A Unique Opportunity

High-Profile Benefits.com® Trademark and Web Domains Available for Purchase

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Healthcare reform has caused a tectonic shift for all the constituents in the human capital management and related employee benefits industries, and things will never be the same again.

Employers are moving rapidly into a defined contribution world where their employees become true consumers, making their own choices to fit their unique needs.

Distributors, ancillary insurers, payors and providers are all consolidating andbenefitscloud realigning to meet this uncertain future. New players from Wal-Mart to Walgreen’s and innovative startups are entering the arena looking for new ways to serve existing employers and consumers as well as 40 million potential new customers.

As in other industries where revolutionary change has already occurred, buyers will be drawn to channels that are perceived to be neutral and credible (what some have called “trusted advisor” channels). New channels will evolve and be branded with names that resonate with consumers like Hotels.com in travel, Autotrader.com in cars, WebMD in online healthcare, ehealthinsurance.com and esurance.com in online insurance sales.

Or an instantly recognizable brand such as benefits.com® for the broad human capital management, employee benefits, healthcare and health insurance industries…

In an increasingly hyper-connected and mobile world these assets can position an organization to dominate a national benefits brand channel in ways a well-defined corporate identity and brand never will.

The possibilities are almost endless for an aggressive and creative organization that wants to be a winner in the rapidly evolving landscape of healthcare and employee benefits.

The question is which companies will be best positioned to take advantage of these changes?

Is yours?