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VA To Increase Support for Adaptive Sports and Equine Therapy

The VA has awarded nearly $16 million through its annual Adaptive Sports Grant program to groups offering adaptive sports and equine therapy.

The Department of Veterans Affairs awards nearly $16 million through its annual Adaptive Sports Grant program to 102 national and community groups offering adaptive sports and equine therapy.

The 2021 grants will support more than 13,500 disabled Veterans and members of the armed forces to engage in sports opportunities, including cycling, equine therapy, kayaking, pickleball, hunting and skiing.

Since 2014, VA has awarded grants to a variety of organizations such as Veterans Service Organizations, city and regional municipalities, and other community groups.

“The Adaptive Sports Grant program is essential to VA’s sports medicine model and the rehabilitation system of care to improve Veterans’ health and wellness through sports and therapeutic programs,” said VA Director of National Veterans Sports Programs and Special Events Leif Nelson, DPT. “This program enables us to extend our reach into communities where Veterans live, especially now when outdoor recreation and activities have shown benefits for boosting physical and mental health.”

Recipients of VA’s Adaptive Sports Grants are headquartered in 32 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. The grants will also benefit Olympic and Paralympic national governing bodies which prepare athletes for high-level competition.

A breakdown of VA’s Adaptive Sports Grants for fiscal year 2021:


  • $14,502,124 for adaptive sports
  • $1,495,627 for equine therapy

Grant recipients can use the funds for planning, developing, managing and implementing adaptive sports programs. Grants are awarded annually, and recipients must apply each year for consideration.

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