Potential Buyers

High-Profile Benefits.com® Trademark and Web Domains Available for Purchase

If your organization thinks the old rules apply today in the broad employee benefits industry then it is truly asleep at the wheel. That world has changed forever!

Just look at the list below of organizations that a brand like benefits.com® could benefit.

whoHere are 4 basic questions every organization needs to ask itself:

  1. What is the long term value of a true national brand to your organization?
  2. What if one of your competitors buys it?
  3. What if a newcomer or large public company buys it to plant it’s flag in the world of health insurance and employee benefits?
  4. What if a well funded startup uses it to upend the industry even faster?

Not a day goes by now where a new announcement is not made about a new product or service being rolled out in the healthcare space by both traditional and new players in the industry. 

Branding is going to become more important than ever for any organization to stand out in this increasingly crowded and confusing world. benefits.com® will help you cut through the noise and drive traffic and customers to your company.

A powerful, one word and trademarked brand, like benefits.com® can help your organization rise above the crowd in the new consumer oriented world of defined contribution healthcare and employee benefits.