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Federal Employment Assistance

Definition Federal Employment Assistance refers to support and services provided to eligible veterans, transitioning service members, and their spouses to aid them in securing federal employment. This assistance may include job search tools, resources, and counseling. The goal is to facilitate a smooth transition into the federal workforce and address preferences and access to federal […]


Federal Employment Assistance refers to support and services provided to eligible veterans, transitioning service members, and their spouses to aid them in securing federal employment. This assistance may include job search tools, resources, and counseling. The goal is to facilitate a smooth transition into the federal workforce and address preferences and access to federal jobs for veterans.

Key Takeaways

  1. Federal Employment Assistance under VA benefits refers to the provision of resources and guidance to veterans seeking employment opportunities within the federal government, assisting them to transition from military to civilian life.
  2. Veterans receive preference in federal hiring through several mechanisms such as points added to competitive examination scores and special appointing authorities, helping them to secure federal jobs more easily.
  3. The VA, in collaboration with the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), offers various resources and programs, such as the Veterans Employment Program and VetSuccess, to support veterans in navigating the federal employment process, from job search to application and interviewing assistance.


The term “Federal Employment Assistance” is important in the context of VA benefits because it refers to the support and resources provided by the U.S.

government to help veterans transition from military service to civilian employment.

This assistance aims to ease the challenges faced by veterans during this transition, maximizing their skills and experience, and ultimately contributing to their successful reintegration into society.

Programs under Federal Employment Assistance, such as Veterans’ Preference, Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment, and Veterans Employment and Training Service, offer targeted services such as job search assistance, counseling, training, and job placements to ensure veterans have access to stable and fulfilling career opportunities after their dedicated service to the country.


The primary purpose of Federal Employment Assistance is to support veterans in their transition from military to civilian life by providing them with valuable resources and assistance in securing federal employment. The brave men and women who have served in our armed forces acquire significant skills and experiences during their time in the military, and it is important that they can leverage these capabilities when seeking civilian jobs.

Federal Employment Assistance programs recognize the unique value veterans bring to the workforce and create accessible pathways for them to find meaningful and rewarding careers, making use of the expertise they gained during their service. One of the essential aspects of Federal Employment Assistance is that it offers numerous tools, resources, and services for veterans, such as job listings, resume building, and guidance about federal hiring processes.

Additionally, federal agencies often have dedicated staff who work closely with veterans to provide career counseling and assistance with navigating the complex world of federal employment. This targeted support not only facilitates the transition for veterans but also enables federal agencies to benefit from a diverse and skilled workforce that includes people with a broad range of experiences, perspectives, and abilities.

Through Federal Employment Assistance, the government demonstrates gratitude and commitment to those who served our nation by helping them pursue fulfilling careers and contribute to their communities once again.

Examples of Federal Employment Assistance

The VA Benefits term “Federal Employment Assistance” encompasses a variety of programs and resources designed to help eligible veterans, service members, and their spouses in obtaining and maintaining federal employment. Three real-world examples of Federal Employment Assistance under the VA Benefits are:

Veterans’ Preference: This is a hiring preference provided to eligible veterans when applying for federal jobs. With this advantage, eligible veterans receive priority over non-veterans in job selection. Veterans’ preference recognizes the economic loss suffered by veterans in defense of the nation and helps them to obtain federal employment. For example, a veteran who meets the necessary qualifications for a job position may receive priority consideration during the application process.

FedsHireVets.gov: This is an online resource provided by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) specifically designed to help veterans, transitioning service members, and their spouses find employment within the federal government. The website offers tips and tools to assist in the job search process, including information on how to write a federal resume, understanding job announcements, and navigating the federal hiring process. As a real-world example, a veteran seeking a federal job could use the resources available on FedsHireVets.gov to improve their likelihood of obtaining employment.

Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E): This program, also known as VetSuccess or Chapter 31, assists veterans with service-connected disabilities in obtaining and maintaining suitable employment. VR&E provides services such as job training, resume development, job-seeking skills coaching, and assistance in identifying and applying for suitable federal employment. For example, a veteran who has suffered a service-connected disability may receive individualized counseling and support from the VR&E program to help them secure a suitable federal job aligned with their abilities and interests.

Federal Employment Assistance FAQ

What is Federal Employment Assistance?

Federal Employment Assistance is a program designed to help veterans, transitioning servicemembers, and their families in finding employment within the federal workforce. They receive priority access to job opportunities, hiring preferences, and support services.

How do I apply for Federal Employment Assistance?

To apply for Federal Employment Assistance, you need to create an account on USAJOBS.gov, the federal government’s official employment site. Complete your profile, upload your resume, and start searching for job opportunities. Make sure to claim your veterans’ preference during the application process to receive priority consideration.

What are the eligibility criteria for Federal Employment Assistance?

Eligibility for Federal Employment Assistance depends on your veteran status, the type of veterans’ preference you qualify for, and the time you have served in the military. In general, you must be a veteran who was discharged under honorable conditions or a transitioning servicemember eligible for veterans’ preference to qualify.

What services are available through Federal Employment Assistance?

Services available through Federal Employment Assistance include personalized career counseling, resume and interview preparation assistance, job search support, job fairs, and access to a vast network of federal job opportunities. Additionally, you will receive hiring preferences and special consideration for certain positions if you qualify for veterans’ preference.

Can family members of veterans access Federal Employment Assistance?

Yes, family members of veterans, including spouses, widows, widowers, and mothers of veterans, can access Federal Employment Assistance if they meet specific eligibility requirements. This may include spouses of disabled veterans, widows or widowers of veterans who died in service or due to service-related disabilities, and mothers of veterans who passed away in service or became permanently disabled due to service-related injuries.

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