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Purchase of Temporary Lodging

Definition The term “Purchase of Temporary Lodging” in VA benefits refers to providing financial assistance to eligible veterans or service members for the cost of temporary accommodations, typically during relocation or housing transitions. This benefit helps alleviate the financial burden associated with finding temporary housing, ensuring a comfortable stay for the individual and their family. […]


The term “Purchase of Temporary Lodging” in VA benefits refers to providing financial assistance to eligible veterans or service members for the cost of temporary accommodations, typically during relocation or housing transitions. This benefit helps alleviate the financial burden associated with finding temporary housing, ensuring a comfortable stay for the individual and their family. The duration and amount of assistance provided may vary based on specific circumstances and eligibility criteria.

Key Takeaways

  1. Purchase of Temporary Lodging refers to a benefit provided by the VA to assist eligible veterans or service members in meeting the costs of temporary housing when they are relocating due to a change in duty station, or a transfer in their course of study or rehabilitation plan.
  2. The allowance is intended to cover the cost of lodging during a short-term stay and is calculated based on the maximum daily rate for a given location, adjusted for the number of dependents accompanying the veteran or service member.
  3. Eligibility for this benefit requires that the applicant is in receipt of certain VA programs such as vocational rehabilitation or military benefits for housing, and have a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) order or a change in their rehabilitation plan or course of study that necessitates temporary lodging.


The term “Purchase of Temporary Lodging” within the context of VA benefits is essential as it refers to a specific financial assistance provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs for eligible veterans and service members.

This assistance aids in covering the costs of temporary accommodations during situations such as medical treatments, attending events or programs, or managing the transition between homes.

By offering support for temporary lodging expenses, the VA aims to ensure that veterans and their families can access necessary services and opportunities without the burden of additional financial stress.

This support ultimately contributes to improving the overall quality of life and well-being of the veterans and service members that have served the country.


The purpose of Purchase of Temporary Lodging under VA benefits serves to alleviate financial burdens on eligible veterans, active-duty service members, and their families as they transition to a new location or seek a temporary residence during specific circumstances. This benefit aims to provide these individuals with a sense of stability and comfort during uncertain and often stressful times.

Whether they are transitioning out of active service, moving to a new duty station, or attending a VA-sponsored event – such as medical appointments, training programs, or vocational rehabilitation programs – the Purchase of Temporary Lodging assistance ensures that they have a suitable and comfortable temporary housing in which to stay. Purchase of Temporary Lodging is designed with the well-being of veterans and their families in mind.

This valuable benefit not only offers financial relief but also fosters a smoother transition process. By minimizing the monetary and emotional stress associated with sourcing temporary accommodations during such crucial phases of their lives, the veteran community can focus on adapting to new environments, pursuing career and educational opportunities, and maintaining a sense of stability.

Ultimately, the Purchase of Temporary Lodging assistance reflects the nation’s commitment to honoring the sacrifices made by service members and ensuring they receive the support and resources necessary to thrive in their civilian lives.

Examples of Purchase of Temporary Lodging

The VA Benefits term “Purchase of Temporary Lodging” refers to a benefit available to eligible veterans, service members, and their families in need of temporary housing due to various reasons, such as medical treatment, transitioning from military to civilian life, or temporary duty assignments. Here are three real-world examples:

Medical Treatment: A veteran who is scheduled to undergo extensive medical treatment at a VA medical center far from home may require temporary accommodations. The veteran and their family may receive assistance to purchase temporary lodging, such as a hotel room, an extended stay facility, or other short-term housing arrangements, allowing the veteran to stay close to the treatment facility during the duration of his/her treatment.

Transition Assistance Program (TAP): Service members transitioning out of the military might need temporary lodging after they are discharged, especially if they are waiting to move into their permanent residence, or are attending job training programs as part of TAP. In such cases, VA benefits may cover the costs of temporary lodging, such as hotels or temporary rented accommodations, to ease the service member’s transition into civilian life.

Temporary Duty Assignment: When a service member receives a temporary duty assignment that requires them to work at a location away from their permanent duty station, they may need temporary lodging during the assignment. The VA benefits can assist in purchasing temporary lodging, such as renting an apartment or booking a hotel room for the service member and their family to live in while they complete their assigned duties.

FAQ – Purchase of Temporary Lodging

What is Purchase of Temporary Lodging (PTL) benefit?

Purchase of Temporary Lodging (PTL) is a VA benefit that provides partial reimbursement for temporary accommodations to Veterans and their families while their primary residence is undergoing renovation or during their transition to a new home.

Who is eligible for PTL?

Eligible Veterans are those who are registered under the VA Health Care System or those who have been authorized by the Department of Veterans Affairs for specific housing benefits or financial assistance programs.

How do I apply for PTL benefits?

To apply for PTL benefits, you can complete the application form available on the VA’s website or contact your nearest VA office for assistance. You may also be required to submit supporting documents such as proof of your Veteran’s status, renovation contract, or lodging receipts.

What types of temporary lodging are covered under PTL?

PTL covers a wide range of temporary accommodations, including hotels, motels, extended stays, or short-term rentals. However, the lodging establishment must meet the VA’s minimum standards and have a proper license or permit to operate.

What are the limitations to the PTL benefit?

There are limits to the PTL benefits, such as a maximum allowed reimbursement per day, a maximum number of days that can be claimed, and a maximum allowance for the benefit period. These limits can vary depending on the VA program you’re enrolled in, your location, or other factors affecting temporary lodging expenses.

Can I receive PTL benefits if I am staying with family or friends?

If you are staying with family or friends, you may not be eligible for PTL benefits since the temporary accommodations might not be deemed as an expense. However, specific circumstances might be considered on a case-by-case basis by the VA.

Are there any restrictions on the use of the PTL benefits?

PTL benefits can only be used towards the cost of temporary lodging and cannot be applied to other expenses like meals, personal items, or transportation. The temporary accommodations have to be directly related to your primary residence renovation or the transition between homes during relocation.

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