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Child Care Subsidy


The Child Care Subsidy is a financial assistance program provided by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for eligible VA employees. It offers financial support to help offset the cost of child care for their dependents. This benefit aims to assist eligible employees in balancing their work and family commitments while performing their duties at the VA.

Key Takeaways

  1. The Child Care Subsidy program supports eligible Veterans Affairs (VA) employees by providing financial assistance for child care services.
  2. The program covers various child care providers, including licensed facilities, family care homes, and school-aged child care programs, to give VA employees access to reliable, affordable child care options.
  3. Eligibility for the subsidy is based on the employee’s total family income and the program adheres to established sliding fee scales, ensuring that the assistance is provided to those who need it most.


The VA benefits term “Child Care Subsidy” is important because it provides financial assistance to eligible Veterans Affairs (VA) employees, helping them with the costs of child care services.

This support enables VA staff to maintain a healthy work-life balance, ensuring they can focus on their critical roles in serving veterans while still having the means to care for their children.

The Child Care Subsidy program recognizes the financial challenges that working families face, and aims to lessen the burden, making quality child care more accessible and affordable for those who dedicate their careers to supporting and caring for our nation’s veterans.


The primary purpose of the Child Care Subsidy is to provide financial assistance to eligible Veterans Affairs (VA) employees in order to ease the burden of childcare expenses. This program recognizes the importance of quality and affordable childcare in supporting the VA’s mission of serving the nation’s veterans, as it enables VA employees to remain focused on their duties, thereby enhancing productivity and workforce retention.

By providing a financial contribution towards the cost of childcare, the VA aims to ensure that its employees have access to reliable care, making it possible for them to experience a healthier work-life balance. In order to utilize the Child Care Subsidy, VA employees must meet specific criteria, including income requirements and the type of childcare service utilized.

Eligible employees must have a child (or children) under the age of 13 enrolled in a licensed childcare center, family home, or school programs that offer before and after care. Through the Child Care Subsidy, families can receive support with childcare costs, which can often be a significant financial stressor.

The VA is deeply committed to providing a conducive work environment for its employees by addressing their various needs, and the Child Care Subsidy program is a valuable example of this commitment.

Examples of Child Care Subsidy

The VA Child Care Subsidy program is designed to help eligible VA employees cover some of their child care costs. Here are three real-world examples concerning this benefit term:

A VA nurse working full-time with a low income and two young children can apply for the Child Care Subsidy program. After meeting eligibility criteria, the VA will help cover a portion of the costs, enabling the nurse to work without the burden of high child care expenses.

A VA hospital employee who is a single parent with one child can apply for the Child Care Subsidy program. If eligible, they receive financial assistance towards the daycare center that their child attends, allowing the parent to focus on their work without worrying about the financial weight of child care.

A VA administrative worker with three children, including an infant, can be eligible for the Child Care Subsidy program. Upon meeting requirements, the VA will assist in covering the costs of a licensed family day care home or a licensed child care center for the children. This enables the worker to continue their job while ensuring that their children are looked after at a reasonable cost.

FAQ: Child Care Subsidy for VA Benefits

1. What is the Child Care Subsidy Program for VA employees?

The Child Care Subsidy Program is a financial assistance program designed to help eligible VA employees with the cost of licensed child care for their children. The program aims to support employees in maintaining a healthy work-life balance, allowing them to both meet their work obligations and fulfill their parental responsibilities.

2. How do I know if I am eligible for the Child Care Subsidy Program?

VA employees may be eligible for the Child Care Subsidy Program if they meet certain criteria such as having a total family income below certain limits, working full-time or part-time, and having children under the age of 13 or disabled children under the age of 18 who require child care services.

3. How do I apply for the Child Care Subsidy Program?

To apply for the Child Care Subsidy Program, you must complete and submit an application form, along with all required documentation, such as proof of income and child care expenses. Application forms can generally be found on your agency’s human resource website, or you can contact your human resource office for more information about the application process.

4. What types of child care providers are eligible under the program?

Child care providers eligible under the program must be licensed and regulated by the appropriate state or local authorities. This can include child care centers, family child care homes, and in some cases, school-based before-and-after school programs and summer camps. Providers must also comply with state and local health and safety standards.

5. How much financial assistance can I expect to receive from the Child Care Subsidy Program?

The amount of financial assistance provided through the Child Care Subsidy Program depends on various factors, including your total family income, the number of children in need of child care, and the type of care required. Assistance is typically calculated on a sliding scale based on these factors, and the program will provide payment directly to the child care provider on your behalf.

6. Can I change my child care provider after joining the program?

Yes, you can change your child care provider after joining the program, as long as the new provider is licensed and meets the eligibility requirements for the Child Care Subsidy Program. You must notify your human resource office and submit any necessary paperwork to ensure continued financial assistance for your new child care provider.

7. What happens if my employment status or family situation changes during the program?

If your employment status or family situation changes during the program, you must inform your human resource office as soon as possible. This includes changes to your work schedule, income, or the number of children requiring child care. Your subsidy amount may be revised, or you may be disqualified from the program depending on the changes in your circumstances.

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