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May 10, 2024 is Military Spouse Appreciation Day

Join us as we talk about the significance of Military Spouse Appreciation Day while giving some ideas on how to express your gratitude to the wives of soldiers and their families.

What Is Military Spouse Appreciation Day?

National Military Spouse Appreciation Day is dedicated to thanking military spouses and their families. It’s typically celebrated on the Friday before Mother’s Day in the United States, which falls in May — also known as Military Appreciation Month.

The day was established in 1984 by President Ronald Reagan to honor the critical role that military spouses play in supporting their loved ones who serve in the armed or air force. 

It was recognized again during the White House Proclamation in 2022 by President Joe Biden.

This special day is an opportunity to show gratitude for the selfless service and dedication of military spouses to their families.

When is Military Spouse Appreciation Day in 2024?

Military Spouse Appreciation Day is typically celebrated on the Friday before Mother’s Day in May, which makes it fall on Friday, May 10, 2024 this year.

Why Do We Celebrate Military Spouses?

We celebrate military spouses because they play a critical role in supporting our troops.

Military spouses often manage households, raise children, and maintain a sense of normalcy in their homes while their loved ones are away on deployment or training. However, they are often forced to put their careers and personal goals on hold to support their families and the military mission.

By celebrating the life of military spouses, we acknowledge our support for these unsung heroes who often go unrecognized.

What Are Some Good Ways To Show Appreciation to Military Spouses?

Showing loving gestures to a military spouse will go a long way. Here are some small ways you can show appreciation to a military veteran’s spouse: 

  • Send a heartfelt message.
  • Offer a helping hand.
  • Send a care package.
  • Donate to military family support organizations.
  • Offer employment or education support.
  • Host an event.

Military spouses may be strong and brave, but they also need a little bit of love once in a while. So don’t be afraid to show appreciation to a military spouse today.

How To Help Children of Military Service Members Feel Seen and Special

Helping children of military service members feel seen and special can be incredibly important, as they often face unique challenges in their young lives. 

Here are some ideas on how to support and uplift military children:

  • Celebrate their achievements.
  • Offer academic tutoring and resources.
  • Host events and activities.
  • Send care packages.
  • Show appreciation and gratitude.

By helping these children feel validated, you can make a difference in their lives while showing your support for our service members at the same time.

How To Thank a Military Spouse

There are many ways to say thank you to a military spouse. You can do this by organizing celebration ideas similar to The Purple Heart’s Day, which significantly impacts veterans and their spouses.

You can plan a special dinner, picnic, or outing that celebrates them and their contributions. Events can bring together military spouses in the community and create a sense of camaraderie. You can also invite guest speakers to encourage military spouses.

Make sure to plan the event with their needs in mind. For example, consider having the event at a time that works for them and their schedule, and make sure it’s accessible for those with mobility issues. You may also consider partnering with local businesses or organizations to provide gifts or giveaways like gift cards, spa treatments, or other items that military spouses would enjoy.

Note that some military spouses may be unable to attend due to their partner’s deployment or other obligations, so it’s good to have virtual options at hand.

Is There a Military Wives Day?

While there isn’t an official national holiday or observance dedicated solely to military wives, the Military Spouse celebration DOD recognizes all military spouses, regardless of gender or marital status.

What Not To Say to a Military Wife

When speaking with military wives, always be mindful and respectful. These spouses have faced unimaginable challenges while their military member is in service. 

One should avoid saying things like “I know how you feel,” or “Aren’t you used to it by now?” as these comments can come across as dismissive or insensitive. Similarly, while phrases like “I could never do what you do,” may seem like a compliment, they can minimize the hard work that military spouses do.

Instead, the best way to connect with military wives is to listen to their experiences, validate their feelings, and express sincere gratitude for their hard work, strength, and sacrifice.

Do Military Spouses Have To Work?

Military spouses are not required to work, but many choose to do so for personal fulfillment, financial stability, or to advance their careers. However, military life can present unique challenges to military spouses seeking employment, such as frequent moves, deployments, and limited job opportunities in certain locations. They may also face challenges in balancing work and family responsibilities, managing childcare, and dealing with the stress of their spouse’s military service. 

To support military spouses in their career goals, providing them access to resources like military spouse employment programs, remote work opportunities, and job training and education programs can greatly help.

How Can I Support and Serve Military Families Around Me?

Look for local organizations like the USO or your local chapter of the Blue Star Families organization. These organizations often rely on volunteers to provide services to military families.

Military families may also appreciate help with grocery shopping, running errands, or caring for pets during a deployment. Consider reaching out to a military family in your community to offer a helping hand.

Similarly, a simple “Thank you for your service,” can go a long way in showing appreciation to military families. 

You may also want to speak out in support of policies that benefit military service member families, such as improved access to healthcare, education, and employment opportunities. Remember, even small gestures of support can make a big difference in the lives of military families.

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Some of the benefits that we cover include health care, education and training, housing, and financial assistance under the Caring for Survivors Act 2023.

Our website also provides tools and resources to help you navigate the process of applying for benefits. If you have any specific questions or concerns related to military benefits, you can contact us today!

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