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DD215 Form: What It Is And How To Use It

Benefits is dedicated to securing veterans affairs disability benefits by ensuring proper forms, such as the DD215 form. Learn more about the DD Form.

Service members who separate from the military must submit the appropriate DD Form. Regardless of leaving through discharge or retirement, they must go through an appointment where they will finalize the out-process. The DD215 is among the necessary paperwork involved.

However, this form is secondary as it depends on the accuracy of the applicant’s veterans form, DD214. In this post, we will clarify the differences between both DD Forms involved in leaving active duty. Once you understand what to know about DD215 and DD214, you can secure the VA benefits you will receive. Here’s a closer look.

What Is a DD215 Form?

DD215 is officially known as DD Form 215, Correction To DD Form 214. DD214 is separation paperwork that service members need to leave active military duty, and must be free of errors before submission.

However, human error may lead to certain lapses in the submitted information, requiring correction. Similarly, a veteran may need to update existing data after changing residences or contact info. In that case, they can request a DD215 Form to implement the changes.

Submitting a DD215 request will require the veteran to provide supporting documents to confirm any changes to their military record. These include birth certificates, marriage licenses, divorce decrees, court orders, and social security cards. Completing DD215 will make approval faster.

What Is the Difference Between DD215 and DD214 Forms?

DD215 is a form to correct any errors on a submitted DD214. Veterans would fill out and submit DD214 as a separation or discharge certificate. The military may also issue DD214 to members of the armed forces upon their separation from active military service.

DD214 is an important military service record since it contains the veteran’s service history, which can count as valuable evidence in certain cases. In particular, this document is important when claiming veterans’ benefits.

However, some DD214 Forms may require updates. In that case, a veteran can request a correction be made. Such corrections include misspelled names or updates that the original document no longer reflects.

Can I Use a DD215 To Correct My DD214?

Yes, correcting military records is the primary purpose of a DD215 Form. Therefore, when submitting your request for DD215, you must include a copy of your original DD214 and supporting documents that confirm the corrections.

Why Might I Need To Correct My Papers?

You might need to correct your papers because of errors you noticed after getting your DD214. However, as much as possible, you want to ensure everything is correct in your initial submission because the information will go to the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC), one of the largest operations of the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).

However, some instances may be unavoidable that lead to errors. For example, suppose a veteran’s DD214 states that they had one of the lesser types of discharge when they served under honorable conditions. They would need to apply for a discharge upgrade to update their information. That way, they can maximize the benefits available to them.

Does DD215 Count as Proof of Veteran Status?

Yes, a DD215 counts as proof of veteran status. It serves as an update of an erroneous DD214, which proves military service. Moreover, regardless of a veteran’s service in the air force or marine corps, the military will grant DD214 upon their separation or honorable discharge.

Why Do I Need a Copy of the Form?

You need a copy of the form DD214 or DD215 to prove your active duty military service. Having a copy on file is also important, as you may need either form for employment purposes. In particular, applying for Veteran’s Preference in Minnesota public employment will require DD214 or DD215.

According to the Minnesota Veterans Preference Act (VPA), a veteran may have limited preference over a non-veteran United States citizen or resident alien. Veterans will need to claim Veterans Preference points to qualify for Veterans Preference. Whether you are a regular veteran, a disabled veteran, or the spouse of a deceased veteran, either form is a requirement.

How Do I Get a Copy of My DD215?

Getting DD215 copies is just as simple as obtaining DD214 copies. You will need to log into the milConnect website to submit your active service record request. You may also request a digital form through the National Archives website. Consider filling out the SF 180 form to simplify your request for a copy. Although this form is not required, it contains all the necessary information that you will need to find your record, making it easier and faster to get your copy.

Does It Cost To Submit a Request?

Generally, submitting a request for DD215 or DD214 comes at no charge. Some people may even request a DD214 for relative veterans who have passed away. These forms are basic military records that should be readily available. However, some companies may offer services that will look up your needed DD Form at a price. Depending on the research services you need, your fee will vary.

How Do You Check on the Status of Your Request?

You can check the status of your request for a DD215 Form by using the Online Status Update Request form. However, note that the National Personnel Records Center receives up to 5,000 requests daily, so it asks applicants to follow up on their request at least 90 days after submission.

Are There Other Ways To Prove Military Service and Qualify for Veteran Benefits?

Yes, you may supply other proof of military service to qualify for veteran benefits. Some examples include NGB Form 22, which records service at the National Guard, and a DD 256 Form, which is an honorable discharge for United States Department of Defense members.

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