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Hearing Aid Batteries

Definition The term “Hearing Aid Batteries” in the context of VA benefits refers to the provision of batteries for veterans’ hearing aids. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) supplies these batteries free of charge to eligible veterans with hearing loss. This service is part of the VA’s commitment to supporting veterans’ health and wellbeing. Key […]


The term “Hearing Aid Batteries” in the context of VA benefits refers to the provision of batteries for veterans’ hearing aids. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) supplies these batteries free of charge to eligible veterans with hearing loss. This service is part of the VA’s commitment to supporting veterans’ health and wellbeing.

Key Takeaways

  1. Hearing aid batteries provided by the VA are available to veterans with hearing loss who qualify for VA health care benefits.
  2. Eligible veterans can request hearing aid batteries through the VA by contacting their local audiology clinic, using the MyHealtheVet website, or by calling the VA’s national phone line.
  3. VA supplied hearing aid batteries are high-quality and designed to be long-lasting, ensuring proper hearing aid function and an improved quality of life for veterans.


The term “Hearing Aid Batteries” is essential in the context of VA benefits because it directly relates to the support provided to veterans with hearing impairments.

Veterans who have experienced hearing loss or damage during their service may require hearing aids to improve their quality of life and communication abilities.

The VA benefits program recognizes this need and provides assistance, which includes supplying the necessary hearing aid batteries for proper functioning of the devices.

By ensuring a steady supply of these batteries, the VA plays a crucial role in making certain that veterans can continue to lead productive and independent lives while receiving proper care and support for their hearing challenges.


Hearing Aid Batteries serve a crucial purpose in the daily lives of veterans who rely on hearing aids to enhance their auditory capabilities.

As a valuable component of the VA benefits program, the provision of hearing aid batteries by the Department of Veterans Affairs aims to alleviate the financial burden on veterans, ensuring that their hearing aids remain operational, and in turn, making a positive impact on their quality of life.

Providing a worry-free and cost-effective resource for veterans, the ongoing availability and accessibility of these batteries demonstrate the VA’s dedication to supporting the auditory health of those who’ve served.

By recognizing the importance of hearing aids to effective communication and social interactions, the VA empowers veterans by offering them tools to stay connected with their surroundings.

This not only enables them to maintain their independence but also fosters mental and emotional wellbeing, all of which contribute to a more fulfilling life experience.

Examples of Hearing Aid Batteries

In October 2017, a U.S. military veteran named John, who served in the Army during the Vietnam War, experienced gradual hearing loss over the years. After receiving a hearing aid from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), John was eligible for VA benefits, including free hearing aid batteries. He contacted his local VA medical center to request the batteries, and they were shipped to him through the VA Prosthetic & Sensory Aids Service.

Sarah, a retired U.S. Navy officer with hearing impairment, visited a VA audiology clinic to have her hearing aids fitted and programmed. As part of her VA benefits, she received a supply of hearing aid batteries at no cost. With these batteries, Sarah could maintain her improved hearing and quality of life at no additional financial burden. Additionally, Sarah’s audiologist at the VA clinic provided her with a direct line of communication to request more batteries as needed.

Another example is Michael, a Marine Corps veteran who sustained hearing loss during active duty. Upon leaving the military, Michael was entitled to VA benefits, including hearing aid batteries. Michael utilized a VA-approved mobile application MyhealtheVet, which allows veterans to order prosthetic and sensory aid items, such as hearing aid batteries, online. Using the app’s streamlined process, Michael could efficiently request and receive his hearing aid batteries without needing to visit a VA clinic in person.

FAQ: Hearing Aid Batteries

What types of hearing aid batteries does the VA provide?

The VA supplies a selection of hearing aid batteries for eligible veterans, including zinc-air, silver-oxide, and mercury-free batteries. The battery type depends on your hearing aid model and your specific needs.

How can I request hearing aid batteries from the VA?

Eligible veterans can request hearing aid batteries using the following methods: contacting their local VA audiology clinic, placing an order through the VA online portal, or submitting a form via postal mail. Always include your full name, VA identification number, and the size/color of the needed batteries when submitting a request.

How long do hearing aid batteries last?

Hearing aid battery lifespan varies depending on the battery type, size, and the individual’s usage patterns. Typically, batteries may last between 3 to 14 days. To ensure optimal battery life, store them at room temperature, and remove the hearing aids when not in use or at night.

How can I maximize the life of my hearing aid batteries?

To maximize battery life, follow these tips: store batteries at room temperature, remove the tab only when ready to use, allow the battery to breathe for 1 to 2 minutes before inserting, turn off the hearing aid when not in use, and keep the battery compartment clean and free of debris.

What should I do if my hearing aid batteries have expired or are no longer working?

Expired or non-functioning hearing aid batteries should be replaced immediately. Dispose of the old batteries according to local regulations, and request new batteries from the VA as needed. Regular battery replacements help maintain optimal hearing aid performance and prevent damage to the device.

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Sources for More Information

  • U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs: This is the official website for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, which provides comprehensive information on VA benefits, including hearing aid batteries.
  • Hearing Loss Association of America: As the leading organization representing people with hearing loss, this website offers resources and information related to hearing aid batteries and other hearing assistance devices.
  • American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA): ASHA is a professional organization of speech-language pathologists, audiologists, and hearing scientists, offering resources and information about hearing aid batteries and related topics.
  • Blinded Veterans Association (BVA): BVA is a national organization of blinded veterans, which provides support and resources for veterans with hearing loss, including information on hearing aid batteries and other associated benefits.

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