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Double container (BICON)

Definition A Double Container, also known as a BICON, is a term used in military operations to refer to a type of container that is half the size of a standard shipping container. The BICON accommodates transportation of goods and supplies in a compact, yet sturdy format, making it ideal for military and emergency operations. […]


A Double Container, also known as a BICON, is a term used in military operations to refer to a type of container that is half the size of a standard shipping container. The BICON accommodates transportation of goods and supplies in a compact, yet sturdy format, making it ideal for military and emergency operations. These containers are known for their flexibility in transport, enabling them to be moved by land, sea, or air.

Key Takeaways

  1. Double Container (BICON) refers to a specific type of military operation equipment, primarily used in logistics. It is a system of standardized shipping containers that can be quickly and efficiently loaded, shipped, and unloaded, significantly improving the efficiency of military logistics.
  2. The BICON system stands out due to its flexibility and adaptability. The containers can be customized internally to transport different types of cargo, from general supplies to specialized military equipment. Importantly, two BICON units are designed to be equivalent to one 20-foot equivalent unit (TEU), the standard size for commercial shipping containers.
  3. Double containers play a crucial role in rapid deployment scenarios as they can be easily loaded onto various transportation modes such as trucks, railcars, ships, and aircraft. This versatility continues to position BICONs as a significant asset within military operations.


The term Double Container or BICON signifies a type of container used in military operations that is critical for the transport of goods, equipment, and military supplies.

BICONs are incredibly important due to their structural strength, portability, and compact size, which allows for a more efficient and organized way to ship or store items.

These containers are designed to be easily transported by various means, including trucks, ships, and aircraft, further enhancing their utility in military operations.

BICONs can also be securely stacked, creating an efficient use of space during transport or storage.

Hence, the ‘BICON’ is an essential part of logistical support in the military, ensuring that troops have the necessary equipment and supplies they need on time, regardless of where they are stationed around the world.


The Double Container, more commonly known as a BICON, serves a crucial role in military operations by providing storage and transportation solutions for equipment and commodities. The purpose of the BICON is to simplify the logistics of moving and storing a wide variety of military equipment, such as field supplies, ammunition, and any other resources or equipment necessary for the execution of military operations.

It grants the military an efficient means of transport that guarantees the safety of its contents by being tough, durable, and weather resistant. BICONs are designed for multimodal transport, which means they can be moved via trucks, trains, ships, and even aircraft.

Their standardized dimensions ensure seamless integration with existing freight transportation systems worldwide, making them highly versatile. BICONs can be stacked on top of each other or placed side by side, which optimizes the use of available space in both storage and transport settings.

The modularity and mobility offered by BICONs play a vital role in ensuring the swift and efficient distribution of equipment and supplies during military operations, aiding in the successful execution of missions.

Examples of Double container (BICON)

Military Supply Transport: A BICON is frequently used in military operations, particularly in distributing food, ammunition and other supplies to different bases or battlefields. For example, during the Iraq War, the US Army relied heavily on BICONS to transport equipment and supplies over long distances.

Disaster Relief: The U.S. military often works in tandem with humanitarian agencies during disaster relief operations. BICONS can be used to transport medical supplies, food, clean water, and shelter materials to impacted areas. For instance, in the wake of the earthquake in Haiti in 2010, American military BICONS were used quite extensively for relief operations.

Training Exercises: Various types of military exercises often involve BICONS as part of their logistics. For example, large-scale exercises involving multiple nations, such as the NATO’s Defender-Europe 2020 exercises, use BICONS to move equipment and supplies across vast distances.

FAQs about Double Container (BICON) Military Operations

Q1: What is a Double Container (BICON)?

A Double Container, also known as BICON, is a type of shipping container used by the military for logistics operations. It can be divided into two separate chambers or used as a single unit, depending on the needs of the operation.

Q2: How is a BICON utilized in Military operations?

BICONs are used for transport and storage of equipment, supplies, and other necessary materials in a military operation. They are designed to be rapidly deployable, providing flexibility and efficiency on the battlefield.

Q3: What is the size of a BICON?

Generally, a BICON measures 20 feet in length. However, the exact dimensions may vary depending on the specific model and additional features. Nevertheless, its size is optimized for transport in strategic airlift resources.

Q4: How is a BICON transported?

BICONs are designed to be transportable by road, rail, and sea. These containers can be loaded onto trucks, trains, or cargo ships for efficient delivery and deployment. Moreover, their design allows for transport by air as well.

Q5: Are BICONs reusable?

Yes, BICONs are reusable. They are specifically designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions and heavy usage, making them suitable for repeated use in various military operations.

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Sources for More Information

  • GlobalSecurity.org: This is an established and highly reliable source of defense-related information, including thorough details about BICONs.
  • Gichner Systems Group: Gichner designs, manufactures, and modifies a wide range of enclosures for military use, including BICONs.
  • APL: APL provides container shipping services for the military, including BICONs, and has detailed specifications on their website.
  • Journal of Commerce: This publication often features articles and insights on military shipping, logistics, and equipment, including BICONs.

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