard community during times of need. It primarily serves active-duty and retired Coast Guard members, civilian employees, and their families. CGMA support includes loans, grants, and scholarships in times of emergency, financial burden, or educational pursuits.

Key Takeaways

  1. Coast Guard Mutual Assistance (CGMA) is a non-profit organization that provides financial aid and support services to active duty, reserve, retired Coast Guard members, civilian employees, and their families during times of need.
  2. CGMA offers various programs including emergency loans, educational assistance, and disaster relief to help improve the quality of life for the Coast Guard community.
  3. As a partner organization with the Coast Guard, CGMA is supported through donations and fundraising initiatives, ensuring all assistance is available to those in need without any government funding.


The term “Coast Guard Mutual Assistance” (CGMA) is important in the context of VA benefits because it represents a non-profit organization that provides critical financial assistance and a wide range of support services to members of the Coast Guard community during their times of need.

CGMA aims to foster the financial stability and general well-being of the Coast Guard family by offering resources such as interest-free loans, grants, and education programs for active duty, retired, and reserve Coast Guard members, as well as their families and civilian employees.

Recognizing and understanding the significance of CGMA helps ensure that eligible individuals are aware of and can access the valuable assistance and resources available to help them overcome financial challenges and achieve a better quality of life.


Coast Guard Mutual Assistance (CGMA) serves as an essential aid for the U.S. Coast Guard community, working to ease monetary burdens and provide crucial support during difficult times. Established as a non-profit, charitable organization, the CGMA’s primary mission is to offer financial assistance to active duty, retired, and reserve members of the Coast Guard, as well as their civilian employees and their immediate families.

By granting help in times of crisis, educational needs, and other life-changing circumstances, the CGMA plays a vital role in maintaining the welfare and morale of the Coast Guard workforce, fostering resiliency, and strengthening the team to ensure mission readiness. The scope of the assistance provided by CGMA encompasses various aspects, ranging from emergency loans and grants for unexpected financial hardships to acting as a safety net for cases like natural disasters, medical emergencies, or the unanticipated loss of a family member. Beyond the realm of emergency help, CGMA extends support for personal and professional development.

For instance, it offers education assistance in the form of scholarships, grants, and loans, encouraging members and their families to pursue higher education. Additionally, it provides support for childcare, adoption, and medical expenses, enabling Coast Guard personnel to focus on their duties while knowing that their personal needs are being met. CGMA’s commitment to assisting the Coast Guard community contributes to a stable and supportive environment, empowering members to execute their responsibilities with dedication and confidence.

Examples of Coast Guard Mutual Assistance

Coast Guard Mutual Assistance (CGMA) is a non-profit organization providing financial assistance to the U.S. Coast Guard community in times of need. It offers a variety of programs and services to support active duty, retired members, civilian employees, and their families. Here are three real-world examples of how CGMA benefits serve the Coast Guard community:

Emergency Financial Assistance: In cases of natural disasters, such as hurricanes or wildfires, CGMA provides emergency financial aid to the affected Coast Guard members and their families. This assistance can be used to cover expenses such as temporary housing, clothing, and food, while they deal with the aftermath of the disaster and work towards recovering and rebuilding their lives.

Education Programs: CGMA offers support for education through various programs, such as interest-free loans and grants for pursuing undergraduate, graduate, and vocational education. The organization also provides financial assistance for families who face unanticipated school-related costs. For instance, when a family is transferred to a new duty station and the new school requires uniforms or additional fees, CGMA can step in to help cover those costs.

Medical and Family Support: Coast Guard members and their families sometimes face unexpected medical expenses that extend beyond what insurance or other resources cover. CGMA can assist with grants and loans to offset some of these expenses, such as emergency travel costs for families trying to be with a loved one in critical care. Additionally, CGMA provides assistance to support adoption, neonatal care, or respite care for caregivers of disabled family members, among other services.

FAQs: Coast Guard Mutual Assistance

What is Coast Guard Mutual Assistance?

Coast Guard Mutual Assistance (CGMA) is a non-profit, charitable organization that offers financial assistance to eligible members of the Coast Guard community, including active duty, retired military personnel, civilian employees, and their families. CGMA aims to support and enhance the financial readiness and overall well-being of Coast Guard members during times of need.

Who is eligible for Coast Guard Mutual Assistance?

Eligible members for CGMA assistance include active duty personnel, retired military members, reserves, civilian employees of the Coast Guard, Public Health Service (PHS) officers serving with the Coast Guard, and their immediate family members. Additionally, surviving family members of deceased Coast Guard personnel are also eligible for assistance.

What types of assistance does CGMA offer?

CGMA offers various forms of assistance, including loans, grants, and referrals to other resources. Assistance can cover emergency and short-term needs, education, medical and dental bills, child care, housing, disaster relief, and more. The goal is to provide support in times of financial hardship or crisis, as well as to further the well-being and development of Coast Guard members and their families.

How do I apply for CGMA assistance?

To apply for assistance, you can start by visiting the official CGMA website, where you can find the necessary forms and instructions. For specific questions, it is recommended to contact your local CGMA representative, who can provide personalized guidance and assistance throughout the application process.

Is CGMA assistance considered a loan or a grant?

CGMA can provide both loans and grants, depending on the specific situation. Loans are interest-free and typically need to be repaid within a specified period, whereas grants are considered gifts and do not need to be paid back. The determination of whether assistance will be provided as a loan or grant is based on the applicant’s circumstances and financial needs.

How can I support Coast Guard Mutual Assistance?

There are several ways to support CGMA, including making monetary donations, hosting fundraisers, or volunteering your time and skills to help the organization. For more information on how to support CGMA and make a difference in the lives of Coast Guard members and their families, visit the official CGMA website.

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