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Kilometer (km) Allowance

Definition The Kilometer (km) Allowance is a benefit provided to eligible veterans by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to compensate for travel expenses incurred when accessing VA healthcare facilities. The allowance is calculated based on the distance traveled – measured in kilometers – from the veteran’s residence to the healthcare facility, and the reimbursement […]


The Kilometer (km) Allowance is a benefit provided to eligible veterans by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to compensate for travel expenses incurred when accessing VA healthcare facilities. The allowance is calculated based on the distance traveled – measured in kilometers – from the veteran’s residence to the healthcare facility, and the reimbursement rate is determined by the government. This benefit aims to alleviate the financial burden of travel for veterans who need to access medical care and services through the VA system.

Key Takeaways

  1. Kilometer (km) Allowance is a mileage reimbursement provided by the VA to eligible veterans for travel to VA healthcare facilities or other authorized locations.
  2. The allowance is calculated based on the most direct route to the scheduled appointment, covering the distance traveled in kilometers.
  3. Eligible veterans must qualify based on factors such as service-connected disabilities, low-income status, or receiving a VA pension in order to receive Kilometer Allowance.


The VA benefits term “Kilometer (km) Allowance” is important as it refers to the financial assistance provided to eligible veterans and their families for travel-related expenses when accessing healthcare services, attending medical appointments, or participating in approved rehabilitation programs.

This benefit ensures that eligible individuals can access necessary care and support without being burdened by the costs of transportation.

By compensating for travel expenses based on distance traveled (measured in kilometers), the Kilometer Allowance helps veterans maintain their health and well-being, while also acknowledging the sacrifices they have made for their country.


The Kilometer (km) Allowance is an essential component of the VA benefits system aiming to ease the financial burden on veterans as they seek necessary medical care and services. Its primary purpose is to compensate eligible veterans for the costs incurred while traveling to medical facilities for treatments, medical evaluations, and other healthcare needs.

In essence, the km Allowance serves as a reimbursement tool, ensuring that veterans face minimal financial obstacles when accessing the care they are entitled to and deserve. Understanding that securing proper medical assistance might require veterans to commute, the VA benefits system developed the Kilometer Allowance to address travel-related expenses, such as fuel and vehicle wear and tear.

By doing so, it demonstrates the commitment of the VA benefits system to the well-being of veterans and their families. The implementation of the Km Allowance also recognizes the sacrifices made by those who serve their country, helping to ease their post-service life and providing equitable support in their pursuit of healthcare services.

Examples of Kilometer (km) Allowance

The VA Benefits term “Kilometer (km) Allowance” is not a direct term used in VA Benefits; however, it may refer to the concept of travel reimbursement or allowance provided to veterans for their trips to medical facilities or other specific purposes. Here are three real-world examples related to travel reimbursement or allowances provided to veterans:

VA Beneficiary Travel Benefits: The US Department of Veterans Affairs provides Beneficiary Travel services, which offer mileage reimbursement, often calculated by the kilometer or mile, to eligible veterans who need to travel for VA-approved medical care. This allowance helps in covering the transportation expenses to and from official medical appointments.

Canadian Veterans Travel Reimbursement Program: Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) offers travel reimbursement to veterans for approved medical treatments, rehabilitation, or other VAC-approved purposes. The travel reimbursement is based on the kilometer or mile, and veterans can claim these expenses through appropriate channels.

Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Transportation Network: While not a direct kilometer allowance, the DAV Transportation Network offers transportation assistance to veterans attending medical appointments at VA Medical Centers, and the program is operated across the United States. Veterans with limited transportation options may be eligible for this service, helping ease the travel burden and expenses associated with seeking medical care.

FAQ – Kilometer (km) Allowance

What is Kilometer (km) Allowance in VA benefits?

Kilometer (km) Allowance in VA benefits refers to the amount of money granted as reimbursement to eligible veterans and their families for travel expenses incurred in the course of obtaining healthcare or other VA services. It is designed to cover the essential travel costs, including public transportation, personal vehicle, or contracted transportation services.

Who is eligible for Kilometer (km) Allowance?

Eligible recipients of Kilometer (km) Allowance include veterans with service-related disabilities, veterans with non-service-related disabilities but low income, beneficiaries of VA pension, and veterans traveling for scheduled compensation or pension examination. Additionally, some family members of veterans, such as caregivers and certain spouses, can also qualify for the allowance.

How is Kilometer (km) Allowance calculated?

Kilometer (km) Allowance is calculated based on the actual number of kilometers traveled, with a predetermined rate (per kilometer) assigned by VA. It considers factors such as the purpose of travel, the mode of transportation used, and the eligibility category of the recipient. In some instances, pre-authorization may be required for certain modes of transportation.

How do I apply for Kilometer (km) Allowance benefits?

To apply for Kilometer (km) Allowance benefits, veterans and eligible parties must complete the necessary VA Form upon visiting a VA facility or by contacting the VA directly. Accurate travel details, including the reason for travel, date, and the distance covered, must be provided. If approved, beneficiaries can expect reimbursement within a given timeframe, either by direct deposit or check.

Are there any other considerations for Kilometer (km) Allowance?

Yes, there may be other considerations for Kilometer (km) Allowance, including restrictions on the number of trips that can be reimbursed in a given time period or geographical area. Additionally, some cases may involve exceptions to the general rules, exemptions, or special provisions. It is crucial to contact VA and discuss your particular circumstances to obtain the most accurate information regarding your eligibility and entitlements.

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